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Map Packs!
Map Packs!
Vidiot Maps baseĀ

direct link to the i25 Vidiot update

Last i24 maps update

Courtesy of Drenivan
RE: Map Packs!
Howsit work? Download the base then add the new packs to it?
RE: Map Packs!
I'd say I'll get back to you on that, but I'm likely to be in Barrow all week, hopefully someone will step up. I'm rather embarrassed that I didn't write instructions on posting
RE: Map Packs!
You don't have to do them in order, but it makes things a lot easier.

The base pack is a self-contained exe file, so you can just run that and let it do the thing.

For the i24 pack, you just need to extract the data folder to your CoH install, it has all the directory structure in place.

For the i25 pack, you need to extract the three files to the CoH install directory under /data/texture_library/MAPS/static

In all cases, choose yes to overwrite conflicting files - this is how it updates the map images. If, for some reason, you/your computer does not know what to do with a .7z file, it is a "7zip" compressed file, and you can get said program here -

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