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[Slice of Life] State of the Rats
From: Cathy(a)
Subject: Mess on Frigga

Hi Jet,

I just heard from a few friends at the Factory what is going on on Frigga. If you need any kind of help (whatever it is), just say it. I have worked with the Senshi's during the War and I know they can be a little bit difficult.

from: ford.sierra(a)heavyarms.fen
to: local-call.residents(a)friggarock.fen
Message sent: The results are in...

So. We got the council out. We got the Junta in. We got a properly formatted request drawn up by a legal expert who decided to take a full day longer than he told us he would, we managed to vote on it, and we couriered our request to the Queen.

We made it.

With ten minutes to spare.

Your council for the time being is myelf, Leeroy Barnes, Anya Solberg, Hitomi Shirou, Gabriel Ermine, Sarah Linsey, Marik Monk and Bao Chang.

We sent an official, notarised request to the Queen for her to resolve the dispute by choosing someone to take the seat along with a list of the seven people we want in the position.

Now, there is no guarantee she will pick any single one of these. This really isn't the endgame we wanted. She could choose anyone - so long as they're dues-paying citizen of the Millenium. She's going to pick whatever's most poitically convenient for her and if that's making friends with Kayabuki then we're fucked. If it's someone neutral, we might be ok. Venus is bigger than us, and that's always our problem.

I've spoken with someone in the know who thinks it's possible the queen will take our side, but it's up in the air. The Queen's a belter too, and we kinda know each other - Jet was her instructor in the Roughriders. On the other hand, we're really not that popular with the ordinary person on Venus right now - Kayabuki's got a lot more spin than we do.

Mal didn't help. As nice as it is to know that the truth is out there, it probably did more hurt than harm. It's already not hard for people to call us outsiders who don't really belong and having El Presidente nosing around is just making it easier for Kayabuki to spin it against us.

If she chooses a toady, that's it.

We're done.

We're stuck for a few months with a rotten baron until we can get enough people over the Catch 22 line to force a recall - which takes months to follow through.

Also - there's one other problem that's come up. I've been told that if we do manage to get someone into the Court, then, basically, both parties will just throw the could shoulder. While our concerns will be 'represented', they won't be heard.

We'd kinda planned on Kayabuki's government falling over, but so far they've clung on like a catgirl to yarn. We'd ideally need a new election - which with the way things are in the parliament could make the independents like us kingmakers. If that doesn't work, and the administration takes a set against us - there're dozens of things they could still do to screw us over.

Also, we can stand down from Case Destructive Love for now. It looks like our worst fears won't come to pass. Thankfully. That could've gotten real stupid, real fast if someone had decided to go to the brink.

In other news Lun's mission is going well and they'll be back on schedule. And we can revert to the original council.

Also, Gabriel has a pool up on who'll actually get the nod. If you don't like money, you can bet on me.



To: Cathy(a)
Subject: RE:Mess on Frigga

Hi Cathy.

Thanks for the offer. You're better off talking to Ford or whatever council they managed to elect. It's a 20 hour round trip for messages to get here and back and the last thing I heard was a bunch of tinfoil hats turning Mal Fnord's post into 'Sammie Invasion of Frigga Iminent' and 'Rebellion to be Crushed'. We're way to far out of the loop out here to make meaningful contributions if we wanted to. And too busy doing SCIENCE! to keep more than a cursory tabs anyway.

By the time this gets to you, you'll know what happened with the recall. If it doesn't come off, and Kayabuki really pushes things towards getting the Sammies involved, the plan is to perpare for a Case Destructive Love and hope the bluff isn't called. If it does, well, forget I even said that.

--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?
to: ford.sierra(a)heavyarms.fen
from: mamabear(a)stellvia.fen
subject: Crystal Millennium woes
encrypt: SQUID_Halcyon

Hello, Ford. The new outlet of StelOil on Frigga sent your latest "state of the rock" posts to head office, and they sent them to me. Combined with Mal Fnord's latest posts to r/FenPoliticalRoundup, they have me worried.

If some of the posts by TomboyOrion to r/FenPoliticalRoundup are true, it might be better if you take care of this on your own, no matter how it ends up. But I know you at least well enough to say "hello" when we meet, and we First Fen don't take that lightly.

Is there anything I can do to help cut through the red tape?

Yayoi Fujisawa, Sailor Stellvia, first of the Named Sailors
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
From: Cathy(a)
Subject: RE:Mess on Frigga

Quote:Hi Cathy.

Thanks for the offer. You're better off talking to Ford or whatever council they managed to elect. It's a 20 hour round trip for messages to get here and back and the last thing I heard was a bunch of tinfoil hats turning Mal Fnord's post into 'Sammie Invasion of Frigga Iminent' and 'Rebellion to be Crushed'. We're way to far out of the loop out here to make meaningful contributions if we wanted to. And too busy doing SCIENCE! to keep more than a cursory tabs anyway.

By the time this gets to you, you'll know what happened with the recall. If it doesn't come off, and Kayabuki really pushes things towards getting the Sammies involved, the plan is to perpare for a Case Destructive Love and hope the bluff isn't called. If it does, well, forget I even said that.

I will... thank you for the answer. Good luck with the situation.



From: Cathy(a)
To: ford.sierra(a)heavyarms.fen
Subject: Situation on Frigga


I just had a short talk with Jet about the situation on Frigga and would like to offer some help with the situation if I can. I have still a few friends on Venus I worked with during the war, maybe I can do something to defuse the situation a little bit or move the 'fight' a little bit back to Venus.

If you have an idea, just call me.



From: Cathy(a)
To: all(a)
CC: ford.sierra(a)heavyarms.fen
Subject: Situation on Frigga

Hi there,

just to be careful, please don't do anything to increase the tension of the current situation on Frigga without getting in touch with Ford or similar people in the settlement. They have enough trouble without someone trying to solve the situation by getting involved.

To: mamabear(a)stellvia.fen
From: ford.sierra(a)heavyarms.fen
subject: Crystal Millennium woes
encrypt: SQUID_Halcyon

Hi Yayoi,

Thanks for the offer, we really appreciate it.

It's not really red tape that's the issue anymore. We managed to get our petition in on time. Really what we need more than anything else is cooler heads and a few kind words in the right ears on Venus. A few of the people who moved out here were the 'misfits' of the Millenium, and there's more than a few who think some of the people who live here don't really 'fit-in' either. Public opinion on Venus isn't really on our side.

