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I13 Mish Creator Info (from Hero 1)
I13 Mish Creator Info (from Hero 1)
Recently, Hero 1 (Joe Morrissey, lead writer) did a couple of Q&A sessions regarding the mish creator. One on the Test Server, the other live at PAX.
Below is an (edited) transcript from the Test Server, as written up by the official forum poster Lady_Sadako

Yes, he spoke in Rikti.

DolImistress: Honoree, what are the updates to SG bases in I13?

Honoree: Super Group Basses: TBA

Mako Avalar1: Will we be able: To design: NPCs?

Honoree: NPC Design: Something to consider

Plasma Stream-: Honoree: Can we have AV's and Heroes in our Player made missions?

Honoree: AV & Heroes in Mission Architect: True

Psi Guy: Will "Day Jobs" include any sort of player housing?

Honoree: Day Jobs: Player Housing: Negative

Knuckledragger: what kind or maps will we get to use or can we build our own

Honoree: Custom Maps: Not Available At Launch: But 1000 maps will be.

ShadowWings: Honoree, sir, will AVs be open at first to everyone or is it a reward for the creators of the best missions

Honoree: The extent that we're going to have unlockable content for Architects is somethign we're going to determine from testing,
but some will for sure be locked.

Plasma Stream-: Honoree: Mission Architect question: Will cross faction be allowed: IE Spetnaz in hero missions? Hydra in villain?

Honoree: Cross faction will be possible: True.

Lunar Magus1: Honoree: Ability to create: Unique foes: Possible?

Honoree: You will be able to cuztomize existing heroes, villains and enemy groups with a dozen or so options, if not more at launch.

Psi Guy: will we be able to add custom text for NPCs to speak during a mission?

Honoree: Custome Text: True. All mission text: Open.

Patty-Sue Ivanova: Honoree, can you elaborate on teh New Cimeroroa content?

Honoree: New Cimerora Content: No comment.... but it's cool.

Robyn Vivier: Honoree: Question. Is possible: custom-made bosses?

Honoree: Custom Made Bosses: Maybe.

Lady Sadako: Can we include ally 'pets' to liberate and have fight alongside us?

Honoree: Ally Pets: Totally In!

Tsunami Wave1: Will we be able to put our own characters as AV?

Honoree: Own Character As Entity in Map: Maybe.

Lady Sadako: Objectives Possible: Escort Ally To Object?

Honoree: Escort To Object: Possible.

Ambigram: How will we pick the missions? From a special terminal?

Honoree: Access to Mission Architect: from all viable city zones.

Combusting Kinetic: Where will we access the mission creator? A special terminal?

Honoree: Mission Architect Location: Top Secret... share later.

Maroon Mage: this all cross-server?

Honoree: Cross Server. Cross Game CoH+CoV

Blue Battler: will we be able to create souvenirs for player generated missions or temp powres?

Honoree: Souvenir. Temp PowersL Details Still To Announce.

Dark Lancer: what sort of rewards can we expect from custome missions?

Honoree: Players of Mission Architect: Rewarded XP, Influence, Badges... and more.

Robyn Vivier: How many day jobs are there planned so far?

Honoree: Day Job Quanitity: TBA

ZNRGY: Will there be SG base access to Architect Builder

Honoree: Mission Architect + Bases = TBA

Mako Avalar1: Request: Coralax Story: Expanded upon?

Honoree: Coralax Story: Expanded = Mission Architect

Lady Sadako: Coralax Story: Write It Ourselves? :/

Honoree: Lady Sadako: Reads Minds

Combusting Kinetic: How will you deal with innapropriate and profane missions?

Honoree: Player's will police missions: Profanity Filters in place: And More.

The second extract is a report by official forum poster Mandu, with what Joe said at the Penny Arcade eXpo. According to attendees,
however, he didn't speak in Rikti this time. =(

Amount of missions: The amount of missions you can create is unlimited. The amount of missions you can submit is limited to 5 or 6. The exact number isn't
locked down as of yet but it's somewhere in that range.

Missions Types: You can create a stand alone mission or an arc. They can be defeat all, defeat boss, get glowie, rescue hostage, etc... basically all the
mission types we currently have.

Maps: So far just the standard maps and you can choose them in different sizes. For example office map small, medium, or large. You don't get to choose
the layout, at least not yet. And yes you can choose the layer cake cave. But if you do I'll have to track you down and beat you senseless with a layer
cake. Maybe even a layer fruitcake.

