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[fluff] Silly thoughts and questions
[fluff] Silly thoughts and questions
Starting a general thread for those silly thoughts and questions that don't normally get their own threads, cause one's currently bugging me:

Do any of the other BNFs do special (voice) acting appearances on various Fen shows for charity or egosomething? I can see A.C. being asked for the local Sailor Moon variant (she'll occasionally pop up on Tower of Wonder, if nothing else to keep The Professor calm for HIS occasional appearances), and maybe for Supers-based charity shows (I did have an idea about the Children In Need show, but after Wogan died I gave up on it).
I wouldn't let that stop a good story idea. It won't stop Children in Need.

In a similar vein, those who happen to be doppels of fictional characters being asked to play the role a little. That's actually pretty bloody creepy if you take it to the natural conclusion. In as much as there're people that'll respect the boundary, there's also idiots like me who'll ruin it for everyone else with their idiotic obsession....

"Will you say the catchphrase, please say the catchphrase..... why won't you say the catchphrase for us? We paid for your DvD and I have all your merchandise and body pillows, so you owe it to me....."

Of course, doing it to the wrong person would be an amusing way to find out just how flexible a human body can be made to be without being fatal.

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Hmmmmm... Mal established that Noah's been on Maher, Larry King, and Colbert, and I've already mentioned Kohran's "Red Lad" show.

As for other Stellvians... let's see what I can pull out of the air.
  • Yayoi is usually busy, what with being Vice-President of Stellvia Corporation, Sailor Stellvia, and the captain of the L5 All-Stations ... but her template character has been known to do "summer stock" quality acting. Sure, why not - if A.C. has appeared on Children In Need, then so has Yayoi, probably in the same show.
  • Shizuka, when you can pry her out of the Challenger, has been known to voice a particular leading role in the Fen remake of Rental Magica
  • Honami, when you can pry her away from her magic-theory studies, has been known to voice a particular leading role in the Fen remake of Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
  • There's a fair amount of Internet speculation whether it was Shizuka, Honami, both, or neither who voiced those particular roles in the Fen remakes of Maria-sama ga Miteru, Fate/stay night, and Lyrical Nanoha.
  • Kagome would absolutely never ever admit to having a role in a romance series that is popular among a certain segment of high-school-aged Senshi.
  • Miyuri is usually too busy as the commander of an isolated station and an astronomer to act... but she has done the occasional TV-commercial voiceover for StellviaCorp businesses. (There's a rumour that a major pastry company has approached Miyuri and Anika Daini to do a commercial for them.)
  • Jake isn't really well-known, but if anyone asked him to take part in a charity show, he'd be willing to do his best.
  • Leda thinks that sort of thing is frivolous. (In many ways, she's a "Stop Having Fun" Gal - I don't know what Noah sees in her, and I write both of them.)
  • Takami doesn't quite "get" acting, just like she doesn't quite "get" a lot of other things.
  • Safety can't act to save her life.
  • Shinji prefers to avoid the limelight.
  • Yuu doesn't act; she writes.
  • Prim would do almost anything if Noah asked her to, but she dislikes being away from him for very long. (Yayoi has noticed this and is trying to figure out a tactful way to ask why, and whether to ask Prim, Noah, or both.)
  • Yomiko doesn't act - that would take away from her reading time.
  • Helen and Vivio are still too young.
Rob Kelk
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Hmmm....Priss Asagii's voice belting out Somebody to love

I supose in a similar veing the Ciara has probably had an acting role - as a motion capture unit for the Yamato in the remake series. Okay so it's not quite a Space Battleship in asmuhc as it's a Space Coastal Patrol Ship but it's the closest analogy that exists anywher until someone waves the Missouri or something.
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Jeph Antilles has, obviously, shown up in Top Gear (the last year with The Boys, before Clarkson got canned), and would have been in the last season of Mythbusters (renting hangar space and providing transport). Myk Miller, just about ditto.

Starbug 1 was probably directly used as Starbug 1 in Series 10 of Red Dwarf.

Much past those, the fine folks of JMC really do get quite busy, busy enough they don't necessarily have the time to go fiddling about in sound booths and in front of cameras.

"You know how parents tell you everything's going to fine, but you know they're lying to make you feel better? Everything's going to be fine." - The Doctor
Dakota is not one to go willingly in front of a camera.

He is semi-involved in TV and movie production. Ether directly part of a special effects team or providing holo projectors and control systems. Being where he makes a good chunk of his money and one of the driving reasons he had the Lunar Fox built. So his name and/or his business Holo Neon does crop up in credits from time to time.
Sabre Fang
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Containment Vessel

Hmmm. The next Fenspace story I'm planning revolves around the fact that Tom Rutley and his ship are something of a regular on the old-fashioned Earthside SF&F convention circuit, and he's loaned it out for the marketing campaign for the new Elite game... Maybe if Blue Peter do a special on Fenspace?

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