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Hello from bubblecon!
Hello from bubblecon!
Well, Sasquan actually, but close enough Smile
Hey there!

If it's really Bubblecon, you should be able to find Rob Donaldson (and the rest of the Convention Authority) in the con suite, running the silly thing so the rest of the Fen can have fun and make policy...
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
And then a quadrotor mazda motorbike, and jetcycle race it out down maintreet. Multiple cases of awesome induced deafness are reported.
--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?
To be fair, I'm only here for the first day, and that's mostly just to skim th dealers room and art gallery. Got some good stuff from the Foglios stand.
Never made it past the dealers floor :lol still in the area, so I might come back Sunday.

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