NPCs: You can have multiple factions in the missions and they can be set to different aggro settings. I can't remember what the three names are but
basically On your side (like Fusionette), Standard, or Hostile to everything (ie like the missions where you can run into different factions fighting each

Bosses:You will be able to set the bosses animation and cutscene dialogue plus if you care to the things that they say at 50%, 25% and on defeat. You can
also choose their behavior like fleeing when all minions are defeated or when at 50% etc...

Placement: When placing bosses/glowies/etc... you don't get to choose their exact location. You can only choose front/middle/back as to what part of the
map they spawn in.

AVs: Yes but not to begin with. The AVs come as special bonus items as do certain villain/hero factions.

XP: Missions do not give out full xp/inf/drops. Unless they meet a certain condition that will be mentioned later.

Voting: There is a voting system in place. Players can rate missions from 1-5 stars. Those with the highest ratings will not necessarily get the extra
bonuses but will be ranked at the top of the search list when you are looking for a quick mission. In addition missions can also be tagged by players for
having inappropriate content. The rankings are given out per account, not per character so you can't significantly alter the score just by logging into
different characters. In addition people who grief missions by reporting them for offensive content or 1 starring good missions will wind up with some sort of
penalty. I have no idea what it might be.

Dev's Choice: Dev's choice missions are the ones I mentioned as getting special treatment. These missions are ones that the developers themselves
happen to think are cool. These missions will give out full xp/inf/drops. In addition getting a mission chosen as a dev's choice is what unlocks the
special factions and AVs.

Play testing: You will be able to run your characters through your missions on your own computer before uploading them. What looks great on paper
doesn't necessarily equate to fun when actualized. Being able to run through the missions before submission will allow you to see it's strong and weak

Currently supergroup only missions are not doable. The devs did however have a "Doh!" moment when they saw the idea mentioned on the forums. As a
result there will likely be such missions available somewhere down the road.

And yes, they are looking into the possibility of allowing you to create your own AV and even include a version of one of your own characters in the
mission. If this does happen however it will be a way down the road. Don't expect it in the next couple of issues.

I think that's everything that was mentioned.

Those are the two most informative posts. The original thread I got this from is here, on the main CoH forums - beware, it's spammy
-- Acyl
*whistles* interesting. The bit about locked factions worries me(I want Malta and Longbow!) but the rest is pretty descriptive of covering everything I could

AVs don't really bug me, so long as they let you use the "go to such and such NPC and talk to them" option, i.e. Origin Of Power and such.

Quote: Yes, he spoke in Rikti.
I love our devs. [Image: laugh.gif]
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
I'm sort of hoping that 'special factions' aren't gonna be anything BASIC story-critical like Longbow and Malta, but...I dunno what I hope.

Weird but cool is what I hope, I guess. Shadow Shard, mayhaps? I have no idea.
-- Acyl
Okay, NOW I have to work up a Coralax story >
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
I'm coming more and more to agree that as a collective we need to pool our creative energies and come up with the ultimate cool mission/arc. I do believe
we need to begin brainstorming right now on this...
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
I think the information we've got is enough to begin brainstorming, yes. I've got a simple three-mission 'arc' plotted out on paper, probably
the first thing I'll do with the creator once it goes live...because it'd be simple, you see.

What concerns me is...a lot of the ideas I've heard being thrown around are complex ones.

I think, though, if we lowball expectations and presume we're only getting precisely what Hero-1's confirmed...and if we work up stories
utilizing what should be common enemy groups...we should be good. Solid writing and clever premises can carry where technology doesn't.
-- Acyl
I'm thinking of some new Angus McQueen missions personally.
I've said it once, and I'll say it again - if I can do a mission with 7th Gen Paragon Protectors, I will abolutely write up a villain arc for you guys.
Recluse Steals Christmas - play out the poem!

Code Breakers - help prevent a virus from spreading by going inside the computers...and beating the snot out of it!

Cora-Laxing On the Beach - The sleepy village of Dinsmout is in trouble! Weird sounds in the night, villagers disappearing...can you find the cause?

Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Demon - Using the power of Music, the Circle of Thorns have discovered how to ressurect Baphomet! Hunt him down and put him
back in the ground!

The Ten Blades Of Arachnos - a secret organization lurks beneath Arachnos's depths. Defeat the Ten Blades within the time limit, or all of Paragon will go
up in flames!