It doesn't help that we don't have any experience with politics. Marsbase Sara's council never got this cuthtroat. We got caught on the hop by Kayabuki's stunt - With hindsight it was obvious. but nobody expected it. And then Mal Fnord's post comes along talking about sending Sammies in to do things the Hard Way and it really spooked a lot of people here. It kicked a lot of people into making the vote happen now but a lot of people were worried that, if we didn't get it across the line, things could've moved towards a very dangerous brink where all it would take would be someone being stupid for something nobody wants to happen to happen...

But that's not a problem now. Thankfully. We just have to wait and see.

We've been talking with Beverley Hayakawa who has the ear of the Queen (It's so hard not to call her Anika... ). She think's Serenity's sympathetic. We're hoping this can get deferred over into the new year until we're out from under the Catch 22, rather than an immediate decision. Otherwise, we're stuck for a short while with whoever she picks and we really have no control over who that'll be.

Gunsmith and Bounty Hunter
-Ford Sierra

Comment: I think the biggest mistake they're making is not offering Kayabuki a politically expedient way to climb down or make face-saving compromise. While Kayabuki's trapped between common-sense, policy and partybase and not being seen to 'flip flop' on a situation when the government's looking shaky.

Fears of high-heeled jackboots were probably never justified, but it'd still spook an already spooked group of people.

And it was a marriage of mutual convenience rather than ideology, so there's bound to be some graunching.
--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?
To: ford.sierra(a)heavyarms.fen
From: mamabear(a)stellvia.fen
subject: Crystal Millennium woes
encrypt: SQUID_Halcyon

Hi Ford,

I'm happy to hear that you have everything well in hand, if not under control. I'll stay out of this unless you ask me in.

Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
And another minor miscommunication. Ford was trying to hint to Yayoi what she could do to help - but really didn't want to have to outright ask because she was just too proud.

Subj: State of the Rat 12....

We're Back from out Black. The ruling Junta has been overthrown and we're back to business as usual for the time being. A lot's happened, so there's a lot to get through.

This month on the State of the Rat: Politics again, Mission Arcadia, Speaking of Science, Population +1, Railways, Friggan Shippers, *that* Artist and New Years.

1: Politics again.

Good work everyone. You've saved Frigga. No really.

There's a lot of stuff happening. Not all of it we can talk about. Anika's got our request.

This is where I have to ask you to trust us. I know, I hate it too. When the politico's say 'Trust Us' it's usually the warning not to, but I really can't say anything else or it could blow this out of the water. Right now, the empass has passed and we're into new territory. Anika's still sitting on her decision. We have our planned endgame - those of us who've sat in on the council meetings know what it is.

Please, please don't talk about it. We need a little bit of secrecy for the time being. I hope you can understand.

If you can't, I'll speak with anyone in Private. But please don't go all wikileaks on this just because you can. You really will hurt our chances of getting this done, right. Sometimes a little opacity can help with negotiations. I amn't asking for any confidentiality agreements, or loyalty clauses - I'm asking as a personal favour. Please don't talk about anything in public channels.

I feel so dirty for saying that.

And this is why I fucking hate politics.

I know Ford has said a lot earlier. All of this hinges on Anika and what she wants to do. The way we've figured it is as follows:

If she wants to try and patch up things between crown and parliament, we're bolloxed.
If she's more concerned about maintaining public relations on Venus, we're bolloxed.
If she looks for a neutral party to try and keep both sides happy, it could be anything fromBaron Attim to Baron Zara... which is a complete coin-toss.
She might defer the decision. I've been told this is possible because it'll save Kayabuki's face.

She might take our side. In theory the Queen is supposed to be apolitical and a guardian of the constitution - in which case we get what we've been asking for. At least until the Kayabuki government keels over, but by then we're free and clear to navigate.

We might still get asked to make some concessions to save face for the government, and there're a few other things that can crop up that might kill us.

It's that simple. This can still go wrong. We are most definitely not out of the woods yet.

I'll post more when I know about it. And I can talk about it.

2: Mission Arcadia

So, One word sums up our mission. Mixed.

We achieved many of the direct goals we set out to achieve. We have the first, accurate gravity density map of Arcadia. We also succesfully performed several deep-ocean dives - most likely the first deep ocean explanet survey and certainly the first manned dive. We were the first expedition to recover samples of sediment, ore and even life-forms from the depths of an exoplanet.

It's safe to say that we've all earned our place in the history books with this one. Artemis is already considering a followup based on our preliminary reports and Lev intends to author a paper detailing his preliminary findings within the next few months.

Unfortunately, on the return journey, some of our samples were contaminated with 'wave by a leak in a tankard. These were offloaded at a specialist to see if they can be cleaned up or otherwise retrieved for scientific purposes.

Also, for all those who were concerned, A.C. has told me that Kasumi will be fine, and has extended her thanks to well-wishers - she was just a little overwhelmed by the, ahem, 'interior atmospheric and hygenic condition' of Lun. 30 people in a tin can for 30 days with limited fresh water for the last week can have that affect.

Never have I been so glad to be vacuum capable.

With a little luck, we can get clearance for another mission next year, where we can go back bigger, better and more prepared and do some real SCIENCE! We may also get charters from Earth-based labs and universities for more mundane research. We already have one charter with the University of Manchester to launch a volley of 6 sounding rockets on Earth to conduct high-altitude real-time three dimensional aurora mapping, with the ship booked for the entire month of April.

Photographs of our mission are on Lun's Livejournal here.... including flight, deep-ocean works and some of the unique lifeforms we met on the bottom. Also Lun's crew in bathing outfits, both male and female. We believe in equal opportunity fanservice.

3: Speaking of Science.

We have received an offical request from the Professor's handlers to dock for experimental reasons.

It involves a locomotive and a length of railway track - but to what end he's being fairly tight-lipped.

Do we wish to let him dock, or not? We will get paid. But I don't know what he wants to do.

4: Population +1

We have our very first full-blood native. Our first baby born on Frigga. Maria and Vincennes Contanzia are the proud mothers of little Rosarita, born at a healthy 7lbs, 12 oz. Congratulations can be sent here. Anyone looking to buy a gift for the happy family can arrange for something through JMC's portal here.

This also means that, with a population of 10 children, we're getting our first schoolhouse in the new year. My apologies to the children involved.

