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Totw.xx.03 (No, no name or number yet)
Totw.xx.03 (No, no name or number yet)
Muck found himself blowing out a breath of relief as the simulator cockpit opened over him. He forced himself to wait until he could vault out to the deck and eye Gamlin.  He was certain how he’d done, but he also knew that the final verdict was that of a third party from outside the engagement simulation.

“So, how did I do in your eyes, LT?”

Speaking of said third party, though, it looked like Muck had managed to *TOTALLY* break Lieutenant Gamlin Kizakai, his alleged impartial third party based on Gamlin’s thoroughly ‘gob-smacked’ look at the moment.  Gamlin looked at Muck, then back at the simulator control console, then back to Muck again.

Muck facepalmed for a moment, the tried again.  “Muck to Gamlin… come in Gamlin!”

Gamlin finally showed some sign of recovery as he held up a palm to Muck.  “D-1 copies your traffic.  Wait one.”  Gamlin otherwise ignored him and leaned forward conversing with the rating running the simulator; looking intently at the data thrown on the screen in response to his request.  As much as Muck wanted Gamlin to confirm what he was sure of, Muck was also sure that rattling Gamlin’s chain at this point would work against him instead of in his favor; and so forced himself to wait patiently, even though all his time as what any comic title would call a ‘superhero’ had primed him for instant decisions and reactions.  All of those reactions would be wrong at the moment, though.  Gamlin had the final say, to disturb him at the moment just might cause him to rule against him out of pure spite.

Muck could have know just how long he’d waited, but decided against it when Gamlin finally straightend up and shook himself much like a dog would before looking over at Muck.

“When I was a flight cadet back on Mars, my initial instructor was Milia Jenius. She told me I needed to become one with my mecha, to know everything it was telling me.  This data says you’ve surpassed me in the ship I have the most flight hours in, even though this should be the first time you’ve been in its cockpit?”

“Hell, LT.  Haven’t you figured out I cheat yet?”

“So, your NOT qualified to pilot a VF-17?”

“Oh, I’d say I am.  But the particulars here are not for enlisted ears, LT,” Muck pointed out with a nod at the rating staring at both of them.  “Perhaps someplace where there aren’t little pitchers with big ears?”

Gamlin nodded, grabbing Muck by the arm and pointing the two of them to the hatch.  “I know a place,” he assured, before looking behind the pair.  “Dismissed, sergeant.  I get word you said anything to anyone other than Cap’n Jenius…”

“Sir, understood sir!”

* * * * * * *
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