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FREE World of Darkness RPG core books this week
FREE World of Darkness RPG core books this week

Monday - Vampire 20 Dark Ages
Tuesday - Werewolf 20
Wednesday - Mage 20
Thursday - Changeling 20
Friday - Wraith 20
“I really hope I’m behind this convoluted mess; at least that way I’ll be able to get revenge by doing this to myself. I won’t even have to feel bad because it’ll be all my fault.” - Harry Potter, The Master of Death by Ryuugi.
RE: FREE World of Darkness RPG core books this week
Heh, I already have all the Storyteller System I need in my life, but it still brings a grin to be reminded of the Edgelord: the Sarcastic half-assed, genericized rules summary I wrote up due to some kind of prompting on SB or SV, probably someone asking about it in a quest or story thread "based on Exalted" without explaining in detail. I'd say I should get back to that someday, but there's at least half a dozen things I'd rather get back to first.

Looking at the file, it appears to have been SV, where I quoted Tam Lin saying they weren't familiar with WW's system. Since this is a thread for free RPGs, I guess I'll paste in here, though in a spoiler to spare anyone who isn't interested.

It's really just a basic "get an idea of what the character sheet means" summary I guess, but putting a smile on my face was a decent feat all things considered, so hopefully I can pass it forward to someone else who reads my allegedly humorous scribblings.
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