5: Snidely Whiplash

'Things being Crushed by a Locomotive' on the Snidely Whiplash Channel has become the surprise Viral hit of the last month or so. Which is a dry way of saying that a lot of people out there will click on a link to see stuff go kersplat in slow motion when tied to traintracks and hit by a good old fashioned train.

That's 40,000 credits into the public kitty which we can put back into infrastructure.

We're taking suggestions at the usual location. For things to do with the money, and for prospective victims. No, we will not tie effigies of SMoF's to the rails. That's too creepy.

Otherwise, an influx of railfen fascinated at the idea of a space-railway has ensured that, thus far, our railway is the only profitable public mass-transit system in history. We're looking at operating a rental service, so distinguished guests can have a meeting in absolute privacy. And comfort.

In related news, the train always has right of way. Anywhere. Unless you'd like to see what a thousand tons of steel going 50kph will do to your car with you inside it. We don't have crossing barriers. So be careful.

6: Motoroid Training.

Signups for motoroid training has been posted on the self defense bulletin board here. We've started building the vehicles themselves and should be ready to actually start training in the new year. Once the team comes online and passes GJ certification tests we'll have enough of a security rating to qualify for Tachikoma, or other decent quality defense equipment.

Training will be fairly tough - there's a high bar to reach as anyone who took part in the militia reserve course last year knows. We'll be building five in total, which means seats for five prime pilots and two reserve. Daryl and myself will be instructors.

It's also somewhat unpaid, but on the plus side you get to use some really, really hot gear and do some cool stuff.

As for the ethics issues raised. Would you kindly get your arse off that high-horse? Is the air thin up there? We issued a legal RFP and no responses met spec. Nobody could offer anything with Tannalloy batteries and our AnimeTech control system so we're doing it in-house. It's half the price to do them here because we're doing it at Cost. We're stretching a thin budget as far as it'll go, so if we have to bend the rules to do it, so be it. The more we do ourselves, the more we can do.

7: Friggan Shippers.

One thing we've noticed, is that we're getting a lot more light courier visits - which get ery expensive. The JMC have been complaining about a lot of mickey-mouse deliveries and it costs a lot of money to shuttle them out here. Bindi, Gabriel and Anika have set up a sub-board here where people can actually coordinate their shipping needs, so rather than getting multiple couriers visiting we can have the whole lot done once a week, or once a month as it's actually required.

That means we fill up a warehouse in Serenity, and then when it's all ready make it all just go splat at once.

Jeph's fairly happy with this. If we fill a Blue Midget we can get a very cheap rate - we just need to coordinate amongst ourselves what has to come and what has to go. Otherwise it just gets messy. When a lot's coming in, a lot has to go out. This keeps everyone happy. No empty returns means no surcharges.

If you really want next day delivery through Fenspace, fetch it yourself. Otherwise you're waiting on the weekly shuttle like the rest of us.

Speaking of which. We have a big ticket item coming from Earth in 2 weeks. It's on the board. If anyone wants anything from Earth at all, up to the size of a car, get it on this transport

8: *That* artist

He's lying low here for a few weeks after his identity was blown.

Yes. I know who he really is. He's asked for privacy. Let's give it to him. He's not *that* man. Leave the poor guy alone. He's offered to do sketches for ten credits a pop, with more detailed portraits or sceneries on a negotiated rate.

9: New Years

We're planning on a joint New Years party with CGI on the 31st. All are welcome. Let's celebrate 1 year of Millenium membership. Details to follow.

10: Deferral of ZOTT announcement.

We're deferring ZOTT announcement for a month. Because of the fuckups with Venus, something had to give. Zenith was it. Tune in next month for the official word.


Next month. That. Some of the other things that've fallen by the wayside, new year's plans and, of course, service, service, service!



Zenith of Things Tournament. Any ideas? Both for sponsorship, and how people would expect it to work?
--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?
Dartz Wrote:And another minor miscommunication. Ford was trying to hint to Yayoi what she could do to help - but really didn't want to have to outright ask because she was just too proud.
Beverly is already doing what Yayoi could do, and without it looking like somebody from Cislunar needed to jump in and play the Big Damn Hero role. Yayoi has been picking up some political know-how... (But if Kayabuki refuses to negotiate and more pressure needs to be applied, Yayoi's still there, watching and waiting.)
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
Subj: State of the Rat 13.

Summed up in one line. Well, that all happened.

This month in the State of the Rat, The Arcadia Conspiracy, Our Worst Fears Realised, Great Balls of Fire, Renaming 'New Birmingham', Tournaments on Frigga, Ongoing Projects in need of a hand, and Happy 2025 - we hope.

1: The Arcadia Conspiracy

So, by now the news has been out for a while, and I've had my inbox fall over with questions on it. It's time to grab the pistol, spread the newspaper and take a long shot of whiskey. It's all true. Every last word of it. No, the redshirts are not coming. As for the crew who were onboard Lun for the mission who were completely innocent of what we were doing, I would like to take take this opportunity to apologise most wholeheartedly to them for involving them in my own mess and potentially getting them into trouble.

The truth is, the mission was a sham from the start, a cover to mine Gate Metal from the ocean floor. I tricked the entire ship's company. And I would've gotten away with it to if it weren't for these damn kids.

We found a sample while on holiday a few years ago. We figured out a way to use the metal as an energy storage device, and we sold powercells and motoroids with 'Tanalloy' batteries to the public. We ran out of metal, and needed a way to grab some more. That's the truth. Anything else is just some tinfoil hats nattering.

We also discovered a group of lifeforms which appearred to use handwavium as part of their natural biology. We had hoped, as soon as the existance of the gate went public, to return and make the 'discovery' for real. Looks like it's been made now, anyway. Scientifically, this is a big deal - especially in light of the problems those things caused us and how they responded to flashing lights. If you want to see something cool, watch this - they actually try and imitate our light-flash patterns.

As for what this means in real terms.

The Federation is displeased. And they have written a letter telling us how displeased they are. That's it.

Because while we have annoyed them, we haven't done anything illegal. No laws were broken. Nobody's going to be declared Boskonian for this. I'd like to think that standards of evil haven't slipped that far in 10 years.

Lun's Port Phobos registration has been rescinded. But that's a little superfluous at this point since she can barely remove under her own power right now. It also means ZOTT's planning has been put on hold - our sponsor didn't think it'd be good PR so soon after getting a slap on the face from the largest faction in Fenspace. Shit happens when you party naked.

