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[OOC] The Good Neighbor System
[OOC] The Good Neighbor System
For #reasons, I just wrote this up for the wiki. What if anything did I miss?

The Good Neighbor System is a network running on custom hardware, originally designed to automatically alert all displacee residences of an attack at any residence.

It was designed by Washuu-chan after a weekly conference between apartment managers revealed that nobody knew about a Predator attack until after it had been defeated, and delivered to all residences for installation within a week of being created. The first two residences to install their nodes were Westwoods and Blossom; the last was Club Lofts.

A system node triggers automatically if any metahuman attack is made on the property (outside of predefined training areas).

The system can also be triggered manually, at any of four levels of urgency, which have different names depending on the backgrounds of the building's residents and manager(s). Westwoods and Blossom use the names on this scale; other residences use their own names:
  • DEFCON 5: All clear, normal life is taking place (the default setting)
  • DEFCON 4: Heightened awareness, something's about to take place (or just took place) that might require a higher alert level Real Soon Now
  • DEFCON 3: Something's wrong but we think we can handle it
  • DEFCON 2: Something's wrong and we need help
  • DEFCON 1: SOS! Reinforcements ready to fight as soon as they arrive needed ASAP!
The panic button that manually sets a node to "DEFCON 2" is by default very easy to activate - even a monkey could do it.

False-alarm and all-clear messages can be sent through the system, but the method of doing this is designed to be non-obvious so that any attacker who captures a residence cannot send a false all-clear message.

Sysop nodes can take control of any other node in the system, activating or deactivating alarms when necessary.


As mentioned above, all displacee residences have a Good Neighbor System node.

Nodes are also installed at these locations, in order of installation:
  • Washuu's lab (the master sysop node, with all the bells and whistles and all the custom extensions listed below)
  • Yggdrasil (sysop node)
  • The Midoriya
  • OSA-P jewelry store (covers the entire store with no "training areas" designated; no physical control panel)
  • Kaleido Stage (has three control panels, located at Kalos' office, Ken's backstage desk, and Sarah's dorm apartment)
  • Aquarena Springs theme park (covers the entire park with no "training areas" designated; the control panel is located in the Bannings-Lowell's executive office)

Custom Extensions

Since the system is user-configurable, custom extensions have been written by various coders such as Kazari and HAL. These include:
  • CCTV surveillance of the property
  • voice messages
  • text message alerts to the residents' cellphones
  • teleportation-portal detection
  • alerts of new Good Neighbor System nodes being connected to the network
  • a cellphone app that can act as a control panel for a single node, specified upon installation
  • text messages between nodes - useful if somebody's manually setting their node to "heightened awareness"
Rob Kelk

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