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Mass flight: Empire of the Clouds by Iron Maiden
Mass flight: Empire of the Clouds by Iron Maiden


Effect: Doug can instill flight ability to anyone and almost anything within his range, and if an object is structurally strong enough to be lifted by the parts within his range it doesn't matter how big the rest is or how much weight it's carrying. It's not the fastest or most agile thing in the world (flight performance mimics the real R101 airship) but very useful for evacuating a crowd or rescuing a falling craft that's still mostly in one piece, or completely within his AoE even if it's falling apart. The power is not precise enough to control gestures or deal with small objects (say, shoebox size or less) unless they are alive, and all affected passengers will mirror Doug's own body orientation if they're being lifted directly rather than standing on a platform. He does have enough control to, for example, lift everyone on ground level and let more people move into his AoE, however. They can move around within the AoE and even leave it if they have the means to fly or something to walk on/push against/etc., though it does have a visible "windscreen" effect around the perimeter that's strong enough to keep anyone from falling through the edge by accident for the most part, though it can be pushed through like jello by someone determined to get in or out. It also cuts the perceived wind speed to about one fifth, for the benefit of anyone lacking eye protection.

Cautions: The song is also over eighteen minutes long... but there's a caveat: At any time after 14:25, the flight power may cut out despite the song still playing, dropping everything affected out of the sky. Doug certainly has options to deal with this, but a big crowd or platform may be in more of a pickle. Depending on how stressed Doug is and his emotions toward who or whatever he's carrying, his chaos field may also flare up throughout the entire AoE while the song is active, to the usual mixed results, though at least anyone inside the windscreen gets his passive defence benefit.

Maximum speed: 71 mph (114 km/h, 62 kn)
Cruise speed: 63 mph (101 km/h, 55 kn)
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