Our recovered gate metal has been turned over to relevant authorities, along with the Azorian hardware which has been 'kindly donated' to the Artemis foundation to enable a followup expedition. In our defense, we did manage to pull some good data - a lot more than we'd let on.

I know the person responsible for the leak. I won't reveal their name. They've punished themselves enough by ruining their own career.

2: Our worst fears realised.

I've learned three things. My muse can learn languages without telling. Russian is a great language when you're blindsided by bad news, and Queen Serenity II still has her sense of humour. She's solved our problem alright. I just got the news. It's worse than we feared. It's our worst nightmare's come true.

For the next few months at least I'll be acting as Baron Frigga...

So, to start my political career We have three scandals already.

First of all, the diplomatic incident with the federation
Then, those procurement issues that caused so much fuss last month. Publicly lining my own pockets with public money, how did I get away with it?
And then, there're the conspiracy theories.

Not to mention the fact that, honestly, she just doesn't fit in with the faction does she?

What disgraceful behaviour from a Baron. And since I can't resign in disgrace.

Impeach Now.

Right. I've never made no bones about disliking this job, whether official or not. I said the same to Anika, but, well, she had her mind made up. I amn't going to screw everyone over just because I dont like the idea of being 'the man'. So, I'm going to go out there and do what I can as best as I can. I'll spare you all the promises otherwise.

Congratulations, comiserations, comments, suggestions, requests, advice and ideas can be dropped to the constuency mailbox here. It went live last night. Now, it's time to figure out how we're going to do this.

What's the old Vulcan proverb?

3: Great balls of fire.

In news unrelated to the first item, Lun caught fire in the skies over Venus four days ago and has been seriously damaged. No crew fatalities. One prisoner was overcome by fumes. Given that it was the person responsible for Daryl's biomod, you'll forgive me if I don't have a broken heart.

We were not attacked. It was not an assasination attempt by Kayabuki, Gabriel. We didn't ram anything either - I know that's already been going around since Avin's blog post. It was a simple mechanical accident, nothing more.

One of the shuttle's engines activated while it was still in a launch tube. The resulting explosion disabled most of the spacecraft's hydraulics and started a large fire in the aft compartment that burned through a lot of cabling and caused an uncontrollable dive when the elevator jammed.

We came within maybe 500 meters of hitting the red line and imploding, but, fortunately, Daryl saved the aircraft. We limped her to Grovers Corners to ventilate, and perform a damage quick survey, before returning home. She's currently docked below but is still in a very dangerous condition with spilled oxidiser and fuel trapped in the ventilation circuits, so please don't go aboard. If you have anything left on the ship after the Arcadia mission it's going to have to stay there unless you like flash fires.

We have severe structural damage to the tail and elevators. Her navigational sensor array was destroyed along with two missiles tubes and it's looking like one whole central compartment will have to be cut out and replaced with fresh metal. Lun will be down for months until repairs are complete. She'd be a write-off if it weren't for being something of a Soviet unicorn. Even so, we've lost our no-claims bonus. Again.

This means most of our engagements in the meantime are cancelled. Anyone who had the ship booked for any time between now and whenever it gets - sorry, you'll need to make alternate arrangements. We won't know until we can find a shipyard willing to take it on, and those are thin on the ground, especially considering the federation issues.

I'll try and borrow something, from somewhere, for the time being. Somehow, I don't think our insurance company will offer a courtesy battlecruiser.

4: Renaming 'New Birmingham'.

So, I've always hated that name. We never bothered our arses changing it because until people started living here, nobody bothered using it. Now that we have a three digit population and people are starting to get asked their addresses, it's about time we changed it .

I had a bad experience travelling to a con in Birmingham once.

Based on the discussion on the bulletin board, these have made the shortlist:

"Eleanor City"
"Night City"
"Luningrad" (Honestly?)
"Frigga Rock"
"New Dominion"

Vote will be through STV under the usual format. It'll run for a week or so.

5:Business as usual

Okay so, over the last few months I like to think we had a relatively functional sort of government-like thing going. At least, we managed to avoid any obscene base-breaking bitch-fests among ourselves. The train runs on time. There is something of a balanced budget and we've held our own in the Fen stage when we've had to.

So, I see no reason to really change anything. For one thing, it means a lot less hassle. There's a lot of voices in it and we balance each other's eccentricities and fuckups out as well.

Although it's not technically the right way of doing things, we'll keep doing it because so far it's been working pretty well. It's a little bit ad-hoc, but we've no power hungry muppets, blueshirts or bureaucrats to worry about, things get done when they have to get done. In spite of all the crap, we're 20% above our target for this year and still accelerating.

There's no reason to change that just to make people who live far away feel like they're in control of the peons. Lets keep what works

To figure out what we're going to do with the barony, I'd like to arrange a town hall meeting next week and get everyone together before the next sitting starts on Venus. We can sit down, work out what we want, what we absolutely need, and where the redlines are and what's going to happen if we can't do it. If I'm going there, I want to be clear that it's a two-way street - I won't be gone into the ether. I need comms with everyone here. We need to talk about what's happening, what we need to compromise on and how we need to deal to get what we need.

One thing The Queen told me is that nobody in that chamber has ideals, or friends, or enemies - they have interests, and priorities. We all need to remember that.

6: Tournaments on Frigga

Being a few AU from Venus has its advantages. Not just the Romulan ale.

The Rose Duellists will be hosting the first Rose Bride tournament in five years next month. The rules are simple. Each duellist has a single sword, a uniform, and a single rose on their chest. And no body armour. The fight continues until the rose is cut. First prize is the crystal rose with a 'powerful' vial of handwavium in it, to be used by the winner if they dare.

I think I see why this got banned.

Whatever happens between two consenting adults is none of our business. Just try not to make too much of a mess. The AMP will be watching, don't make them come over here by doing something catastrophically dumb.

Our second tournament may be a little more prestigious. Ford's Heavyarms is hosting an Open target shooting tournament.

1st Prize will be a matching set of 20mm Long-Lance Rifle and 20mm Vulkan Pistol, both with Smartgun systems and Recoil compensation.
2nd Prize, Precision-assembled railrifle and plasma pistol. bespoke tuning and calibration session.
3rd Prize, FR-15 carbon fibre rifle and Colt 1911 pistol, bespoke tuning and calibration session.

Other spot prizes and young shooter's prizes will also be given out, to be detailed here. Signups, here. Tournament rules will follow the usual NRA format because most shooters will be familiar with those rules. Smartgun systems and similar enhancements are forbidden.

