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A Ship Name Database?
A Ship Name Database?
There's more than just the Spacecraft registry.... so maybe it's worth adding something of a list of the minor craft out there. Maybe for background names and the like.

Qu'est Cera Syndrome
Earth Orbit Debris Hauler.

Queen Serenity's Revenge.
Senshi Space Pirate Cruiser, built out of an old Go-Fast boat.

Moonlight Shadow
Scania Truck with a Container on the back converted to living quarters.

Citroen 2CV with Caravan. Slow.

Island Earth (Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter etc...
Island-class Bulk Ore Carriers owned by CHOAM. Only beaten in cargo capacity by Roskmos GKK Severstal.

Gondolier Cabin-cruiser owned by someone with a peculiar sense of humour, offering three-hour tours of the Saturnian system

The Q-Ship
A converted trawler owned by Dragonslayers of QUB. Used for travelling to gaming cons in space.

Company prospecting vessel, formerly owned by the New Birmingham mining Company. Now in the ownership of the UBA-associate Maiden Heavy Metals.

Former Olympic-Airlines 747, operated by Wanderer Starlines. Operates between Athens and Venus.

Invincible III
Red Toyota Hilux, owned by a private courier.

Prosthetic-limb beige Lada Riva which has no admitted owner. Never carries any admitted passengers, but is regularly spotted in the vicinity of The Island.

Rubbery Angel

Russel's Tea Party
Routemaster Bus Transporter, homeported in Guestton. Works the Asteroid belt.

Reinforce Senior
AEUG Defense monitor, with ram-prow.

Wolkenritter's personal custom transport and central node. Registered to Len Gale.

Tvoyu 'mat
What was once a Soviet Navy Missile Patrol Boat. Now owned by a group of Russians who regularly worked alongside the SS Ciara on convoy duty. Noted for being a dry ship by quirk. And for an AI that is somewhat Maternal towards her crew.

Galaxy Railways Locomotive (EMD JT22CW-2). Likes Riddling. Dislikes Chicken-jokes. Something of a good natured pain. But hasn't gone insane.

S.C. Rampant
Volkwagen Rabbit. By the time the owner noticed, it was too late to change.

VSS Re Oecumenica,
See of Bishop Jack Hackett - provides mobile ministering to Fenspace' Catholics on settlements either too small, or too far out for their own Parish or Church.

S.C. Rendlesham
Yes, Someone actually built a Black Triangle with a bright searchlight at each vertex, and a red one in the centre. Nobody will admit to being responsible.

USS James Doohan
Starfleet Corp's of engineers flagship

USS Asgard
Starfleet Cadet Space Training Ship.

S.D. Admiral Ackhbar
Imperial Star Destroyer. Flagship of the Fleet. Armed with 6 Gravitic Fresnel lasers. Ten thousand tons of PEPPER-limited construction - to the point where the majority of the ship is empty space or empty equipment bay.

Registration, OB-1. Banned from multiple ports because of that pun alone.

U.S.S.S Eagle
Owned by the TSaB, as a 'Goodwill' vessel for port visits and the like, and for showing the flag at mines operated by American-owned companies that still wish to fly the flag. Nuclear powered.

Operated by the British Government. Nominally a research vessel built on a Custom Skylon-designed hull.

Barbenfouillis (I can't do the accents on y keybord)
French Government - owned Airbus A510, used for diplomatic missions.

St. Enda
Ryanair-owned Boeing 7117, regularly operating the Dublin/L5 run.

Rose-themed transport operating out of Tokyo, Japan.

Classified TSAB program.


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Dartz Wrote:Kenobi
Registration, OB-1. Banned from multiple ports because of that pun alone.
That is a weaponized pun! Wink
Yeah. That's a special kind of evil....

Anyway. A few more. Maybe someone will add some more. Naming ships is hard


SC Big Idea
Waved cabin cruiser with launch named 'Small Idea'. Official purpose listed as "No Idea."

Handwaved Green RX-7, with a Turbocharger larger than the physical engine. Makes an exhaust sound like a Dinosaur farting, leaving trails of flame 100km long in open space.

Rise and Fall. Rage and Grace
Pair of RF-155E Foxhound craft, preproduction prototypes in limited GJ service.

SS Titanic
Interstellar Starship, built in the style of the original Titanic. Known for luxury, luxury, and caution around comets.

SSV Stark.
Operated by SHIELD ARDG. Fire control will only operate for the Captain, or highest ranking officer aboard. Yes, that does mean they got the wrong Stark (He who passes sentence....)

