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Tanker buffs in Tessssting!
Tanker buffs in Tessssting!
As of today on the Justin server over on homecoming the dev's have put up a series of proposed tanker buffs and man I'm stooooked if they do get the ok. I'm tryin really hard to not get too excited but man looking at them and they look amazing if they do make it over to live. 

 Here is the link to the thread of proposed changes-
RE: Tanker buffs in Tessssting!
Hmm, interesting, certainly. And they're also looking at alternative Rage options, though the equivalent might require a bit more paying attention to your buff bar (and still pounds recharge heavy Rage stackers with the crash, notably).

The last set of major overhauls got a few iterations before they settled on things, so I'm interested to see where this goes.

Still snickering at people noting that Tanks no longer have any difference to Brutes, though I admit the gap is getting narrower with that damage cap increase. 600% cap after buffs is a big thing though.
RE: Tanker buffs in Tessssting!
Gimme dat fulcrum shift and hang on!

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