7: Ongoing projects in need of a hand.

Our hackerspace is thriving. Really. It's a great environment down there for the casuals and the hardcore sparks alike. It doesn't matter what your experience level is, you're guaranteed to find a friendly, welcoming atmosphere with a good set of tools and a great set of people. A number of projects are looking for volunteers to pitch in.

Anika and Mackie are working on a response to Great Justice proposal RFP-2024-109-E
Myself and Daryl are prepping next year's ARR warbirds entry. It's gone to the public, but applications for pilot's seat are still open
Kotono is running another 3DMG class, and tweaking her gear.
Gabriel is setting up a small brewery, and is looking for some hands to get in in the act. Anyone ever hear of Chicken Little.
Lun and her fellow travellers are considering turning parts of the arboretum into some form of a Collective Farm, which might even supply grain to the brewery.
Rin is modifying a Motoroid into something more Mospeda
Jaret and Brian are trying to make a live action Worm short film about Alan Gramme

There's also about a dozen more little things that people can either dip into, or try for themselves. Check it out at FuckingTinkers.Residents.Frigga for more.

8: Happy 2025.

Alright, so our Yule tree burned down due to a short circuit but it was, at least, an impressive blaze. Impressive enough for the midnight torching of the tree to become a tradition, I think. Even if all that biomass was expensive. We might need to find a substitute. Otherwise, here's hoping we've laid the groundwork for a happy and succesful 2025 for all aboard.


Next month. I amn't even going to bother with a summary, aliens will attack and ruin it if I do.

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"I wanna punch Venus."

Posted By: TomboyOrion
Posted In: r/FenPoliticalRoundup

I promise you, Tanith saw the title, my name, and is currently giving her monitor a Look.

But a notable portion of the population over there are currently earning the need for a punch in the face. As you'd expect, the Big News on Venus right now is that Serenity II has resolved the Frigga situation by giving the job to the one person guaranteed to absolutely hate it, but do it to the best of her ability out of loyalty to her people. And boy oh boy, has it kicked off a shitstorm of truly impressive whining. I'm talking five-years-old, 'But she's got cooties!' level whining.

There are all sorts of legitimate complaints to be made against the new Baron Frigga. Her lack of political experience on this scale, the fact it's known she opposed Frigga joining the Crystal Millennium in the first place, the fact that she's pretty much certain to Not Play Well with either Kayabukis government, or the Loyal Opposition. The recent incident that has the Federation angry at them is another great example. Hell, Jet would admit to all of these on her own if asked.

But that's not what Venus's local media and the woman on the street is focusing on. No, that would make too much sense. What are they upset about?

She's too violent.

She did really mean things back in the Boskone War, and she even killed people when they attacked her home and tried to kill her. Oh, what a monster! So very unsuitable for the Nation of Love and Justice! Do we really want to associate with her?

Jesus Tapdancing Christ. I ran into one pack of idiots at Tokyos spaceport trying to get support for a public movement to demand she be immediately removed from office and banished from the Crystal Millennium for her 'crimes'. They had a holo-protector showing footage of said crimes behind them. This was something of a quality highlight reel for her actually. Serenity Valley, what looked like gun camera footage from Boskone Prime, the Battle of Frigga, so on and so on. They were showing footage of her literally body-checking a Boskonian missile before it hit a camper van full of civilians and calling her a monster for it. 

(Yes, they tried to get me to sign, and yes, I kinda spent about fifteen minutes ripping them a new one verbally. I don't think they expected someone my size to stand her ground against a group that size.)

I wish they were the exception rather than the rule, but that was the attitude I kept hearing in Tokyo. She's violent, and that's not really suitable for our enlightened little society. Guh... I never thought we'd have a Boskonian Apologist Movement setting up shop in Fenspace. Guess I get to be called naive!


OOC: The idiots aren't as common as she thinks, but Tokyo is the political center of Venus. The people with little connection to reality tend to migrate there.
META: "Eleanor City" would put a new slant on things... As for losing the biomass by burning the tree, that doesn't necessarily have to happen. The "burn" part of "slash and burn agriculture" is to put some of the nurtients back into the soil.

Subj: RE: State of the Rat 13.

Hello, Jet! Your local StelOil is forwarding these to me.

Congratulations on being named Baron. You have my sympathies. If you haven't been impeached yet, I extend to you an invitation to visit my residence on Earhart, where we can speak quietly and privately about some of the details you need to know but aren't in the official introduction to the Senshi Parliament. If you can make the time, I'll also ask Takami and Prim to help with a VR simulation of a typical day in the chambers for you. If not, we can simply talk about the worst pitfalls.

If Lun needs any specialized parts that StellviaCorp can obtain faster than you can buy on the open market or make yourself, please don't hesitate to ask. Noah will insist on payment, but I can convince him to accept "cost-recovery only." We might even be able to get some parts less expensively than you can.

Yayoi, Sailor Stellvia

P.S. Kagome would like to take part in the Open target shooting tournament, but doesn't know whether she's eligible. While she uses a standard pistol, her own optics and servos give her the equivalent of a smartgun system even if she uses a standard paintgun. Are androids allowed to participate?
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
from: Aisha(a)factory.friggarock.fen
Subj: Re:State of the Rat 13.

8: Rock Hunting

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that we found two nice rocks with most of the rare elements we would need for a new reactor. We are currently pulling the two back two Frigga and expect them to arrive in a few days. Both of them are little S-type rocks, one of them 8 meters across and one 13 meters.

We will post an exact composition when we melted them down at the factory.



from: Aisha(a)factory.friggarock.fen
Subj: Re:State of the Rat 13.

Hi Jet,

I think you might want to know our Exocomps did not found two fitting "objects" for the reactor project, they found three of them.

Unfortunately one of them is no asteroid, it is a ship wreck... we called Nina and she says it is a model commonly used by the Boskonians... the scan from the outside looks like it contains quite a lot of rare elements, but it is also a little bit too warm... so we think there might still be some energy source active on the inside.

Would you be interested in a joined 'space hulk exploration'?

Personally, I'm getting a serious case of the giggles from the thought of either Luningrad or Frigga Rock wining the poll.

fromBig Grin.Ant(a)bounce.fen
Subj: RE: State of the Rat 13.

