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Lost post
Lost post
Something's up with your hosting.  I tried posting something, I reloaded the page a half hour later and my post was gone.  Then the site went down (for everyone, not just me) for a few minutes and now it's back up.

I mean, I know we use MySQL so it's not like we're really worried about consistency Smile
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RE: Lost post
Yeah, there was a little whoopsie last night - the forum logo image was gone (replaced by the default again) for a while, and with it the stuff that had been posted in the previous couple of hours, then there was the brief outage and everything reverted to normal minus whatever happened during the no-DWF-logo period.
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RE: Lost post
Sounds like Netcarrier briefly fell back to a backup system or something. I'll give'em a call later this morning and see if I can get any info.
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