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Not fanfiction, but a bunny that wanted to hop
Not fanfiction, but a bunny that wanted to hop
Feelbombs incoming! This could probably be either the before-credits hook or the climax of the first act for a webcomic, or a romcom TV-movie-of-the-week. I don't have anything to connect it to, but I've learned to accept these scene fragments as they come. (edit: Because how did this tiny thing take two damn hours to type!? Standard terms apply: If anyone wants to adopt or adapt it for a project of your own, feel free, but try to get in touch so I can see what you make of it if you can.

----==-- + --==----

The waitress was terse, as usual - she obviously didn't approve of two women dating, but had never been less than professional about it and the food here was great so it was one of our favorite places for a night out. Katie was acting tense this time too, though, enough that I was starting to worry it might be our last time here. She fidgeted all through the meal and pushed her mint ice cream around in the dish until it was more of a milkshake afterwards, until finally getting to the point, staring into its chocolate chip eyes.

"You know how we've kept things, uh, open, and stuff..."

Oh no. Here it comes. I put my own last spoonful in my mouth to buy a few seconds, but the silence stretched on for closer to a minute as I struggled to swallow. Long enough for her to try to fill it.

"... because... because I like guys too, and you, uh, don't, at all..."

I may have gotten a bit of brain freeze, because my eyes started to get damp. I finally managed to clear my throat and croak an affirmative. So helpful, I thought at myself bitterly.

"But now I... I mean, I've been thinking for a while, but with... My stained glass has been selling pretty well, and you're doing alright too. We could get a house, go exclusive, maybe even get married?"

Every thought in my head stopped. My breath stopped. I wouldn't swear an oath that my heart didn't stop, at that moment. My spoon must have made a clatter as it tumbled across the floor but if so I didn't notice. Did I hear that right?

Katie looked up at my face, at last, and ... her eyes. My heart was definitely beating now. Oh yes.

"Ah, dammit, that wasn't how I meant to ask!" she shouted. "Wait, wait, before you say yes or no, there's one other thing. How, ah, how do you feel about being a dad?"

... what.
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