My congratulations and condolences on your... unexpected elevation to the Venusian peerage, Baroness Frigga. Given certain... differences of opinion I hold with many of that august body, I certainly hope that your presence might just carry them off in a fit of their own bile; while I'd not wish ill directly on any of that august body, I must admit that I'd not shed any tears if one or more of them managed to do themselves a mischief. In fact, if there is anything I might be able to do for you along those lines feel free to drop me a note and we can discuss our options.

In addition, certain rumors have come to my attention that while you have your supply needs well in hand, there might be times when you might wish transportation of certain... goods and or personnel that you might not want JMC implicated with. If so, it might happen that I could arrange the confidential transportation of such through my own channels. Again, feel free to reply to this address if and when such might ever occur.

"Don" Anthony Esposito
Hear that thunder rolling till it seems to split the sky?
That's every ship in Grayson's Navy taking up the cry-

-- "No Quarter", by Echo's Children
To: mamabear(a)stellvia.fen
RE: State of the Rat 13

>Hello, Jet! Your local StelOil is forwarding these to me.
Congratulations on being named Baron. You have my sympathies. If you haven't been impeached yet, I extend to you an invitation to visit my residence on Earhart, where we can speak quietly and privately about some of the details you need to know but aren't in the official introduction to the Senshi Parliament. If you can make the time, I'll also ask Takami and Prim to help with a VR simulation of a typical day in the chambers for you. If not, we can simply talk about the worst pitfalls.

Thanks. It'd be nice to go into this with some idea of what I'm getting into. I can't do VR for 'personal' reasons, but even talking through things will make a big difference. I don't want to go in there as the joke of the house - I've seen enough of them. The official introduction seems more to focus on the pomp and ceremony rather than the practical realities of making things happen.

>If Lun needs any specialized parts that StellviaCorp can obtain faster than you can buy on the open market or make yourself, please don't hesitate to ask. Noah will insist on payment, but I can convince him to accept "cost-recovery only." We might even be able to get some parts less expensively than you can.

I really appreciate the offer. The situation with Lun is kind of precarious at the moment, in more ways than just the damage. The structural work any yard can do, but the damage to the main sensor array is going to be hard to replace - since it was basically built by OCP/Golden Bail specifically for Lun.

>P.S. Kagome would like to take part in the Open target shooting tournament, but doesn't know whether she's eligible. While she uses a standard pistol, her own optics and servos give her the equivalent of a smartgun system even if she uses a standard paintgun. Are androids allowed to participate?

You'd have to ask Ford. But you aren't the first person to ask, so it might be a dedicated round or class. They're reworking some things, because it's obvious the NRA rules are outdated. And nobody's really held a shooting tournament in fenspace before.

Oh, by the way, if you're up for an interesting challenge, we're planning to run an additional jet in this year's ARR Warbird's championship. We're hoping to make it 2 out of 2, and pull the constructors championship for a double. Pre-season testing has been very promising - we're already ahead of last year's laptime

-Jet Jaguar

to: Aisha(a)factory.friggarock.fen
Subj: Re:State of the Rat 13.

Seems a shame to scrap it if it still has power. We might be able to do something interesting with it, especially since it's probably off the grid. Get some way to move it, pull it into dock and see if we can rebuild it into something that'll actually be useful to defend Frigga.

Could probably hide the reconstruction work alongside Lun's and keep it out of the public eye. It's going to cause a lot of trouble otherwise if we're seen to be touching it.



Posted in r/fenpolitcalroundup
by: Justanotherfrigganthrowaway
RE: I want to punch venus so hard (NSFL)

Yeah, they aren't even using the good videos. I found some old security videos Frigga took when the UBA took a pop at them. All of that is small potatoes compared to what happens when a Panzer Kunst Master thinks their home is under threat. (And Queen Serenity II,)

Careful, it's Fairly Graphic. As in, Dude, his head Asplode.

Do those morons really want to piss off someone capable of that


Comment: Because, Jet definitely doesn't control those people.

subj: State of the Rats 14.

New Year. New Job. Same problems. And holy crap was that a party. That really was a pissup for the ages. So we gained three biomods out of it, two cases of alcohol poisoning and a new appreciation for the power of high-test. It takes a lot to make a combat cyborg drunk. Too much. It's a nice feeling. It's been a long time.

So, for the first post of the new year, let's see what's been happening. We have Welcome too..., Politics is just another form of war, To the Person who posted that Video, The Professor has Departed, Here Comes the Fuzz, BNF Visit, DCAMS offline MAGIC happens, Guns'n'Roses, Testing Times, Lun to Depart, Term Time and Frigga #1 Collective Farm.

Busy few weeks so.


1:Welcome to...

Our new name has been chosen by popular vote.

So, Welcome to Eleanor City. Home of the future the 1980's always promised.

As opposed to Genaros, which is home of the future the 1980's warned us about.


2: Politics is just another form of War.

So. I get a nice office overlooking the city's main concourse. Because I'm based off of Tokyo I'm allowed an allowance for an apartment, with an additional allowance for travel. And all this arranged by the highly capable Jess, my own personal Mandarin. Her words, not mine. She's the one turning our crazy ideas into things that could actually pass for motions. Right now we're still just getting settled into the seat, getting a feel for everyone around here and how to actually do business with these people, before Parliament kicks back into gear next month.

I've had help. Those people know who they are, and they'll get my thanks through multiple channels.

I can, as some of the supers are fond of saying, maybe start to deal.

Anyway, I'd like to try and experiment, since I have a sort of freedom most career politicians don't have. I've set up a sub-board on our local bulletin under parliament.local.frigga. Only logged-in residents can see this, and only from a Frigga's own subnets. Your votes are anonymous, your opinions won't be. It'll give everyone a better idea of the stuff I'm negotiating and the stuff I'm being offered in return, and how I'd like to play things. We're going to have to compromise on a lot, but this lets us work out how together rather than me making decisions 5 AU away.

It's the sort of insight you'll never get from your regular party politician, but I want to keep everyone in the loop. Only one person can log in from off-rock, and that'll be me - tied to my own MAC Address. I'll tell you what I think of the situation, what I think our options are, and we can all discuss it and come to some sort of consensus, or come up with new ideas.

The one cost of this is that what's on that board can never be seen by outside. Because if anyone in the parliament gets wind of what we're talking about then they're going to use it against us. They know exactly what we'll give up, how far wheel push. Look how hard we managed to hit the Boskone once we got the codes out of Prime's systems.... now imagine being on the receiving end of that.

