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[Art!] Mal has prezzies!
[Art!] Mal has prezzies!
This last weekend was]Nan Desu Kan, the Rocky Mountain region's premier anime convention, and as staff I was naturally busier than a one-legged man in an asskicking contest. Despite this, I still managed to get some commissions in and back before artist's alley closed.

First off, I'd like to introduce a character who's had a couple mentions in timelines and a brief discarded scene in Candle. Meet the eldest child of the extended Fnord-Hasegawa-Weatheral family, Jade:
[Image: qR3VTzF.png]
(Art by]Fictograph)

The outfit is part of a thing I've been kicking around for something that may or may not end up as a ASOIAF crossover fic, tentatively dubbed The Westerosi. Probably won't happen but you never know. Wink

The next picture is a Candle commission because it wouldn't leave me alone. So here's Melissa Steiner and Misha Auburn cosplaying as MIBs:
[Image: 2M2HZv6.png]
(Art by []Kaiju[/url])

Misha's incredibly dubious expression pretty much sold this picture for me. %)

Last but not least, have a shot of Sora with a wrench:
[Image: VxdJXv2.png]
(Art by]G. Kaaihue, who was really happy I commissioned from him.)

(Sora) "Huh, I didn't think my garage outfit was so... cheesecake-y."
(Tina) "Some girls got it, some girls don't sweetie. You especially have it in coveralls and a tank top."
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That expression on Misha's face :lol
I now have this mental image of Melissa at the gun range, doing the EXACT same thing J did.

EDIT: But more alarmingly, my mental voice for Melissa is now Rie 'Palmtop Tiger' Kugimiya.
- Grumpy Uncle Gearhead
Nah, she would pull a Riggs from the first Lethal Weapon

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