SSV Hawkeye
Registered to SHIELD ARDG. Constructed in the last days of the Boskone war. Consists of little more than engine/power supplies, a capacitor bank, a very small crew space, some armour and the biggest railgun possible. Intended to destroy a Boskone stronghold at extreme range - the war ended before it could do anything more than fire two test shots. Officially mothballed and parked but never dismantled.

The Last Starfighter

Late Model Aeritalia F-104. One of the last F-104's built. Originally known as Silver Arrow, before being sold by it's previous owner. Competitive racecraft.

General Forrest
Turnerite ship. No details known.

Night Hawk
Former Turnerite cruiser. Now a debris field thanks to Tango Shoes.

HMS Warlock
What happens when some Weberites get their hands on a Wingless 737 fuselage and some missiles

HMS Harrington
What happens when some Weberites get their hands on a Wingless 777 fuselage and even more missiles

SL Fionn Uisce (Spaslong)
Source of the best Poitin in Fenspace. Arguably.

New Nautilus.

Pelucidarian ship. Believed to be space capable, but rarely - if ever - spotted above water.

Pontiac Firebird. Travels everywhere surrounded by a fireball.

Ford Transit, associated with Cyborz. Not often welcomed into ports.

Rum's Bush.
YA Firefly Transport.

William Bell
YA Firefly Transport, associated with Serenity Enegineering Company

SC Hovedstaden Viking
Genuine Danes operating out of Space Station 3. From Denmark. Pay the Danegeld. The Danes will stay. With songs, and beer, and more songs.

De-Havilland Vampire. Associated with the Crystal Millenium Asteroid Racing scene.

Ultra-Skintight 'Godrobe' fligtsuit, consisting of lightweight electropolymer and a high-speed space-drive. Powered by the Glucose in the wearers blood. Oxgenetes blood directly through life support systems. Only two ever made before the designer was killed in the attack on Hogwarts.

Flock of Pigeons, Lenticular Cloud, Swamp Gas, Weather Balloon, Shooting Star.

Hokum Choppers - all painted Black.

The Cat Came Back(The Very Next Day)
Custom-hull. Originally named 'Howling Owl,' renamed after the crew were taken by the Boskone, Catgirled, then escaped before the 'Owl could be disposed of.

Willit Start
Waved Catalina seaplane, operating between Hogsmeade and Earth. Name comes from their first launch, with FBI agents closing in all around, and just one chance to take off.

Just an ordinary Fencar. Some kind of Dodge Stratus. Name comes from the owner's answer to South African Television when asked why he built the thing.

What a nearly-retired man and woman put down as the registered name of their waved black Mazda Rx-8, when they took it to Mars to find the hardsuited cyber who knew what happened to their son. Now Used for summer holidays trips, so only really seen two weeks out of every year in the usual touristy places.

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Quote:The Cat's Revenge
Custom-hull. Originally named 'Howling Owl,' renamed after the crew were taken by the Boskone, Catgirled, then escaped before the 'Owl could be disposed of.
Should really be The Cat Came Back (The Very Next Day) even if that's a little long.
Mr. Fnord interdimensional man of mystery

FenWiki - Your One-Stop Shop for Fenspace Information

"I. Drink. Your. NERDRAGE!"
Formerly a Panamax cargo ship it has been converted for use for OGJ:FSOG as both a cargo ship and a carrier/troop transport. Former cargo capacity has been cut to roughly one third due to conversion for interior berthing and flight deck.