Anyway, it's time for a crash course in politics here. We're going to have to compromise. Always. Because the one thing we have, is one vote on every motion that crosses the floor. And different politicians will offer to do different things for that vote, or threaten to scupper our plans if we don't vote for theirs. Sometimes that means voting against ourselves on one thing we can do without, in order to get the one thing we really want. Adding complexity are things like alliances between politicians, parties, political scandles and appearances, and the requirement to keep things in line with the voter base to keep the seat. There're other little tricks and pressures that can be applied, but those're the big ones. I'll go into further detail on the private board about where I think we are in relation to the different blocs in here, who'll be likely to want to work with us. What I think our advantages are, what I think our threats are.

We'll get into them as we go along. But, even before this year's session starts, our first political decision has come up;

Hemi Kira spoke to me today. Do we want to join the Technical Group, or go it alone?
Full details of what she's offering and what she'll require from us are behind this link. Do we want to give that up, in exchange for what she offers?

Vote, Vote!

I'm putting a lot of trust in people doing this. Please, let's keep whats on that board private for the time being. Speaking of which


3: To the person who posted that video.

You know who you are. So do I. Thanks very much for posting that. Really. I tried very hard to keep that off the public wave. For reasons that should now be obvious.

Just so as you know, you've probably fucked over everyone on Frigga by doing that. It pretty much annihilated any chance I had of getting support from, or even working with, one group in the house.

But don't worry. I'll take your name to the grave. So will Anika. And anyone else who knows. Unless you give us a reason not to.


4: The Professor has departed.

Thankfully, the Professor's visit passed without incident. He spent a grand total of three days here and, as thanks for letting him experiment in peace he's buggered off and given us an acknowledgement in the next paper he writes, and left some of his working notes behind. Either that, or he just plain forgot them.

As for what he was doing with our locomotive - he just wanted us to run some stuff over with it and see how his new polymers held up under the trains weight and - when they held up a little too well - how the new wheels performed. He made some modifications to our remaining reactors which increased energy output and made someone's DeLorean fly. Then he built the ultimate espresso machine, tried to grab one of my students and discovered why that was a bad idea, then corrected Puru's defective shielding until she damended he undo the work, before building a cloaking device for Lun because all that damage was triggering him and he needed to focus on his work. This was followed by a new boring machine that basically uses some sort of high-frequency laser to disolve the oxides around nodules of ore. But it needs about a gigawatt of raw electricity to work.

And then, he got into the Hackerspace.....

All told, we rolled the dice and won on this one. Mostly. Sorry Jacob.


5: Here comes the Fuzz.

It's partly my fault, but we're getting a police presence. Apparently, the home of a Baron must be guarded with an official police presence, so we're getting two AMP cops. They'll be setting up a permanent precinct here, with an office, detention cell and full legal authority to enforce the laws of the Crystal Millenium.

Look, I can hear the murmurs already. This won't change anything.

Just don't be an arse. Don't give them a reason to arrest you. Don't poke the sleeping dogs.

The same rules still applies. We can get away with a lot, so long as we don't screw around doing it. Don't be blatant and don't be a gobshite. Don't make them arrest you.


6: BNF Vistor

We'll be having a technical visit from a BNF in a professional capacity in a week's time. Names will go unsaid. Please do not disturb them while they work. This is important.


7: DCAMS offline. MAGIC happens.

In preperation for a full-time transition to MAGI system, DCAMS will be pulled offline for good in three days time for good. If you have any jobs or maintenance still pending on DCAMS you need to transfer them over to MAGI Maintenance Automatic General Integrated Controller system or the jobs will be lost and you'll be shifted to the back of the queue.

Any jobs already on MAGI are automatically being given priority from here on in.

So far the transition has been going relatively smoothly. Everybody involved has done a really good job. First rebuilding the system from the ground up while TITANIC was still running - which is like building a new bridge on top of an old one while traffic is still crossing.

They hope to hit version 1.0 and release to GPL within the next month. More small settlements could really use a system like this. It's scalable, and automates so much of operations that it leaves everyone with more free time to do more entertaining things than man a panel in a control room. And we don't have the ethical issues of it being an intelligence.

For those who care, the full technical details of the new MAGI system can be found on the project page here.


8: Guns'n'Roses

Shiori was the winner of this year's Rose Duel. In beatiful form too. Full details of the tournament are on the bulletin board here. We had two minor injuries that could've been a fair bit worse if the participants hadn't already been modified.

As of yet she hasn't decided what to do with the Crystal Rose. As for the sample of wave inside it - it remains untouched for now.

Full entry details for Ford's Shooting Tournament are here. Including amended rules to account for the wide variety of entrants and their physical capabilities. Range-based handicapping will be used to ensure a level playing field for all entrants, based on optical and kinesthetic resolution, ensuring everyone faces the exact same level of challenge. So yes, androids can enter.


9: Testing Times

A test on the emergency batteries and backup generators will be performed on the 20th.

We will also take the opportunity to perform a full black-start of the powergrid. This will involve a controlled shut down and staged restart the entire powergrid and may leave the station fully blacked out for up to 24 hours in the event of something going wrong. Artificial gravity may be lost in some areas, and the interconnector between ourselves and the catgirls will be severed. Ventilation and atmosphere maintenance systems may go offline.

We'll also see if we can use the Starlight Express as a mobile genset.

Defense militia is expected to be on full alert. We've scheduled the test to coincide with ongoing GJ patrols in the area, so help won't be far away in case anyone takes an opportunistic pot-shot.


10: Lun to depart.

Lun is to Leave Frigga in four days time for repair. Because of her precarious situation, the ship will be operating uncrewed, with fighter escort to keep opportunists away. This also marks the first combat-operational mission of the RF-47 Kulbit.

Volunteers being sought to fly our 4 remaining choppers to provide armed escort. This is a legally recognised escort mission, and can be noted and logged as qualifying experience for anyone looking for a mercenary license.

It shouldn't be too hard.


11: Defense Upgrades.

Because we've begun the process of establishing and training our motoroid squad, we've legally been able to certify and add the hardware to our PEPPER register . Our security and defense rating has gone up and we qualify for a better grade of equipment.

Combined with what we've saved by building the motoroids and using the extra revenue from the railway while we have it, we've sent an RFP to Orion for provision of a Tachikoma squadron.

If we come up short we have the option of applying for a grant through GJ - which means they would have to be available for inter-system defense missions, or we can chuck some form of crowdfunding thing together onsite.

Interesting tidbit. One of the first things I ever waved was a Tachikoma figurine. It sat on the dashboard of my car warning me about, and jamming, most police radar and laser systems. It must've saved me thousands.


