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Epstien found dead in cell, apparently committed suicide.
RE: Epstien found dead in cell, apparently committed suicide.
While Joy Reid is overly quick to point towards Barr, the Trump administration and William Barr's participation therein do not inspire confidence in there being no reason to assume that Epstein's death was not facilitated by the Justice Department without the evidence on the matter being reviewed. It is possible that indeed it really is a suicide and that the correctional facility in question acted entirely within the guidelines of the Justice Department, and did so without taking an unusual action in standing down the suicide watch when normally they would've maintained it.

Without further evidence, it cannot be said however that the Justice Department did not er, or if it did it did not do so deliberately at someone's behest. This is a matter where further investigation is required. It's quite possible that if there was a conspiracy to kill Epstein to prevent him from talking, and I'm not saying there was, it involved people other than Trump and/or Barr throwing their weight around, including their political opponents.

Likewise will I note that accusations that Joe Scarborough is peddling conspiracy theories seem spurious. All he said is that a man whose continued survival is inconvenient to rich people ending up dead in prison is something that is very similar to things that happen in Russia. Russia has seen such cases occur, often under very suspicious circumstances that would require government interference to some extent to make sense.

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