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Lazy Dungeon Master (and other web novel translations)
Lazy Dungeon Master (and other web novel translations)
So, recently I've been reading Lazy Dungeon Master as translated by "Ziru's musings," and it's fairly decent... well, at least once you get about a dozen chapters in. The MC is a much bigger asshole at the beginning, and collaborates with a bandit gang who are in no way Robin Hood like "outlaws with a heart of gold."

They bring prisoners in to be murdered because it makes the dungeon grow, and in 10 maybe the chief buys a dog-girl "whose age is not even double digits" as a sex slave and is non-explicitly described making use of her... until getting horribly slaughtered by some knights from the capital, while the girl hides and is later rescued from the fire they set to dispose of the bandits' remains by MC convincing himself she's an object so the dungeon can absorb her. Yeeeaaah. If you think that'll be a show-stopper for you, skip the chapter(s?) from the bandit chief's viewpoint, because while it's still not explicit and I don't remember anything that would trip a word filter it's distinctly unpleasant even so. He dies far too kindly, is all I will say about that.

It takes all of two paragraphs once she's been rescued to snap out of that bit of self-hypnosis, though, and while I still feel she springs back unrealistically fast to become a non-sexualized little sister figure the rest has been largely clear of that particular flavor of squickiness. Asked what he thinks of young girls while under the effect of a truth-detecting magic, MC answers, "Eh? They're cute I guess..." and restates his internal narration of tastes reserved for well grown legs and feet, directly shutting down a few shows of affection from the girl that could be taken in questionable ways on other occasions.

Slavery as such is still a thing though, enforced by magical contract and unremoveable collars, and the MC takes advantage of the security of the contract to make sure she and the second "employee" he acquires will keep his secrets, even if they are also treated as well as a normal standard fantasy setting issekai party member otherwise.

Honestly, the only way it really stands out in its genre is that the MC mostly gets over being an asshole so quickly even if the only thing he wants to do most of the time is sleep, but if you enjoy the genre it's a solid example, and the food porn once the group gets an inn going in the area above their dungeon can lead to some tasty sounding recipes if you search for the dishes.I've only gotten into the low 40s out of... er... not quite 400 I think? current chapters, but the tone has kept quite constant since getting rid of the bandits.

Note that the site as a whole is NOT work safe - some of the other translation projects are R18, and their titles at least are directly on the page below as links to other TOC pages and also recently posted chapters.
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