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[/table]Red EarthPhase One – NERV Headquarters (No First Ancestral Race Lifeforms were Harmed During Construction…): Started in 2010, the western quarter of the Big Peacock houses the primary production lines, offices, and labs of the NERV Foundation. Declared fully operational in January 2012, though expansion continues.Phase Two – Hollow Fields Plantation (…or any Mad Scientist Students…): More multi-sectioned, enormous greenhouses than plantation, these sources of fresh foodstuffs are run by NERV Section One’s Agro Division and were constructed at the same time as NERV HQ to provide local perishables and a source of export revenue. Also like NERV HQ, while operational the moment the first greenhouse was finished in 2011, improvements and expansion continue – facilities for livestock, for example, started being added in 2017.Phase Three – H.G. Wells Spaceport (…and Neither were any Tripod-Driving Natives): Located in the southern portion of Pavonis Mons’ cone, it was completed in November 2013; again, expansions continue. Facilities include both slips for ships of various sizes, several large joint hangars, as well as cheaply rentable three to five room apartment flats called The Peacock Arms and simple but comfortable temporary rooms at Hotel California. It was constructed at the same time as and followed closely in completion by…Phase Four – The Town of Sheffield (“For the last time Kazuo – NO SPACE ELEVATOR!”): Completed in December 2013, just in time for a Christmas Completion Party, Sheffield is built in an ancient (at least 2.2 billion years old), secondary, vertical lava tube of Pavonis that was covered by its latter and more obvious one. It was discovered and excavated during the spaceport’s construction. The ‘ceiling’ was retained and day/night cycles are maintained using waved artificial lighting, which never seems to be bright enough. The precious stones excavated filled the foundation’s coffer quite nicely. The resulting settlement proved amusingly funnel-shaped and earned it the nickname of Mithril Hall amongst D&Ders.
Sheffield Town Hall is located in Sheffield’s Cedar District. Backed against the outer wall of the city and surrounded by Oak, Ash, and Birch Streets, it is a modified replica of the RPD building from Resident Evil 2 & 3 and houses the main Sheffield PAPD precinct in its several city blocks size interior. [Quirk!: Waved lights throughout the town, whether waved there or elsewhere, flicker ominously on days religiously or mythologically related to death.].Phase Five – The City of New Port (“Yes, I know the city plan is out of NGE, but using the original name just doesn’t fit.”): After the caldera’s vulcanocrete lining and Genesis-made, pitch black pressure dome were completed in June 2016, construction on Phase Five was carried out in as secret an environment as possible using T-Series non-sapient robots as laborers and with non-disclosure enforced supervision. After a certain fellow with the initials “K.S.” was granted reluctant admission to assure the more paranoid that nothing untoward was happening and agreeing to secrecy so long as this was true (Katz actually seems to get a kick out of just grinning whenever someone asks him what he learned), nothing but wild rumors managed to leak out until CorusCon, when the Seele Council decided that something positive needed to occur at the Convention for morale’s sake following the Pan Terrorist Attack.When first opened following CorusCon the few parts of the city completed were Gakuen-cho (aka, Academytown; modeled after the Mahora Academy campus and its environs) and Wilson Heights (four city blocks of cheap but comfortable apartments and a few small shops). Also complete was Victory Lake with the accompanying Victory Park along the west bank, offering a spectacular view to those paying to stay at the ritzy Hanaukyo Grand Hotel.Shortly after that came other districts. First was Rockfort Island (working home of the Seele Council; a hybrid of the mansion from the first Resident Evil and the island facility from Code: Veronica). Following this, such places as Coolsville (an entertainment locale; main street Electric Avenue), Raccoon (with a number of businesses modeled after those in the game city of same name), Caliban Cove (a lakeside community district), and Umineko (a sizable suburban-type area adjacent to Victory Lake with a central park; contains the Hinata-sou) also opened.[Image: Tokyo-3.jpg]New Port City, main district (2039)Phase Six – The Geofront (“’How did it get hollow?’ Oh, come on – where do you think all the raw material for the vulcanocrete used in Phase Five came from?!”):An attempt by the NERV Foundation to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, the information gained during its development will hopefully provide useful data to the Mars Terraforming Project. As of 2018, it consists of a lake, some lichens, moss, and simple grasses, and a promising bloom of plankton. The first simple plants and slow-breeding insects were introduced in 2022.
Rumors that the Geofront serves as the base of operations for a secret organization within the NERV Foundation are, of course, complete hogwash.[Image: Geo-Front.jpg]Ecosystem Monitoring Facility #2 (UNMF Complex)The Sightings: In the countless manmade tunnels and caverns of Pavonis, sometimes the mind plays tricks on you – or does it? Rumors of sightings of a mysterious teenage Japanese boy wearing a bandana and carrying a backpack and umbrella wandering the tunnels lost are told in bars across the Red Planet. Similar tales of the spirit of a mid-1800s American prospector – the Miner 49er – lead people to wonder if ghosts haven’t followed people to space (or maybe if someone’s working on a local flavor version of “Carmen Miranda’s Ghost”). And that isn’t all…the street one can only seem to find when one needs the goods or services of one of the shops along its green flame gas lamp-laden cobblestones in New Port City… the disappearing shop in Sheffield with its bathrobe-cloaked attendant who always knows his customer’s name… the legends seem boundless for a settlement barely more than a decade old in 2022…Elies and OziesNo description of Pavonis can really be given without including a mention of the basics about the two groups that joined in on the grand experiment.The first is the Elysium Cooperative. Slayers Fen, Sword World Fen, Zero no Tsukaima Fen, GURPS and Palladium Fantasy Fen… a gaggle of the fantasy-minded decided to band together to claim a homeland for themselves on the Red Planet. Or, at least, to prepare for a future claiming of said homeland. The “Elies” have decided that when the time comes once the Mars Terraforming Project reaches that point, the Continent of Elysium and her islands in the Sea of Utopia shall be their Promised Land.Until then, though, the Elies have hunkered down in Pavonis, some commuting daily to the future sites of their individual or collective settlements to do what work they already can – the (temporarily!) pressure-domed, pan-fandom city of Seiluun and her various white-walled city districts seems to be coming right along – while still others work for NERV or independent Pavonis employers to meet ends meat and save up funds for their own special projects.The second group is a subfaction of the Gundam community: the After Colony subfaction, also called the Organization of the Zodiac, or the Ozies. Fans of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing and its spinoffs, the Ozies were initially Belters. During the Boskone War they evacuated their base of operations MO-I (formerly Asteroid 1098 Hakone) to Mars southern polar orbit with help from the Rockhounds. Its only settlement, Sanq, is a small, tightly knit community.In need of an orbital facility for varying reasons, the Seele Council considered this something akin to providence. Amidst the war, they and the Ozies struck a deal. The NERV Foundation would be allowed to pay to operate a portion of MO-I as the Hakone Aerospace Yards (XHAY). In return, the more militant side of the Ozies would receive funding and training to become the STARS Naval Division, taking charge of all spaceborn Section Two operations except Intelligence.EducationUntil what became known as the Red Earth Opening Ceremony at CorusCon, the only educational facilities available were those classes available at the Sheffield Community Centre. Once Akamatsu-sensei (who requested the Hinata-sou built as a private home for himself in return) and other copyright holders secretly signed off on it, however, Mahora Academy, with classes from elementary to graduate (and later post-graduate) curriculums was ready to open shortly following New Port City’s big reveal. Its divisions are: Airi Ikuhara Elementary School,  Crest View Middle School, Smart Brain High School, and Acme University.Following the release of the redacted portions of the Whole Fenspace Catalog, the NERV Foundation provided part of the funding for the establishment of the Mahora Academy Centre for the Study of the Arcane. Jokingly called the Marduk Institute, it absorbed the functions of the foundation’s Project Longinus Lance in deciphering magic’s mysteries. The main MACSA facilities are in the Baker’s Hollow district of New Port City, on the opposite side of the Pavonis caldera from the main district for safety’s sake.ReligionReflecting the American and Japanese roots of its founders, religious needs can be met in several locations. In H.G. Wells, the Travelers Chapel is a nondenominational replica of Saint Michael’s from Resident Evil 3. The Roman Catholic Church operates the Saint Thomas Aquinas Church (patron saint of students, teachers, and academics; a replica of Saint Mary’s of the Angels in Chicago; Father John MacKenzie resident) on the Mahora campus as well as a small chapel dedicated to Saint Aspren (patron saint invoked against migraines) in Sheffield.Several alternatives not sponsored by the foundation also exist. The first was a synagogue in Victory Lake. Another was a small mosque in Baker’s Hollow which opened shortly after the MACSA did (the imam is surprisingly supportive of its efforts, but has respectfully requested that any attempts at summoning djinn be condemned by the Centre).InfrastructureThe four sections of the NERV Foundation and their various divisions handle most public services throughout the arcology.The Pavonis Arcology Police Department and Pavonis Arcology Fire Department, while started by the NERV Foundation, were immediately decentralized form NERV to private control following completion. In addition to various non-lethal equipment, the PAPD armory stocks the Beretta Px4 Storm (Sidearm), the Beretta Cx4 Storm (Carbine), and the Beretta Rx4 Storm (Rifle).Medical facilities include the NERV Medical Ward (c. 2011), the Sheffield Medical Centre (c 2013), and the New Port General Hospital (c. 2019).
Sheffield and New Port City each possess a mayor and a town and city council, respectively. H.G. Wells Spaceport and Hollow Fields Plantation each have an administrator appointed by the Seele Council. NERV Headquarters and the Geofront are directly under NERV Foundation control.
At CorusCon it was announced that a new five-member council would be taking over the Pavonis governance duties previously held by the Seele Council starting that January. The Gehirn Council is composed of the democratically elected mayors of Sheffield and New Port City, the administrators of H.G. Wells and Hollow Fields (now to be appointed by Gehirn majority vote), and the Seele Chairman representing the NERV Foundation.EntertainmentWhile nowhere near the totality of Pavonis’ entertainment options, some of them include: various activities at the Sheffield Community Centre and the same community’s four-screen Majestic Theatre. New Port City features various clubs and the sixteen screen Peacock Megaplex on Electric Avenue. Starting in 2023, the fantastic Kaleido Stage made its grand opening.For media entertainment, Altimit offers a digital cable package starting in 2015. The Raccoon Times newspaper with its Weekly Editorial and Cityside sections started running in 2019.Starting in 2014, the Mishima-sponsored Annual M1911 Competition and Gun Convention attracted firearm enthusiasts from both space and daneside to Sheffield and the STARS practice ranges every June 25-31.Food and BusinessIn addition to several common American and Japanese chain and franchise stores, Pavonis also features, as of 2022, in Sheffield: Cheers (American-style bar based on the one in the television show of the same name), Bar Nonbou (combination Japanese-style bar and Korean BBQ), Bar Jack (across from the town hall; off-duty police hangout), The Swedish Chef (Cedar District; Scandinavian food), Stan’s Polish Restaurant (Polish food), and The Ministry of Silly Walks (English pub).In New Port City they include: The Italian Job (Wilson Heights; Italian food, obviously), My Big Fat Greek Restaurant (Wilson Heights; Greek cuisine, again obviously), Café Relish (Gakuen-cho; Japanese maid café), Café Hina (Umineko; small café/snack bar at base of Hinata-sou entrance steps), O’Kelly’s (Bybee Street, Raccoon District; Irish pub), Grill 13 (Raccoon District; diner; waved food), Emmy’s Diner (Powell Street, Raccoon District; American diner food), and The French Connection (Victory Park; French obviously).As of November 2016, NERV Headquarters features the NERV Cafeteria. It is open six days a week from 6am to 11pm and is about as good as a Golden Corral in quality and selection choice, but with Japanese as well as American staples. It is located adjacent to the NERV HQ main internal entrance and is open to the public. Foundation employees receive a 25% discount from 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm. Thursday nights are Mexican nights and proudly feature “Guaranteed Non-Waved Guacamole,” though someone inevitably attempts spiking it.Businesses with branches/facilities in Pavonis include: the Jupiter Mining Corporation, who rent-to-own three slips and accompanying offices at H.G. Wells; StellOil, who rent a slip at H.G. Wells and have an office in Sheffield; and numerous others.Due to a bit of secretly purposeful micro-managing by several SEELE Council members, Toyota and Ford each opened shops on the same day at the same time on 24 May 2019 on Copperhead Road in New Port City across from the Rubber Duck Trucking Company – they each claim right of “first car dealership off of Earth.”The arcology’s main imports are metals, specialty foodstuffs, specialty medicines, raw organic material, wood and paper products, plastic products, and petroleum. Its main exports are the products of the NERV Foundation, a smaller amount of non-foundation affiliated products, and basic foodstuffs.Dramatis PersonaeNote that all stats are circa 2022.R. Euphemia li Britannia (T-900 Sapient Gynoid) – Mahora Academy, Acme University – Education Major – Former: Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire            Doing her best to be a source of familial comfort for her brother, Euphie also now plans to teach English and Japanese once she graduates.R. Shirley Fenette (T-900 Sapient Gynoid) – Mahora Academy, Acme University – Business Major – Former: Ashford Academy Student            If there is one thing one can say about Shirley, it is that she keeps her promises. The moment she was informed that Lelouch had been ‘revived’ she stuck herself to his side and hasn’t left since. Her father has her enrolled in the university’s business department so that she can eventually succeed him as CEO of WilPharma.R. Hanmyo (T-900 Sapient Gynoid) – Mahora Academy, Smart Brain High School – Student – Former: Ban Pirate Guild Tao Sorceress/Grappler Ship Pilot            A former pirate who now hopes to teach magic… once she figures out how it operates differently here from ‘back home’…

