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I hate when that happens.
I hate when that happens.
Halfway through writing a scene with Fatima Nuygen, and then my brain realises I was misremembering her original story, and that she's not a reported, she's the idiot political analyst the idiot reporter turned to for a false summary. *Considers how to rewrite*
John Simmons, the reporter that story actually has as the reporter. I'm not seeing him anywhere else. Would there be a problem with putting him into the role instead?
Don't see one.
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Feel free.

EDIT: Of course, if you really want Nuygen in the crowd, maybe she got a demotion to "features reporter" after too many bad analyses...
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That was the idea, but I ended up rewriting the scene on the flight to Denver, and I don't want to redo it all again. Instead, it's the guy that got a rep as a bad fanfic writer Smile

EDIT: It's more that I wanted a repeat offender of 'making shit up and calling it news', and when combined with the Infinities story, Fatima qualifies. But at the same time John's just as bad Smile

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