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Randomness Thing AMVs
Randomness Thing AMVs
Just had a look at and found two fairly good (IMO) AMVs on it.

Clash, an AMV using the Nanoha Movie for footage (If you've seen the series, there are no spoilers but the better animation).

Bounce 2012 (Andy Hunter - Lifelight Sugar Jesus Remix), a high quality AMV by Nostromo.
It took me 8 days, but I finally watched these. Kickass.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Can't believe I've let this hang like this.

RoCk'NRollaZ - One heck of a mash up.

Don't Stop- A Fate/Zero AMV (possible spoilers for both seasons, but I didn't have problems watching this before the series)

Beauty and a Glitch - A Fate/Stay Night UBW TV AMV which makes it look awesome.

Can't remember if this came from this site, but it's too good to not include:
You Can't Deny Us! - Gurren Lagan

Edit: And hopefully looking OK now.

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