The Lazarus BatchA curious fact which many notice about the Pavonis Arcology is that there are not as many AIs as one would think, what with it being a manufacturing site for robots. This is due the nature of the handwavium batch found by Alex Xanatos. While being like every other source of handwavium in other ways, a quirk seemingly isolated to this batch (and most blame Alex picking his last name as Xanatos being somehow responsible for it) is that it stubbornly refuses to make any AI whatsoever that is not based on a fictional character that has officially died in its canon.While AIs based on fictional characters are obviously quite common in Fenspace, there exists a further problem – each of the AIs produced with what became known as the Lazarus Batch insist that they are the genuine article. Disturbingly, the sheer level of detail and clarity with which they can remember their ‘former lives’ – especially a great deal not even covered in the source material – makes the few who know of this phenomenon wonder if it might not somehow be true. This was only given still further credence when several attempts at making duplicates of those already ‘revived’ failed completely.The Seele Council decided not to take any chances – the ethical questions alone about ‘raising the dead’ were mindboggling. Replacement handwavium sources were purchased, several barrels of the Lazarus Batch were sealed up for later study, and all other samples were destroyed via the sun in March 2013.All of which changed at SerenityCon and the events up to the Battle of Boskone Prime...Following the conclusion of the Boskone War, the now-diminished Seele Council came to the conclusion that fail-safes had to be put into place to prevent such a large force of aggressors from assembling without notice or opposition. While the post-war demilitarization was underway elsewhere throughout Fenspace, the council carried out in late 2013 the reorganization of NERV Section Two and the secret creation of the U.N. Mars Force.A key part of these post-war actions was the Violet-level classified Project Thanatos Gambit. Using the remainder of the Lazarus Batch, a small number of individuals were selected for just what they could bring to the table and their likelihood of being convinced to work with the NERV Foundation were chosen for ‘revival.’The rest is history.~~~NERV FoundationThe NERV Foundation is a collection of organizations operating under a single banner to carry out various joint projects and philanthropic ventures for the Seele Council and the Pavonis Arcology.
[Image: NERV-Emblem2.png]Emblem used by the NERV Foundation
The most ambitious of the foundation’s philanthropic ventures and the plan from which the foundation draws its name is its Natural Environment Recreation Venture, the natural environment in question being the natural environment for humanity, the current focus project of which is Project Red Earth (see Pavonis Arcology article).Prior to CorusCon, the leadership functions of the foundation ran through the Seele Council. Following the convention, the positions of Commander and Sub-Commander were created. By majority vote of the Seele Council, the first Commander of NERV is Alex Xanatos (the only vote not for him was his own vote). The first Sub-Commander of NERV is R. Edwin Jarvis.