Eagle Five
72ft former PT boat found and refurbished out of Ceylon is used as an away vessel for the Werewolf when landing is not an option and fighters and landing craft are "to much". While generally unarmed it does have the capability to mount 2 torpedos and one dual mount rotary coil gun. Generally shows up on radar as a Winnebago with wings
GCAS Prydwen - Exploration vessel, 2x Island-3 + Spaceframe mod. Decommissioned over settled moon Gwynedd, Eta Cassiopea B IIIb.
GCAS Megaroad - Exploration vessel, 2x Island-3 + Spaceframe mod. Currently in service, survey missions near Eta Cass. (CITD Alternate: Seconded to XCOM for fleet support role.)
GCS Loki - Toyota Corrola. Original personal transport of Chris Marsden.
GCS Heimdall - Winnebago hull. Marsden's original prospecting rig.GCS Sleipnir - US Navy oceangoing tug, prospecting/mining vessel used by Rockhounds Inc.
GSS Belisarius, Artorious, Iskander - Eagle-class frigates, an "original" Stonewell-Bellcom design vessel, serving security duty on Greenwood/Rockhounds locationsGSS Scipio Africanus, Gaius Marius - Eagle-class frigates again, GSS-crewed but seconded to the Space Patrol
GSS Manticore - Acquila-class destroyer, Stonewell-Bellcom "original", launched 2023 to become flagship of Eta Cass SDF
USS Lexington, Saratoga - Eagle-class frigates constructed by Stonewell-Bellcom under contract, sold to United States NavyHMS Centurion - Eagle-class frigate constructed by Stonewell-Bellcom under contract, sold to British Royal Navy
BAS Finity's End - Family home/farm, agriculture vessel - 2x Island-3 + spaceframe mod. Home of the Neihardt family and agribusiness. Launched 2022. As of 2026 the family is considering adding a third, perhaps even a fourth, hab module.
Sucrose Octanitrate.
Proof positive that with sufficient motivation, you can make anything explode.
More of these.

*** Empire of the Clouds
R-102 Class Airship operating out of Guestton on Mars

*** S.C. Blackbird
Someone's 2006 Mazda RX8. Gets better fuel economy the faster it's driven.... up to a top ground speed of 330kph. The result of handwaved apex seals. Still refuses to start with the engine hot. Tachikoma on the dash jams police RADAR and LIDAR systems. May have previously been owned by Jet Jaguar.

*** S.V. Spazatel
Lun-Class Ekranoplan, younger Sister of Lun. Parked unfinished in a boneyard near Haephestus. Ownership currently in Limbo after original owners ran out of money and pawned it. Has had three owners in as many months, but no progress made in fitting out. Given 'Listed' status by Port Phobos registry, preventing scrapping.

*** S.S. Egoist
You might think that building a spaceship in the shape of your own face is a little indulgent. But you're not wealthy enough to do it. Motto "AFFLUENCE!"

*** H.M.S. Endeavour
Operated by the Royal Navy. Formerly part of the Antarctic Survey. Part research vessel. Part flag-shower. Poorly choosen historical context.

*** S.C. Liathroidi
Early Interplanetary Liner manufactured from five 10-meter wide pressure-spheres, linked by walkways. Each unit has independant propulsion.

*** Taylor Hebert
RF-155E Operated by SHIELD. Registered as a cruiser despite being a 2-seater. Ship's Motto. "On the Ashes of the World, I recall the Stars."

*** Tin Mother
RF-155E Operated by SHIELD. Registered as a cruiser despite being a 2-seater. Ship's Motto. "Remember Rule 3."

*** CSV General Revil
Mobile-Suit Carrier operated by the AEUG, converted from an old Warsie Destroyer that suffered at the hands of the PEPPER Axe

*** S.C. Moving PEPPER Violation
A-10-C in Private Hands.

*** 'Lazarus'
Nickname for Reactivated SR-71 operated by NASA under the 'little A' remit. Used as a testbed for aircaft fusion engines. Used because it was in storage and saved on designing a whole new high-speed airframe. Quickly patched together with Roughrider's parts to make it airworthy.

*** 'SkyKnight'
Something big Padraig O'Neill just ordered off the plans when he saw Stellvia's new toy. Remains to be seen if it can actually be built as it's a far larger project than its designers have ever attempted.

*** 'Aldebraan'
Aerion AS2 operated by Route A Les Etoiles

*** Hawkwind
Tu-144 Operated by Starliners, a CHOAM subsidiary. Loud inside.

*** v'Put
Russian owned heavy transport built from a Kamaz missile truck. Sometimes known as V'Pizdu when the crew are unhappy.

*** Kuzhka's Mother
Russian owned Great Justice-era Privateer regularly seen on Convoy runs. Shot big torpedoes.

Often found in the Jusenkyou exclusion Zone. Technically illegal, but tolerated.

*** S.V. McAlpine
Heavy Colony Construction ship, owned by an independendant construction company 'McAlpine's Fusileers'. Mostly Irish workers.
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#8 know, would it be possible to create an actual MySQL (or other) database on to house these and other ship registry entries, and put an interface page into the wiki for it?
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Rubbery Angel... I am very curious but afraid to ask.
SC Angela SCC-413
A 1980 Checker Cab in the livery of the Sunshine Cab Company from Taxi. Second Launch of the Pinafore, originally owned by Tabitha Doe's pre-catgirl self.

