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A slight change in plans
A slight change in plans
Originally I intended for the Competitions in this forum to run for about two weeks, then close, after which I'd judge a winner.  And while I tried to do that for the first couple, we really don't have the volume of responses that would make that really the best plan.  And Things have been happening since I started the Competitions that led me to forget or postpone ending the competitions anyway.

So I've decided, every competition is going to remain open to encourage the creative energies of the board members in perpetuity.  Since there was about as much substance to the award for winning a competition as there was to a Marvel No-Prize, I'm sure that no one will be too upset about there no longer being proper winners.

Of course, if there is disagreement, please feel free to let me know.
-- Bob

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RE: A slight change in plans
.... riiiiight. we are going to disagree with this decision WHY?
(says the bloke what 'won' the first two rounds! *LOL*)
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