[table][/table]NERV Section OneThe Pavonis Arcology Support Services (PASS) provide and service electrical utilities, water supply and treatment, life support, running Hollow Fields (Agro Division), and similar work for the Pavonis Arcology.NERV Section TwoThe Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS) is a paramilitary organization whose Security Division, Defense Division, Intelligence Division, Emergency Division (Medical Assistance and HAZMAT), and Naval Division serve the NERV Foundation and Pavonis Arcology. Rumors of a so-called “Covert Division” somehow related to the equally rumored “Section Five” are laughed at.[Image: stars_badge12.jpg]Badge prototype; RACCOON POLICE DEP and POLICE banner replaced by PAVONIS ARCOLOGY and NERV FOUNDATION banner in final versionWhile the initial gear of the STARS was rather limited (a Saturday Night Special or a hunting rifle if you were lucky), things did improve with time. As of late 2018, the STARS armory consisted of, in varying numbers: M1911 (Standard Sidearm), Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (Standard Sniper Rifle), H&K MP5 (Security Submachine Gun). Serbu Super-Shorty (Security Shotgun), Steyr TMP (Defense Machine Pistol), Beretta ARX-160 (Defense Assault Rifle), Beretta GRX-160 (Defense Under-Rifle Grenade Launcher), NeoSteed 2000 (Defense Shotgun), DPI USAS-12 (Defense Heavy Shotgun), GE M134 Minigun & Browning M2 (Defense Machine Guns), SBD M136 AT4 (Defense Rocket Launcher), and the rare M202 FLASH (Defense Heavy Rocket Launcher).Vehicles include the DMC-38 “Yako” interceptor (flown by Strigon Squadron), small numbers of modified M8 “Greyhound” Light Armored Vehicles (MHI-T1) purchased cheap from third world countries, some Paramount Marauders, and a goodly amount of waved civilian Hummers.Note: The STARS do not provide regular police and firefighting services, though are available to be called upon in a crisis situation.NERV Section ThreeTechnological Research And Development (T-RAD)…enough said.NERV Section FourBiological Research And Development (B-RAD)… ditto.Joint ProjectsOngoing joint research and development projects between the members of the SEELE Council through the NERV Foundation include:             Project CRS (Cybernetic Recreation Series. The largest joint project is a cooperative venture between Cyberdyne, Mishima, Altimit, and DeLorean to recreate the T-Series of robots from the Terminator franchise. While having an internal computer brain, the 100 to 600 Series units possess only a number of AI-designed specialist systems that are designed to be easily modifiable and reprogrammable. The T-Series consists of:

T-100 Non-Humanoid Robot Series

T-110 GASAR (Ground Assault and Support Actions Robot; based on the T-1s from the T3 movie; over time, 70 were made for NERV HQ defense; one prototype unit, the T-199 “Scowl”, was made in January 2014, replacing the Minigun mounts and head to test several humanoid arm/hand/manipulator and sensor unit designs and was later placed in NERV Foundation Archival Storage; 10 units designated T-115, based on the versions from the T4 movie, were made and sold to Great Justice in 2020, at cost; none are legally available to the public)

T-120 Drone (T3 movie; available mid 2013)

T-130 Sidewinder (T4 comic; ground recon/security; unarmed; available early 2014)

T-140 Hunter (improved Drone; available April 2016)

T-150 VTOL (Essentially an oversized Drone; available March 2017)

T-160 Aerostat (T4 movie; air recon/security; unarmed; available mid 2018)

T-200 Maintenance and Repair Robot (made in various chassis configurations, the earliest T-202 model was available to the public on 11 January 2014)

T-300 Specialist Combat Robot Series (Project Black Moon programs to replicate a number of combat units from the Terminator franchise; programs ‘requested’ by Great Justice to be suspended following Boskone War conclusion; see ‘NERV Section Five’)

T-400 (Prototype designations)

            T-400 Humanoid Robot Prototype Mark I (Dawn of Fate T-400; Made June 2014)

            T-450 Humanoid Robot Prototype Mark II (Dawn of Fate T-500; Made January 2015)

T-500 Cybernetic Vehicle Series

T-510 Harvester (heavy construction giant tobot/customizable heavy labor robot; available to the public 18 March 2015)

