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[Story][Season 2]The gas station (finished)
And this is the last one....

TODO list: several wiki articles about persons (and a few things) mentioned in the story.


“It is great you had time to come to our party, I had not believed you would travel all the way to Saturn again” Mizuki said. “You must have awful much to do for work these days!”
The day of the Aurora Station Opening Party’, nearly half a year after the attack on the icy moon, was over and everyone had the chance to get a full night of sleep again. Jenga had frozen its internal clock at midnight until the party was over, so it was still ‘late in the morning’ at the moment.

“The first few months with my new job were really chaotic, but things calmed down to a reasonable level after that” Ichikawa Zenigata replied. “Working together with Space Patrol and the Fen on Coruscant is... interesting. Different than what I had to do back in Tokyo but interesting.”

Both of them were sitting in the Cafeteria of Jenga with their breakfast. Jenga would leave the Saturn system later that day, so most Astronauts of the Aurora Station and the other party guests enjoyed to chance to eat together with their hosts.

“Our flight from Saturn to Mars was really cool” Mizuki continued, “I would have never guessed my POD would become that fast. Just cool, we have to do this again!”

“It got us to Mars quickly when I had to get there” Zenigata said and chuckled. “It was really a nice little craft.”

Mizuki stared at him with big eyes for a moment, then she rushed to Zenigata and gave him a tight hug, purring loudly.

“You are the first one who liked the POD” she said happily, “the other catgirls who helped building it are always argue about it quirks.”

Zenigata sighed mentally but kept quiet and waited until the catgirl calmed down again.

“I have to visit my lab and look how much of the PODs Handwavium I have left” she suddenly said, “maybe I can make another one for you if you really like it!”

“Hmm... I like the idea that the POD is an unique craft and will always think fondly about it.” Zenigata replied, “but I am not sure I would be able to use a POD of my own enough, because I will often need more space when I travel. But if I need a small but crazy fast craft in the future, may I just call you?”

He could see that Mizuki wasn’t that happy about the answer, but finally she nodded.

“Just one question, did you tell the two brothers on Mars that the POD was karaoke powered?”

“I might have slipped that accidently” Zenigata admitted. “I hope that wasn’t that bad, I didn’t felt it was a secret.”

“Oh, it wasn’t a secret, but it explains a lot. It took them three months to decide what kind of project they would like to get our assistance.” Mizuki answered. “Of course it was always about some transformable robot, but they argued over the Macross versus Robotech thing forever!”

“Thats an important issue” Zenigata agreed with a grin, “you should not pretend it doesn’t matter.”

“Fandom can be really a pain with some Fen, but in the end one of the brothers made an argument that the other one could not refute.” Mizuki chuckled. “Macross has better music. So after all this time they settled on something from Macross Frontier... but in Macross Frontier most of the show is about space fighters and singing!”

“Yes, that makes a lot of sense” Zenigata agreed, “so when they started working on it, they remembered me talking about a catgirl that owes them a favor.”

“Yes, exactly... we really had a great time and I will return there in a few weeks to help them finishing the project... I will send you an email when we are done, maybe you can visit us!”

On the other side of the cafeteria Eric Hunt and Cathy were sitting at a small table.

“Another party over... I sometimes think you are all enjoying this way too much” Eric Hunt said with a smirk. “I am not surprised that some people on Earth think you are a bit crazy.”

“Yes we do, is that a crime? Why do something if you don’t enjoy what you do?” Cathy replied. “And I like ‘a bit crazy’... not being a bit crazy would mean you are boring normal, never rushing out to do something really new and exciting! Isn’t your whole mission also a bit crazy?”

“Okay, you got this point. The Aurora mission was a little bit crazy and it got more crazy after the attack when we had to start improvising.” Eric Hunt had to admit. “Someone will go really crazy when they compare the original plans with all the small details we had to change, but that is not my problem. They got what they wanted... The Aurora Station is ready for autonomous operation, completely without Handwavium. Thats all they care about, that and the Helium-3.”

“Yes, if you see it this way you are right” Cathy said and chuckled. “Do you plan to tell them about the second station on Pan?”

“Maybe later, after we delivered the first Helium-3” Eric Hunt replied with a big grin. “It’s not that important.”

“If you have any trouble with our Module, just give us a call.”

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