SC Ne^2 NH 84811
A glistening chrome 2004 Dodge Neon. Vulpine Fury's escape vehicle to Fenspace
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-- James Nicoll
Bob Schroeck know, would it be possible to create an actual MySQL (or other) database on to house these and other ship registry entries, and put an interface page into the wiki for it?
If not, we can use the "sortable table" functionality we now have (since the MediaWiki back-end was updated) to fake it ... sort of.

Oh, yes: Love and Justice is the Bolitho that the Crystal Millennium gifted to Sailor Stellvia.
Rob Kelk
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RSS (Republic StarShip) Harmony: Flagship of the NLR fleet. Always passed up to the largest hull in service. Transferred from the original SC-606 prototype that got Major Ward up into space with the crusaders onto six ships before it reached the current battlecruiser the name graces as the NLR refined their shipyards and expanded their industry and capacity. Rumor has it in 2022 that they're about to move it up again to a proper battleship/battlestar of the line.

RSS Defiant: Personal Flagship of Princess Luna after she shows up in 2018 after the 'mysterious' disappearance of Major Ward. Only known by public inquiries of republic naval databases, as it has not been seen. Listed as active, and with major casualty/fatality counts in 2021, coinciding with a 'sabbatical' taken by the princess that year that had her missing for most of the year. Little further information is known other than being the head of her class.

RSS Sol Compassio: R. Celestia's personal flagship. Head of class, launched in 2017. Cruiser-designated, but only a potent CIWS set for armament. Approximately 260 meters in length, pure pearlescent white with gold and metallic blue trim. (blue was added on with the appearance of Luna) Looks like one of the lifting body Boeing airship prototypes mated to a standard Constitution Refit engineering hull and a quartet array of 2410-era styled warp nacelles.

SS Crusader's Rest: The SC-606 prototype built by the Crusaders for their erstwhile 'father' and used to help him escape Tennessee when his sister betrayed them all for brownie points with the TSAB and certain other groups. Roughly the size of a Boeing 747-SP in dimensions, slightly shorter and narrower across the wingtips, but taller with rather large vertical stabilizers. Considered a knock-off Grace with its stylings, and has roughly the same amount of cargo space as one despite the shorter (lengthwise) bay due to the expanded habitation section which gives her a crew space similar to that of a 2,000 square foot home. The class has come to be popularized thanks to the rear cargo ramp, which makes it a better cargo-hauling vessel than the Graces, and the modularity which means the class can have the habitation section reduced to double the cargo space, or switched out for long-haul fuel and engineering systems, or switching out the cargo space for a second habitation module for carrying passengers.
SS Tsunami: The first fruit (literally) of the Juraians' tree-ship experiments. Unfortunately for those expecting a majestic craft hundreds of feet long, this Tsunami is a much smaller proof-of-concept craft little more than 50 feet bow to stern. It can, however, support a crew of two indefinitely, and a crew of four for six months (if the cramped quarters don't force them off before that).
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Lynx, Lynx II: The WreckoningBased on the Pelican dropship of Halo fame. Wrecked in 2015 after colliding with a small plane while fighting wildfires in Australia. Pilot cleared of charges after determining that the other plane had gotten to close to the Lynx during a water scooping operation in order to take video. Lynx II built from the recovered intact air frame of the Lynx. Blueprints released under a creative commons license after the wreck.
Billabong, DidgeridooPelican based dropships, modified for greater cargo lift capacity, privately owned, usually seen delivering cargo to remote towns in the Australian Outback.WobbegongPrototype "Military" Pelican based dropship, Currently being tested by the Australian Defense Force as a possible replacement of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters currently in service.
Sabre Fang
Dihydrogen monoxide
Containment Vessel

Lady Godiva (British CAA registration: G-DIVA)

John Henry Station Industries Cobra Mk1F. Tour bus for Project Diva, purchased with the proceeds of the massive lawsuit they won against their former record label. You don't want to know what that license number cost to get hold of!

Kaji Ryouji
Heavy Motoslave painted in colours reminiscent of Evangelion Unit-02. Registered owner is hidden behind multiple layers of shell corporations. Gina vehemently denies all knowledge of it, and nobody's ever dared ask Shinji.

MV Optimism
'Waved Austin Allegro. The name says it all, really.

'Waved 1968 Plymouth Belvedere. Its registered owner is rumoured to have a restraining order against its onboard AI, whose personality has led to the car getting the nickname "the Plymouth Yandere".

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