T-520 Aerial (T4 movie [slightly larger than source version]; minivan-sized on the inside; available late 2015; nickname “Poor Man’s Pelican”; comes standard with: life support, self-contained water closet with recycler, medium-sized fridge/freezer, small microwave, and hook-ups and security-clamps for a flat screen TV up to 25”; seats five comfortably [seven max safe life-support limits]; powered by four hydrogen plasma fuel cells [Early Production Model from release date to 2023 requires yearly replacement of cells; Improved Production Model from 2023 onwards requires replacement every five years])

T-530 Transport (T4 movie; light transport; available mid 2017)

T-600 Multi-Function Humanoid Robot (first successful fully-humanoid robot approved for mass production; most noted quirk is that any attempt at disguising a unit as being human fails [often humorously], much like with its rubber-skinned source of inspiration; while all versions have been described as “ugly clunkers” they are also all described as “damn useful”; available to the public 5 June 2015)

T-700 Multi-Function AI Endoskeleton (a much better version of the T-600, it lacks its predecessor series’ quirk that prevented use artificial skin; aimed at the AI market, for AIs who want a body of their own; all units are special orders; available to the public in 12 November 2016 [available ‘in house’ several years earlier]; production discontinued following rollout of T-800/T-900 Series)

(Note: A number of intelligences inhabiting T-700 Series bodies “upgraded” (had their minds transferred) to T-800/T-900 Series endoskeletons. Those “trading in” received a slight discount. Old T-700 units were recycled. The T-800/T-900 Series Neural Net Processors (NNPs) were all developed by Dr. R. Miles Bennett Dyson based on the knowledge retained in his ‘canon’ memories.)

T-800 Advanced-Function Android Endoskeleton (available to the public starting on 12 August 2021, the T-800 Series initially comes in the T-850 “Governator” Classic Model, and ten models of varying body size from the smallest T-801 to the six-foot-even T-810; utilizing WilPharma pioneered CSM-101 Synthflesh, it is half again as expensive as the still-available T-600)

T-900 Advanced-Function Gynoid Endoskeleton (available to the public starting on 12 August 2021, the T-900 Series initially comes in ten models of varying body size from the smallest T-901 to the six-foot-even T-910; utilizing WilPharma pioneered CSM-101 Synthflesh, it is half again as expensive as the still-available T-600)

The Future: All attempts at recreating a T-1000 polymimetic alloy unit have, thus far, failed (rumors about a “Grey Goo Girl Incident” are met with blank stares whenever personnel are questioned). It has generally been accepted that nanotechnology will have to advance more before it can be possible even with handwavium. This conclusion has also been accepted for the T-1100, better known as the T-X.

            Project Geofront (An attempt by the NERV Foundation to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, the information gained during its development will hopefully provide useful data to the Mars Terraforming Project. As of 2018, it consists of a lake, some lichens, moss, and simple grasses, and a promising bloom of plankton. The first simple plants and slow-breeding insects were introduced in 2022. It is run by NERV Section Four.)
            Project Fragment (Altimit/Heartland project that produced a working version of the DotHack franchise in-series MMORPG, The World [available November 2014])

Project ATF (energy fields and force fields; has produced and is selling through Mishima an Acutely Tickling Field as a non-lethal restraint system [moderately bulky])

Project Super Solenoid (energy generation; produced the NERV-SSH-01 Hydrogen Plasma Fuel Cell for heavy equipment and the NERV-SSI-01 Iridium Power Cell for light equipment)

Project Ego Boundary (man-machine interfaces; best known product is the PICK, sold through Altimit)

Project Heinflick Limit (FTL technologies)

Project Refresher (following Struve Conspiracy, data on biomoding the Boskones considered ‘useless’ recovered during investigation used to offer those getting on in years and otherwise down in health an option of several controlled biomods – Fantasy Short Folk [‘too limited a customer base’] and the surprisingly popular Modern Kitsune Biomod. With the success of the latter, a follow-up on the project is currently working towards the development of other fantasy-based controlled biomods, with a focus being placed on the Modern Yuki-ningen Biomod, Modern Inugami Biomod, and Modern Dryad Biomod.)

Project Dirac Sea (dimensional studies; established following the Interdimensional Incursion Incident) {Classification lifted following release of redacted portions of Whole Fenspace Catalog}Project Longinus Lance (paranormal studies; established following the Interdimensional Incursion Incident) {Classification lifted following release of redacted portions of Whole Fenspace Catalog}

Project Black Moon (Boskone War development plan for defense programs; discontinued after the war; rumors that some continued under a secret NERV section are, of course, entirely preposterous)

Project Kraken (Cyberdyne/Mishima/Altimit/DeLorean project; developing an AI-controlled, anti-submarine/wet navy ship drone attack craft for a Case Burgundy scenario [dane invasion of Fenspace]; low priority; designation XT-333)

Project Barge (Originally started by the Ozies prior to their joining the foundation, construction almost halted during the Boskone War. Following the war construction started again. As one might imagine, Barge is a modified recreation of the eight kilometer long mobile space station from Gundam Wing. It is modified in the fact that it is unarmed. Rather than a military facility, it is intended to act as a support facility for colonization missions. Consequently, most of its interior is empty, intended for supplies and similar cargo.)DECAThe Digital Enclave and Cyberspace Archive is the central computer core of the foundation. It is connected, but not integral, to the Pavonis Intranet, and can be isolated at a moment’s notice both manually and automatically.As one might imagine, it is controlled by the three MAGI – but each MAGI is itself composed of three artificial intelligences. Casper is made up of three based upon several Vagrant AIs from the DotHack franchise: Aura, Lycoris, and Macha. Balthazar is made up of Meg, Lou, and Nam from Bubblegum Crisis. Whoever Melchior consists of, however, is classified.NERV Section Five/STARS Covert Division***WHITENOISE***This organization – the U.N. Mars Force (UNMF) – does not exist.

