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[RFC] Roughriders, et al, in Fenspace Infinities
[RFC] Roughriders, et al, in Fenspace Infinities
Okay, so let me start off first by saying that I'm sorry for dropping out of Fenspace.  It left a lot for you guys to carry, with Roughriders and everything associated with them (BAT, HARDES, Roughnecks, and the Angels) being as big of a thing as they were.
Secondly, I'm thinking about easing back into things by doing some Infinities vignettes and other supplementary materials.

Trouble is, I'm a little unsure of where to start.

Pick a scene that you've wanted to write for a while, and write it.

Then post it to the Vignettes thread. Add notes about context, or not, as you prefer.

That's what I did...
Rob Kelk
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Just do something quick that interests you...

I've been posting a lot of chunkettes, characters, equipment items and snippets the last few days that've languished for up to 6 year on teh HDDs.
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