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negate physical defense: Bulletproof by Accept
negate physical defense: Bulletproof by Accept


Since inducing an overdose doesn't really feel like Doug's thing, I chose the more literal interpretation of the chorus and bridge lyrics, that renders even really tough targets as susceptible to physical damage like bullets, a long fall, etc. as a normal, unarmored person. Nonhuman targets are more subject to adjudication; my own take would be to have, say, a tank be put on par with something like a HMMV on the basis that it's a "normal military vehicle" is like rendering a suit of power armor equal to mundane if sturdy clothes like jeans and a leather jacket.

Either might end up a little strong for storytelling purposes, so a better standard might be "Takes something Doug can't hurt with physical attacks and makes it possible to at least do some damage with them." Maybe something to try in a Glorificus encounter before pulling out Steely Dan's Godwhacker, or something along those lines?
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