[Image: ficbuframmilitia.gif]ZotE Bufram Militia flag. Used by the U.N. Mars Force
Following the Struve Conspiracy and the end of the Boskone War, the remaining Seele Council members decided to create a force that could help to both prevent against and protect in the eventuality of similar troubles. Unfortunately, the attitude of toning down on armed forces in Fenspace prevalent after the war – including a formal request from OGJ to cease and desist Project Black Moon research and development – meant that it had to be done incognito.The result is a force led by R. Lelouch Lamperouge (Director of Covert Operations in STARS hierarchy) out of Ecosystem Monitoring Facility #2 in the Geofront. In transmissions and reports, it is referred to as Eagle Rock Bunker or just ‘the bunker.’Gear includes the standard STARS equipment (not recommended for denial purposes), access to the secret Biwa Arsenal (see Mishima section of Seele Council article), the MHI-AS09 Gernsback mecha, the IMI Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle, the IMI Desert Eagle pistol, and the MHI-T2 “Dominion” tank (based on data gained from modifying several M8s into MHI-T1s; modeled after the JSSDF 6x6 tank in End of Evangelion).The most notable units available to – albeit never used by; they’re kept and trained with on a “just in case” basis – the UNMF are the products of the officially cancelled Project Black Moon development programs. The Seele Council plans on sarcastically saying, essentially, “Oh, yeah, cause we’re the ONLY people in Fenspace copying things from fictional sources. Riiiiiiiight~,” should anyone get suspicious of Terminator-related products in the UNMF inventory if ever used. As of 2020, the small stock of such items include the: T-310 Mototerminator, T-320 Snowterminator, T-330 Spider, T-340 Hydrobot, T-350 Tank, T-360 Bomber, T-370 Infantrybot, T-380 Tetrapod, and T-390 Centurion.What really allowed the operations of the UNMF to take off was the successful recreation of MITHRIL’s Electronic Camouflage System (ECS) – emitters that, when placed strategically around an object, produces an energy field that bends and wraps light around it to make the object invisible. This does not affect radar, thermal optics, or motion sensors, of course, but it is still quite useful. The SC Tuatha de Danaan TDD-1 and the MHI-AS09 Gernsbacks are equipped.Several UNMF facilities, primarily intelligence units, operate under legitimate front companies. These include: Zeira Corporation (Marduk), Automite Systems (Crystal Paris), Security Trust of Mars Vegas (Mars Vegas), Kaliba Group (Coruscant), and Dakara Systems (Ganymede).Dramatis PersonaeNote that stats are circa 2022.
Dr, R. Miles Bennett Dyson (T-800 Sapient Android) – NERV Section Three – Chief Cyberneticist – Former: Head of another world’s CSC R&D            Having once ‘given up’ his life in the cause of stopping a global holocaust before it could start, Miles Dyson now uses the skills and knowledge that led to Judgment Day to better serve humanity.R. Dr. Daniel Fransisco “Danny” Alvera (T-800 Sapient Android) – NERV Section Three – Chief Programmer – Former: Best Programmer on the USAF’s CRS Project Team            A man who gave up his life several times to spit in the face of Skynet, Danny now applies the know-how that planted the seeds of individual sentience in the Terminators to perfect the software side of things for NERV.R. Robert Brewster (T-800 Sapient Android) – NERV Section Two, STARS Defense Division – Commandant / Director of Defense Operations – Former: Lieutenant General in charge of U.S. Air Force’s Cyber Research Systems Project            If there is a person who understands how the road to hell can be paved with good intentions, it would be Robert Brewster. His ‘dying moments’ were spent facing the knowledge that his project’s creation was going to destroy his country and world. It will not happen again…R. Rupert Edmund Giles (T-800 Sapient Android) – Project Longinus Lance (later Mahora Academy Centre for the Study of the Arcane) – Project Director (later Centre Administrator) – Former: Sunnydale High School Librarian; Field Watcher; Magic Shop Owner; Head of the New Watchers Council; alias “Ripper”            When he woke up after being ‘killed’ by the Twilight-possessed Angel, Rupert Giles had only one thing to say: “Ah…I probably should have expected something like this…” Gradually rekindling his relationship with Janna Kalderash – wed in 2017 – he works now with his wife and a close team to determine the laws, effects, and, inevitably, consequences of magic and the supernatural in this "other Earth." Fully aware of his counterpart on Hypatia, they mail one another regularly - and that's proper mail, not that e-mail rubbish.R. Janna Kalderash Giles (T-900 Sapient Gynoid) – Project Longinus Lance (later Mahora Academy Centre for the Study of the Arcane) – Technomancy Division Subdirector – Former: Sunnydale High School Computer Teacher; Technopagan Mage; Romany of Clan Kalderash; alias “Jennifer Calendar”            After ‘dying’ at the hands of Angelus, Janna can probably be forgiven for kicking Alex in the family jewels when he came into her ‘waking room’ following her ‘revival’ to explain what was going on. Eventually rekindling her relationship with Rupert, she is actually quite excited at the idea of studying and practicing magic in this new world where she doesn’t have to worry about (much) secrecy. She is aware of her Hypatia counterpart, and they converse regularly via e-mail.R. Lelouch Lamperouge (T-800 Sapient Android) – U.N. Mars Force – Director of Covert Operations – Former: Leader/Strategist of the Order of the Black Knights; 99th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire; alias “Zero”            If it weren’t for Euphie and Shirley he wouldn’t bother at all. His ‘sister’ and friend-who-is-a-girl (and much more if she has her way) are now the rocks by and for which the former revolutionary steadies himself.            …He does wonder how the hell, with all the differences in their timelines, Pizza Hut can exist in this world, too, though…Dorothy de la Vega (Original Name: N/A) – NERV Section Two, STARS Naval Division – Commodore / Director of Naval Operations
Seele CouncilThe Seele Council is the board of directors of the NERV Foundation, and, while maintaining complete control over their own enterprises, cooperate heavily with one another in various joint projects and philanthropic ventures.
The eight people presently on the council are: Alex Xanatos, CEO Cyberdyne; Biwa Mishima, CEO Mishima; R. Joseph Fenette, CEO WilPharma; Mary Gamblin, CEO Altimit; James “Jimmy” Blake, CEO Binford; Kazuo Jenkins, CEO Ajax; Lana Izavia, CEO Heartland; and The O, CEO DeLorean.
Former council members consist of: the late Airi Ikuhara-Xanatos, CEO Ikuhara; and Harry Struve, ex CEO WilPharma, on the run and wanted by Great Justice following the Battle of Serenity Valley.Council chairpersons: Alex Xanatos (Founding-January 2019) and Kazuo Jenkins (January 2019-Present)The Seele Council actually started as a group of bar buddies in Port Lowell around 2010. Following a beer-laden 007 marathon at Jimmy Blake’s place (see below), they decided to expand on the idea and make an actual settlement within the volcano. This, of course, would require some serious coin. Having already complained to one another about how certain services that had been taken for granted were for the most part not available to Fen following their leaving the Earth (Australia being the obvious exception), they decided to become those services. Still, that left the requirement of start-up money. Blake came to the rescue with the “how” he built his bachelor pad and, as they say, the rest is history.
[table][/table]Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, Limited
Producing human-use bionics and non-sapient robots, it originally outsourced a goodly amount of its electrical components from daneside sources and later fellow councilmember Ikuhara Electronics. Following the Battle of Serenity Valley, Cyberdyne absorbed Ikuhara and its product lines in keeping with the prior owner’s wishes.
Its bionics fall under the C-Series of products, which are increasingly customizable by the generation. The PKG have a Preferred Customer status and discount.
All robots fall under the R-Series of robots. It’s most popular is the R-10 Navi robot, based off of Vandread’s Pyoro.

