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Some Documentation about slashcommand changes
Some Documentation about slashcommand changes
"Shenannigunner" on the Homecoming forums has a private website with some useful documentation for the current version of CoH:

One of the big additions is "powexec_location" This is huge for ground-targeted aoes like pet summons, Teleport, and so on.

He has a 92 page pdf for making your own binds and macroes, as well as how to use icons for Macros instead of the abbreviations.

Some of these changes are going into Nogi's Binds and Popmenus

For example:
/powexec_location me Oni
will summon the tier 3 Ninja pet basically on top of the caster

/powexec_location 0:max Shield Charge
will pop you straight ahead at the max range of the power.

/powexec_location camera:max Teleport
Will Teleport you at max range in direction your camera is facing.

Fun stuff!

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