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The sane side of gun ownership & advocacy
The sane side of gun ownership & advocacy
Quoted from the "drunken author rambling" at the end of ch21 of Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum by Mister Cynical (Note, "tenant" has been corrected to "tenet" near the end because that is one of those little things that drives me right up the wall):

Hey, hey. Stop me if you've heard this one. An asshole walks into a Walmart with an AR-15 less than a week after a Nazi shoots up a different Walmart. Why did he do it? To test his right to walk into a Walmart with a gun after a shooting! Get it? Do you get the joke?

The joke is that everybody I know keeps telling me that this dipshit is on my side because we're both gun owners.

This is the way the Second Amendment ends, not with a bang, but with the whimper of some asshole as he stands at gun point waiting for the cops to arrest him cause he wanted to wave his gun around in public and terrify people because that's his right. Oh, and all the assholes defending him.

You know, I've been a gun owner for a long time. I've never had the urge to march into a public place dressed like a paintballer's idea of a cool guy operator. Maybe because I don't like being the center of attention. Maybe because I've had to wear that kind of shit for real and therefore don't need to make believe. Nothing makes you hate a flak jacket faster than wearing one in a swamp.

Have you ever just sat back and realized that the people who are supposed to be on your side are your biggest opponents and they're too stupid to understand it? And the fact that they're a bunch of weirdos in the gun community that most of us don't like either just rubs salt in the wound.

Try to talk to somebody about historical guns or something and one of these dip shits will immediately run in and start talking about the massive communist conspiracy to take away guns.

Why? I kind of think it's because they don't actually know anything about guns. Guns are just a symbol to them. They don't know history, mechanics or importance and they don't care about having fun shooting. They just know gun are important and will therefore insert themselves into every gun conversation they hear with the intelligence and restraint of a fat kind in a candy shop.

All these people who cannot function as human beings. They can't sit down and talk to people. They can only scream at strawmen, at the other. The mysterious, nameless, formless force that is against them for no reason other than to be. So. . .basically Nemesis. And the camera loves that shit. That's all it shows and then these gun owners wonder why the American people aren't comforted.

Remember, the American people aren't responding adversely to a group of screaming, heavily armed whackos who march around in public with guns and have a little too close ties to white supremacists. They're just being misled by *insert group, probably liberals*

Some people say that isn't fair. Why do gun owners have to be saints while the other side doesn't? It doesn't matter. Why are we pretending the world is fair?

So many gun owners are into the survivalist thing, but when something bad does happen they're caught completely flatfooted. And then they're desperately hunting for someone to blame or immediately falling back on the old playbook of explanations and excuses. Just like the gun grabbers they hate so much. They want apocalypses and emergencies and World Wars and fucking zombies so bad so that they can prove how awesome they are, but they can't deal with the small matter that is real life.

An iota of self-realization would do so much fucking good. Just the slightest pause before blaming the other; to sit back and think about whether you are the same as the other. Cause, you know, we're all humans. We all bleed red. I've seen it, shit I've worn it. When I tried to fix people for a living, I can tell you that a lot of shit doesn't matter. White, black, tan, yellow, red, green. Fuck it. Stop the bleeding, start the breathing. All those colors respond pretty good to that. I never had to sit back and wonder: Huh, I hope versed works on the lighter-shaded variety of the species. I stuck that motherfucker and wished them happy trails and it worked out pretty good every time. They had a fun trip and I didn't have to worry about somebody trying to make my nose bend in a new direction, or an old direction that it doesn't bend in now. Good times for all.

This ain't the stone ages anymore. Why do we desperately need enemies? Is it self-validation? Does having an enemy make us important? Does it make us matter? If we have enemies, we must be doing something important, right? After all, we're all the heroes of our stories and heroes are defined by their villains, right? We all matter, right? Our lives mean something and we'll never be forgotten, right?

Okay, starting to get a little nihilistic there, but you know nihilism isn't necessarily a bad thing. Just don't listen to the teenagers who just found out what nihilism is. For them, nihilism is an excuse to do nothing.

For the rest of us, nihilism is an excuse to do everything. Be a sinner. Be a saint. Be a party god. Be all three. Work for money, money for fun. Save some for more fun later.

And don't forget, science has proven that the vast majority of humans are hardwired for good from birth, this damn species wouldn't have survived otherwise. So. . .do something good. Fuck it. Why not? You might make a friend and friends make fun better. Or you might not. Who's to say unless you try. Why try? Why not try? None of us are getting any younger. We're all careening towards death.

What about after that? Who knows? Nobody does. That's why religion is called belief not fact. If only those assholes could remember that.

And, oh, what about the spooky bad people? Fuck them. They're gonna find out that maybe there is no god, but there is a whole bunch of folks in the legal system and outside it who are gonna teach them that it doesn't matter what your God thinks. Man will fix your shit up properly.

If God exists, God'll get the bad people in the afterlife, maybe. Until then, their asses belong to man and man has a history of rectifying shit, right or wrong. In America, the kindest thing you can hope for is being locked in a cell by yourself so you can have Jesus time with no one but yourself there to beat you up for having a dumb face. Hope you're on speaking terms with your god, because you will end up being pretty lonely otherwise.

And for any of my gun owners out there, hear me out. Asking someone to go to the shooting range with you so they can try out shooting for themselves is more fun, more rewarding and only slightly harder than calling them a liberal fag and then running off to do a victory lap about how you're smarter and morally superior. Just, given it a try. Please? More flies. Honey, vinegar. You know the drill. I hope. We haven't fallen that far in our abilities at basic human interaction yet, right? Right? Somebody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Cameron's imaginary friend?

Please tell me that we're better than cavemen at everything except smacking each other with chunks of wood. Don't say that the internet has somehow made us worse at communication, the basic tenet of civilization that separates us from the fucking animals.

Please. Please?


Your Uncle Jack
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RE: The sane side of gun ownership & advocacy
That is indeed the sane side of it.

Unfortunately, he's also right that the insane side of it is why the Second Amendment of the USA is likely to get scrapped at some point, unless the insane side of it gets dealt with.

And frankly, looking at US culture? I don't think it'll be dealt with.
RE: The sane side of gun ownership & advocacy
The biggest problem is that the majority of the sane gun owners in America are staunch supporters of the Republican Party - or at least very much Conservative. And saving the Second Amendment from the Apocalypse Fanboy Club will mean reaching out to other movements that are usually diametrically opposed to their other values - such as the LGBTQ Rights Movement, the Pro-Choice Movement, and the Living Wage Movement.

But unfortunately, I don't see that happening because both sides know what the other thinks of them, and never even bother to talk in the first place.
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RE: The sane side of gun ownership & advocacy
(06-01-2020, 09:13 AM)classicdrogn Wrote: Some people say that isn't fair. Why do gun owners have to be saints while the other side doesn't? It doesn't matter. Why are we pretending the world is fair?

You're right - it isn't fair. Only one side is being asked to show that they're mature enough to not kill somebody else at a distance, and being chastised when somebody who isn't ends up on the news.

But that's life.
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Since it's an election year in the USA: How to Immigrate to Canada, direct from the Government of Canada's website. "How you can immigrate to Canada, how to protect yourself from fraud and what to expect after you arrive in Canada."

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