WilPharma Corporation
Initially acting as a middle-man for Earth-made supplies, WilPharma began coming into its own in mid-2013 when it began producing its own hospital grade basic materials, and received a hard won victory when several daneside health organizations certified its products in 2014.
The corporation received a major shake-up following the Battle of Serenity Valley, where evidence recovered by the Roughriders revealed that not only had CEO Harry Struve been supplying the Boskones via daneside intermediaries, but had concocted a plot with the terrorists to kill the other members of the Seele Council – of the nine members, only he did not attend SerenityCon – and allow him to subsume control of the Pavonis Arcology.
Following these events, with the corporation routed of Boskones and their supporters, control of WilPharma was seized by the Seele Council until such a time as the surviving seven members could appoint a replacement as CEO. It did so on 1 January 2014 in the form of R. Joseph Fenette (T-700 [later T-808] Sapient Android).
During the investigation of WilPharma facilities following the post-SerenityCon seizure, a half-dozen unregistered laboratory chambers in NERV HQ were discovered. Inside were… things best left unsaid. The Seele Council decided to destroy all special equipment they found and not to report any of what was discovered – as everyone involved with what went on in said chambers had already been arrested and convicted, any further OGJ attention would only hurt those in WilPharma innocent of any crimes.
They did, however, recover data on biomoding that the Boskones considered to be useless, whether due to the resulting subjects being ‘too independently minded’ or just having too small of a potential market. The machines responsible for the biomoding processes were perfected by WilPharma employees eager to prove their mettle and the NERV Foundation used these in Project Refresher in a public, open offer daneside and in Fenspace to those getting on in years and otherwise down in health as an option of several ‘controlled biomods.’ The biomoding machines themselves are clearly based on what someone, likely Struve, thought a Catgirling Machine was like before ever getting access to a real one.
Options for biomoding recovered include an anime-style Kitsune (coming from a machine that looks like Steve Urkle’s transformation booth and only works if the sound effects played during said booth’s use on the show is played) and Fantasy Short Folk.

Mishima Heavy Industries
Your friendly, neighborhood defense concern.Like many of the original Seele Council members, Mishima started out supplying Fenspace with products it bought daneside as a middleman. Uniquely to Mishima’s case, and a source of much groaning and headaches once the rest found out about it, a goodly amount of its start-up capital went to purchasing items off of black market arms dealers – partly to keep them out of the wrong hands, mostly because Biwa, being the military otaku she is, just couldn’t help herself. Fortunately, the council members managed to keep the “Biwa Arsenal” from leaking out (they hope), though they now have a secret stockpile of weapons to make any third world dictator envious.
The company’s most famous products include its refit of a number of M8 “Greyhound” Light Armored Vehicles. Later, in cooperation with Steyr Mannlicher, it produced a market version of its Advanced Combat Rifle in 2015. In 2017, MHI finalized the purchase of the copyrights for the G11 rifle design. The following year it released the MHI M11S standard rifle and the MHI M11V for use in vacuum. Mishima has announced that a highly customizable version called the M11C with non-lethal forms of ammunition is in the testing phase and expected to be released around 2022.
This being Fenspace, and Ms. Mishima being a Japanese military otaku, one would think her company’s products would include mecha – one would be right.
Following several mobile suit scale failures, a try at arm slave scale produced an admittedly underpowered and unimpressive MHI-AS01 Mistral II for sale in July 2013. The much improved MHI-AS02 Type-96 was available by April 2015, with a slightly better MHI-AS03 Bushnell arriving in May 2017. The model available in 2022 is the MHI-AS03D.
Rumors of a large, metal container labeled “MHI-AS4X” being spotted in transit through a NERV Personnel Only tunnel in Pavonis in 2016 is denied outright (see NERV Section Five/STARS Covert Division).Following the Ozies joining the foundation, MHI again poured resources into the development of mobile suit scale mecha. This led to its first success with the two prototype MHI-MS01 Tallgeese units in 2016. This was followed by the mass production line of the MHI-MS02 Leo (MS02A Leo and MS02S Space Leo) two years later.
The Future: Current focus is on the development of viable plasma weaponry, with a particular focus on recreating the Westinghouse M-21 Phased Pulse Plasma Rifle.

Altimit Corporation
Computers repair and customization, Internet and television service, network setup, software development, specialist programs, computer games – if it needs to speak 010010, Altimit are the folks to talk to – especially as most of the employees are AI themselves.Starting by purchasing the rights to the DotHack series and its related material, a LINUX-based operating system, ALTIMIT OS, has been in use by the NERV Foundation since 2012 (upgraded to ALTIMIT MINE OS following the ‘Struve Conspiracy’).
Their current computer game system is the Altimit PICK (Partial-Immersion Computer Kit), which connects to a regular computer and allows the wearer to experience a number of game worlds (both designed for the system and not) in terms of real world sight and sound, but without such senses as taste, smell, and touch. The PICK is not available in countries which places a ban on handwaved products and is not compatible with Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft game consoles.

Binford Tools Company
Producing first vulcanocrete, then hand tools and basic parts, and finally power tools and heavy equipment, an unknown fen working for a building crew at Mos Eisley once famously commented that Binford could be described as “the backbone of any construction project on Mars.” Needless to say, they take great pride in this.Two of Binford’s earliest successes – so early that the CEO was also sole employee – were also critical to the development of the Pavonis Arcology: vulcanocrete and the ultrasonic laser. Vulcanocrete is a ceramic material made up of lava rock mixed with ground-up quartz and something else (generic plaster mixed with pure handwavium). The ultrasonic laser is more the former than the latter, it is made out of old sonogram and sonar equipment and modeled after the device of the same name from The Core – unfortunately, it’s not quite as effective as its inspiration.
In a quirk that alternately annoys and amuses the company’s employees and owner to no end, no handwaved Binford product will work correctly unless it bears a 6100 Series label.

Ajax Material Supply Company
Growing out of initial obscurity in early 2013, whether it’s a product they produce themselves or import from Earth, Ajax as of 2022 is recognized as the largest chemical, wood, paper, plastic, and stone supplier outside of cislunar space.
Thus far, all attempts at making unobtanium have proven futile. One failed product of the attempt in 2014, though, produced a high-tensile strength aluminum-chromium-titanium-steel alloy that Cyberdyne and several others (NERV and otherwise) purchase under the name hyperalloy.
They initially tried to supply basic metals as well, but there was so much competition there already that they just gave up on it – the main reason that metals of various sorts are now one of Pavonis’ largest imports.

Heartland Play Systems
Handwavium and toys… there exists not the space to encompass the joy and madness conceived.
Still, it is worth saying that they produced the MMORPG “The World” together with Altimit in 2014. It won a 4 out of 5 on X-Play, losing its sole pint due to the necessity of purchasing the Altimit PICK to play it.Note: Never ask about the Chucky dolls… just don’t…Extra Note: Their Jumanji holographic board game is pretty fun, though.

