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Feeling so... Inadequate?
Feeling so... Inadequate?
Why?  because I've been watching AMV's based on Bonny Tylers "Holding out for a Hero" and both wanting to make my own, based on my CoH Star Ranger saving, and alternatly... well, won't say saving, but at least pushing back the threats to our tanks (Mags, Terr and Silicon Sabre) using something that looks similar to (CoH:homecoming) in game footage...

But I don't have the mad skillz to do it.

Hear that thunder rolling till it seems to rock the sky?
Thats' every ship in Grayson's Navy taking up the cry!

No Quarter by Echo's Children
RE: Feeling so... Inadequate?
Hm. Demorecord and editing the files might be your friend for this.

Get a bunch of us together to do the things you need characters to do. You don't necessarily need Terr to do the Terr roles, though you would need a copy of his costume files.

You might also need to see about browsing the archives of the old official forums on the Wayback machine.

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