12: Term Time.

Eleanor City Public School
Officially opens it's tomorrow. Our teacher, Mr. Coleman, is looking forward to getting to know all the younglings of Frigga. Hopefully, as our population starts to grow we'll have time and space for more than one class.

Also, we have the option of beginning an official adult education program. Details on this will follow once they've been worked out.


13: Frigga #1 Collective Farm

The farm is officially opened. Working the farm counts towards weekly maintenance contributions. With a little luck this will offset our food imports, potentially even giving us a chance at self-sufficiency in food if the farm is expanded to one of the dead-pits. We'd need a large import of biomass to make it happen, but there's no technical reason why we can't have our own wonderland here within the next few years.

Lun is preparing a 5 year plan towards full development, which will be offered as a motion once completed.


Next month, JLI to announce origin of handwavium 'Mysterious entity named Scion'. Federation passes Resolution outlawing Empire, starfleet to commence general order 24 on Mimas in 5 minutes. Haruhi bored - 'requires worthy opponents'. Mysterious alien craft discovered on far side of the moon, explosion cracks research dome. Wiz Mechatronics lab destroyed in fire. Research rocket launch triggers accidental WWIII, large swathes of Earth rendered to glowing ashes, survivors in underground vault-like structures. And, most importantly, Convention 2026 shortlist announced....fingers crossed. Oh, and there'll be lots of Fan Service!


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Sitting up in her chair, Chris gave her screen a horrified look. “No. Please tell me he’s not that stupid…” she whispered, clicking the link. A few seconds later, she closed the window again, then facepalmed. “Oh sweet Goddess…” she muttered, swapping to another tab and checking the Venus news sites. “Well crap.”


Posted in r/fenpolitcalroundup
by: TomboyOrion
RE: I want to punch venus so hard (NSFL)

>Yeah, they aren't even using the good videos. I found some old security videos Frigga took when the

>UBA took a pop at them. All of that is small potatoes compared to what happens when a Panzer Kunst

>Master thinks their home is under threat. (And Queen Serenity II,)

Why would you dig this up? Why would you post it? The venusian media has already grabbed this video and put it up for all to see. And they’re ignoring the fact that it was in defence of her home and their own damn queen. All they see is -

>Careful, it's Fairly Graphic. As in, Dude, his head Asplode.

That. A lot of these people don’t care about all the details, and even more of them don’t care about the why at all. All they see is a killer, and for a lot of these people, who are convinced that Venus is a magical place where no evil could ever nest, this only helps to convince them that Jet is an evil Youma that’s trying to destroy their utopia with her twisted ways. The rest? Well, they see a way to politically cripple someone whose political agenda (for which you can read Frigga and everyone who lives there) might not align with their own.

>Do those morons really want to piss off someone capable of that

The first group? They’re probably convinced that the moment the evil Youma is banished from Venus, she’ll scream and melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. They’re not that smart. And the politicians? Strangely, they seem to have demonstrated they’re smarter than you in one area. THEY KNOW JET’S NOT A RABID ANIMAL THAT KILLS ANYONE THAT OFFENDS HER. She’s not going to go on a killing spree across Venus, and they know it. That won’t stop them from using anything they can to convince the public of that, because bullshit is how they roll. I’m sure they appreciate your help in this regard.



I know I wasn’t the one that posted the video, but I’m still sorry for my part in that crap Jet. I should have realized the media trolls over there would be hunting for ammo against you.

I wouldn't worry about it. People have said worse about me. They will again. I've no idea who released the video, and with no way of knowing or getting it back, anything right now will just Streishand it.

I'm reminded of something I once heard Fnord say. If you're gonna be a son of a bitch, own it. Maybe I'm paraphrasing. But it gives me an idea.


.... Ultimately, just setting up a chance to cap this off. But if anyone has any further contributions...
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Real Life shows us that there's never an end to politics, just convenient places to say "and they lived   ever after"

Subj: RE: State of the Rats 14

Hello, Jet!

We saw the video. Noah was impressed, Prim was fascinated, and Leda went from cheering at the start of it to sick at the end of it. I don't remember my reaction; I deleted my memory of the video except for a clinical abstract description of what happened in it.

(I'm a pilot, and my wife is a nurse. The things in that video are what you do so well so we don't have to, and Ginny and I both respect you for that.)

I was approached rather quietly last week by two Members who sounded me out about your presence in Parliament. All I told them was that I knew you personally from before your appointment, and that colored my opinion of you. They didn't press me for a clearer answer. After they left, I looked up their voting history; it's pretty obvious that they're connected to either the group that TomboyOrion mentioned last month or one much like it. There were some calls from those same people to break ties with Stellvia after the Kaboomite Incident, and it was only Tanith reminding everyone that we still own some rather essential equipment at Crystal Titusville that got them to stop shouting about us. Unfortunately, you don't control anything that the Millennium would suffer if it was taken away, so I can't advise you on how to get through this trouble. But I will stand beside you in public.

As for the AMP, most of them are easy enough to get along with. Just don't do anything to draw the Special Tactics unit's attention; I've been told that they have no sense of humor at all.

Oh yes: If Lun still doesn't have a registration, Noah's willing to put her on our books - but we both think you're big enough to run your own registration service now. If you want to start one, I can help with the setup.

Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
Subj: RE: State of the Rats 14

Most people who condemn the actions on the video have never been fighting for their lives with the back against a wall. They just don't understand.

Subj: RE: State of the Rats 14

Hi Yayoi,

At least someone was. I think Leda's reaction may have been closer to the normal. I kept them for my own students, to help sound out people's reactions to what the end result would be, which gives me an idea what training track to take them along. But it's become enough of a topical issue that I'm expected to speak on it in the House. I know it frightens a lot of people, which is why I kept it private.

I amn't too worried about people trying to find information about me through the back channels, as it were. It's a good sign that they're looking for a fair opinion. But thanks for standing by me - if you need anything, just let me know. I'll see what I can do.

It's been 'politely suggested' to me to register Lun out of Crystal Hiroshima, and make her available on the reserve line for the Militia - a show of support for the military which will go down well with a few of the people I've been speaking with. It's still to go to a local vote here on Frigga - but it doesn't look like it'll get rejected. Setting up our own registry never even occured to me, but it's something for someone else to do right now. As for the repairs - they're going well. Even if we can't get the Professor's modifications out.


--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?

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