DeLorean Motor Company
Purchased outright from Stephen Wynne, The O (never forget the ‘The’) now slaps the DMC logo on both waved and unwaved niche market products both space- and planet-side.Products include the DMC-12 Classic, the DMC-38 Yako (based on the Yak 38 Custom jet interceptor in Evangelion; space-capable), the DMC-40 Blue Angel (shuttle based on the ‘UN 789’ plane in Evangelion), the DMC-48 AD-Police Interceptor (chiefly exported to Genaros; ‘Car 48, Where are You?’ opening music must be played before starting), and the DMC-50 Peel (based on the Peel P50; rights purchased 2016).DMC also has a standing program to locate, purchase, refit, and resell certain other vehicles. These include: the VW Van, the VW Thing/Safari/Trekker (not vacuum-capable), the Opel Kadett, and first to sixth generation Ford F-Series trucks. They also do a more limited number of WWII/Cold War Era non-tracked military vehicles – The O has a standing order request from Biwa Mishima to purchase any WWII and Korean War Era Jeeps and similar vehicles. VW Beetle owners have been refused waving since the Noodle Incident of 2015.Currently, DMC is trying to purchase any available “junked” diesel submarines on the cheap from former communist block countries for use in the Mars Terraforming Project. The plan is to refit them and use them to both haul water-ice asteroids to Mars as well as to monitor the ecology of the future Martian oceans. Negotiations for the rusted hulks seen in Top Gear’s Albania episode are now in progress.The Future: DMC is working on creating a working versions of the stealth fighter from Red Storm Rising, the F-19 Ghostrider. Current projections place the DMC-19 in service around 2028 onwards.

Ikuhara Electronics
Selling waved, partly waved, and non-waved electronics and electrical components, Ikuhara was a successful business from its start to its end. Following Airi Ikuhara-Xanatos’ death at the Battle of Serenity Valley, the company was absorbed by Cyberdyne, per its late owner’s wishes.

Politics and Goals
While encouraging maintaining ties of various sorts with Earth, the Seele Council is quite open with its opinion that each settlement on Mars - and in Fenspace in its entirety - should be as self-sufficient at least in the essentials as possible. It is also of the opinion that Mars, at least once the terraforming project is completed, should be the capital of Fenspace and “the homeworld of Fen, anywhere.” Their proposal for the Fenspace National Anthem is Oingo Boingo’s “Weird Science.”
The council fully supported the goals of Operation Great Justice and later the organization Great Justice. The SV Celestial Court (TDD-2) – an unarmed but heavily armored design registered as a heavy troop transport and emergency evacuation ship – was sold at cost to Great Justice in June 2020. It and its NERV Foundation flagship predecessor – the SV Tuatha de Danaan (TDD-1), launched 2018 – are based on the carrier submarine from Full Metal Panic!.As of 2022, the SEELE Council is debating the gradual production of additional TDD-type vessels, this time in a cargo carrier configuration, in order to progressively lessen its reliance on outside shipping companies for export and import transport. If produced, these vessels would be SV Fir Bolg (TDD-3), SV Fomorian (TDD-4), and SV Milesian (TDD-5).Dramatis Personae

Alexander Xanatos (Original Name: Not tellin’) – Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, Limited – CEO; NERV Commander (post-CorusCon); Seele Chairman (until January 2019)
While not admitting his former identity to the public, it is pretty much in the open that he is a former worker for the U.S. Postal Service. A fan of both the Terminator franchise and the works of Ken Akamatsu and Rumiko Takahashi (minus Inuyasha), he became the first Chairman of the Seele Council by virtue of being the slowest to decline the position. He now knows why Naruto fanfiction is rife with jokes about the kage’s mortal enemy of paperwork.
After the death of his wife Airi in the Battle of Serenity Valley, he buried himself in the reorganization of NERV Section Two, the establishment of the U.N. Mars Force, and the hunt for his former best friend, Harry Struve. This lasted for just over a year, when Biwa slipped him something and gave him an “Eight Hour Workout” to break him out of his funk.
Following the turnover of the chairmanship in 2019, he took a page from Hand Maid May and, to a degree, became the “Wandering President of Cyberdyne.” It is only to a degree as, much to his annoyance, the rest of his friends voted him into the newly created position of Commander of the NERV Foundation. About half of the time he can be found in places other than Pavonis, including daneside, performing the role of representative of the NERV Foundation.

Airi Ikuhara-Xanatos (Original Name: N/A) – Ikuhara Electronics – CEO (Until death in Battle of Serenity Valley)
Originally a victim of the glass ceiling within Japan’s old boys club of corporate affairs, the lifelong romantic comedy anime otaku journeyed into the final frontier with the express purpose of thumbing her nose at the The Man. She did just that. It is also where she met with her koi, Alex.
It was, sadly, not to last. In the Battle of Serenity Valley, she was shot while attempting to escape with her friends. She is survived by her husband of four months and the elementary school which now bears her name.

James “Jimmy” Blake (Original Name: N/A) – Binford Tools Company – CEO
A good old boy and a Southern gentleman is there ever was one – most of the time. A former employee of Black & Dekker, Jimmy quit the day he left Earth for Fenspace, leaving behind a scathing letter on the subject of built-in obsolescence, standards that hadn’t changed in years, the walking jokes that were quality-control supervisors, and the canine-related parentage of the company president’s mother.

Kazuo Jenkins (Original Name: N/A) – Ajax Material Supply Company – CEO and SEELE Chairman (later after January 2019)
Only one-quarter American, his mixed heritage status met with even more of a glass ceiling that Airi Ikuhara did. Endlessly practical as well as forward-thinking, he easily realized that the one thing that would always be in demand as a commodity was raw materials. Setting out to supply that demand led to his resounding success and seven digit net worth. His “suck it” letter to his former employers in 2020 nearly made Jimmy wet himself in his laughter.

Mary Gamblin (Original Name: N/A) – Altimit Corporation – CEO
A member of the Pulpers, Mary came to Fenspace for only a visit just before the American government’s condemnation of those leaving the planet using handwavium. Stuck there, she made the best of things. Following the amnesty granted at KandorCon, she decided to stay in her new niche in life and renounced her U.S. citizenship.For the past several years she has been part of the growing online movement called the Confederation Party, which seeks to more formalize the Articles of Convention into a “United Nations of the Fenspace Convention” with a U.N. Parliamentary Assembly to present a more unified front to those daneside – referred to as the “United Nations of Earth” – while still maintaining individual sovereignty.The O (Original Name: Not tellin’) – DeLorean Motor Company – CEOThe O once proudly declared that his wardrobe “consists of only the very best of the Fifties to the Eighties in American and British fashion.” Usually considered a bit of a goof, The O nevertheless has a good head for business and keen eye for vehicles. After taking a loan from Kazuo to help purchase DeLorean, he quickly paid him back following the production of the waved and unwaved versions of an updated DMC-12 Classic to daneside and Fenspace markets.

Lana Izavia (Original Name: Not tellin’) – Heartland Play Systems – CEO
Lana took her name and appearance from a military policewoman in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross who became Nova Satori in its Carl Macek adaptation. She didn’t really have too much of a choice in the appearance part, actually. Attending a cosplay party at Marsbase Sara in early 2010, she went as the first police figure she could think of as her parents were both police detectives. It is there she made the all too common mistake of trying out the green food at the buffet table. On the plus side, she would never have to dye her hair from the drab brown she’d always disliked again as her blue wig was now her real hair. On the minus side, she now had the Robotech version of her costume choice yammering away in her head (and, as they later found out, able to take over when either asleep or unconscious).
Taking the name of her new headmate’s counterpart, the now Lana decided to improve the children of Fenspace’s lives by making pre-waved and non-waved toys for their enjoyment. She also, apart from this, used both her knowledge from growing up with two officers of the law as well as the more hardcore experience of the Global Military Police colonel in her head to help establish the Pavonis Arcology Police Department.

Biwa Mishima (Original Name: Not tellin’) – Mishima Heavy Industries – CEO
It would surprise many that this rather chesty Yamato Nadeshiko is, in fact, not originally Japanese – or even Asian for that matter. It would surprise them even more to find out she was not always a she. Biwa is one of the lucky few who actually got exactly what she wanted out of a biomod. Not that anyone ever will find out, of course. She ain’t tellin’ nobody.
A true Japanophile, Biwa speaks Nihongo like native of Tokyo. She is also notoriously promiscuous and a tease – she keeps in regular contact with a number of friends among the Heinleinians, and flirts constantly. Biwa is also a military otaku, with a few quirks. She has a complete disdain for the M16, Beretta 92, Glock pistol, and Kalashnikov and anything related to them, while adoring the M1911 and Desert Eagle and their variants. Appreciates revolvers, but only for their history – sees modern ones as their manufacturers playing up on nostalgia over effectiveness.

Harry Struve (Original Name: N/A) – WilPharma Corporation – CEO (until post-Battle of Serenity Valley); Boskonian
A man who the other council members only thought they knew. Harry Struve secretly shared biomod research with and supplied materials to Boskonian slavers through a small chain of daneside intermediaries. Towards the end of the Boskone War, however, he became too greedy. Learning through his contacts of an upcoming attack on SerenityCon, he convinced the other members of the Seele Council to go to the convention and enjoy themselves while he “held down the fort while carrying out some time-critical research.” In the aftermath of the Battle of Serenity Valley, however, the GSS came across irrefutable evidence of Struve soliciting a group of the Boskonians to directly target the other Seele members so that he could assume control over the Pavonis Arcology.
When Marsden presented the evidence to the seven Seele members grieving over the death of Airi Ikuhara-Xanatos, the furious survivors led a charge of STARS Security Division guards and an OGJ team to capture the traitor. What they found waiting for them following a minor firefight with several reprogrammed T-110s, however, was not Harry Struve. Not anymore, at least. What they found was Struve’s reclining body in his private lab/study, grinning and giving the finger to the people entering the room. A smell of burning metal and plastics filled the air as the machine to which the body’s head was attached Cerebro-style smoldered. After an investigation, it was determined that Struve had performed a destructive read on himself and used Pavonis’ Interwave node to transfer his consciousness to somewhere on Deimos. After that, the trail went cold.
Harry Struve, regardless of present body/mind container, is now wanted by Great Justice, Space Patrol, and the Pavonis Arcology Police Department for the crimes of one count of murder, eight counts of solicitation to commit murder, and multiple counts of slave trafficking, forced biomoding, and assault with deadly robots – with more possible to come out at a trial.

R. Joseph Fenette (Original Name: N/A) – WilPharma Corporation – CEO (As of 1 January 2014)
A businessman ‘victim’ of the Black Rebellion, he managed to push through his culture shock after ‘revival’ for his daughter’s sake and agreed to take up the reins of WilPharma and join the Seele Council.

R. Delwin Jarvis (Original Name: N/A) – Seele Council – Seele Council Treasurer – Former: Butler of Anthony Stark; Assistant to the Avengers
The first ever ‘revival’ of the Lazarus Batch, the gentleman from England woke Alex up the morning following his laptop’s waving with screams of terror as the AI ‘woke up’ with his ‘last memories’ of being eaten by his zombified friends. Since then, he has become an invaluable companion to the members of the Seele Council and manages their joint funds with the long earned experience of guiding the wealthy away from bad decisions.
i like, and me and Biwa would get along famously, it may be issue, but i hate that bloody rifle as only someone who is forced to use the to weak bugger can
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Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
*chuckles* Just two things. First, I deleted the Operation White Moon entry. I realized it just tied my hands in regard to Struve too much. Second, I changed Project Refresher a bit.
Pavonis Arcology (Revised 9 March 2013)
Pavonis Arcology (Revised 9 March 2013)
Pavonis ArcologyPavonis Mons in Tharsis is home to not one but several interconnected, quasi-subterranean communities that operate under the banner of the Pavonis Arcology. All of them were built and are still supported and partly managed by the NERV Foundation. They are each a part of the multi-phase plan, Project Red Earth, which is the main focus of the foundation’s Natural Environment Recreation Venture. It is worth mentioning that, similar to Canada, Pavonis is bilingual in its signage and education: English and Japanese, reflecting its founders.[Image: MarsFlagArmitageIII.gif]Flag of Armitage III Mars, used by PavonisUsing Binford’s super-hardy construction material vulcanocrete – a ceramic material made up of the lava rock of Pavonis herself mixed with ground-up quartz and something else (generic plaster mixed with pure handwavium; basic formula open domain as of 2017) – the NERV Foundation successfully carved several Martian settlements into the extinct volcano.

While originally rather bare of settlers who didn’t directly work for NERV members, the arcology had a boom in population once construction on Red Earth Phase Four started in February 2013 when the Elies, at least for the foreseeable future, threw their lot in with Pavonis. It also saw a slight increase during the Boskone War of Belters, but the majority who went to Mars instead of cislunar space went to Port Lowell and Helium, instead. The biggest population boom to date was shortly after the opening ceremony for New Port City when a surprising number of Japanese nationals immigrated to the arcology.

  • 1 Red Earth
  • 2 Elies and Ozies
  • 3 Education
  • 4 Religion
  • 5 Infrastructure
  • 6 Entertainment
  • 7 Food and Business
  • 8 Dramatis Personae
  • 9 The Lazarus Batch
  • 1 NERV Section One
  • 2 NERV Section Two
  • 3 NERV Section Three
  • 4 NERV Section Four
  • 5 Joint Projects
  • 6 DECA
  • 7 NERV Section Five/STARS Covert Division
  • 8 Dramatis Personae
  • 1 Cyberdyne Systems Corporation, Limited
  • 2 WilPharma Corporation
  • 3 Mishima Heavy Industries
  • 4 Altimit Corporation
  • 5 Binford Tools Company
  • 6 Ajax Material Supply Company
  • 7 Heartland Play Systems
  • 8 DeLorean Motor Company
  • 9 Ikuhara Electronics
  • 10 Politics and Goals
  • 11 Dramatis Personae

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