Un-Convention-Al Tactics - A comic book convention is assaulted by Malta after a mix-up in their intel! Save them before somebody gets hurt!

Flight of the Monarch - Sky Raiders have kidnapped a visiting foreign royalty! Kidnap him back yourself before Longbow gets involved and sell him back to his

Go go Freakshow Ranger! - Five Freaks have been given power by t3h_z0rd0nz! Defeat them, then @1f4-5, then their master, before they transform!

It's Not Poison-al - A large number of civilians are being poisoned by the water! Hunt down the culprit, beat it out of him, then find the right glowie and
get home in the time limit...or else!

Talk Dirty To Me - A Sonic freak is amassing other Sonic Tanks in his undergound base as part of a ploy to strike back at the rest of the Freakshow. While
normally this wouldn't be any concern, the amount of damage Sonic Tanks can do to each other is incredible. It's up to you to stop them before it's
too late!

All That Glitters Ain't Goldbrickers - The Goldbrickers have been up to something lately. Somebody should hunt them down and beat the information out of
them...especially why their new candy is so addictive!
I don't play (Ihave more hobbies than free time as it is), but I admit this sounds cool. It also reminds me of this post by OpMegs;
"I've always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific." - George Carlin

Quote: Since Hero 1 is on a well deserved holiday today, and D&D Tiny Adventures on Facebook is acting up again, I think I will take this
opportunity to address several of the issues that came up from the PAX information.

First off the fact that you are building "newspaper missions" is patently NOT TRUE. Newspaper missions are randomized text with a random mission
map with a single objective needed to complete it.

Mission Architect is whatever text you enter, on the specific map you call (and we have over 1000 different maps in the game), with AT LEAST one objective,
but more likely more, with the ability to have allied NPCs (you want to rescue Statesman in the beginning of the map and have him fight WITH you the rest of
the way? Done). There are even some objective types going into mission maker that we didn't even have access to AS DEVELOPERS until Issue 12. There are
over 100 different things you can customize in the story arc, and most of those have multiple choices to pick from.

Yes, you will not be able to custom build a character and have them appear. Primarily this is because of the way the AI handles powers. Some powers simply
don't work when in the hands of the AI (Mastermind summoning is one example). One of our goals is to put the ability to take an existing Enemy Boss, and
change their costume to one you design. Since those powers and AI have all been pre-programmed this can be done without involving ringing Castle up at 2am to
debug the AI on the guy in your custom mission. While this is a stretch goal for launch, we want to get this ability into your hands as soon as possible.

You WILL get XP and Inf. during Mission Architect missions. I don't believe we ever said you wouldn't. We only said that you won't get it at the
same rate as normal-developer-designed content. Why? Well we have all sorts of COOL stuff coming for you in upcoming issues that doesn't involve Mission
Architect and we'd like you to try that out too (rewarding you for doing so).

You get to choose what contact gives out your Story Arc, picking from a list of all the available contacts in the game. Eventually you'll have the same
"customization" options as the custom bosses.

As for your limited number of Story Arcs. You will have a limited number of PUBLISHED Arcs, you can have TONS of unpublished arcs you are working on, that
are not ready for prime-time. If one of your arcs gets enough positive feedback to get into the Hall of Fame, it "graduates" from being one of your
published arcs, freeing up that slot for you to put something else in.

We are WELL AWARE of the customer service issues involved in the content of the missions. We have all seen the Spore Creature Creator, and we know the TTD
ratio on player created content in measured in nanoseconds. We have thought of a LOT of the angles already. Publishing a mission, getting a high rating, then
pulling it down and changing the text to something inappropriate is something we take VERY seriously.

All of the above information is what could have been gotten by people attending PAX, and I am putting it here so you all have a better understanding of the
system and our intentions with it.



Lead Designer, City of Heroes
SWEET. I was all set to argue that they couldn't possibly allow us to use our own characters as NPCs and they go
and prove me wrong. [Image: smile.gif]

This is so sweet I may have to shove dirt into my mouth to cut it to a bearable level. ^.^

...Just imagine Lady Nogi and a bunch of Knives of Artemis. No more kunoichi in drag!


"Not so fast, naughtyspawn!"
Hmm, now I can actually attempt that lovely mission chain that Zilem Kain managed to get inside my head.

Citadel of Eternal Damnation + Kidnapping Shizuru = Not fun.

hehe. Oh, I'll try, I'll try.
In the epic rage of furious thunder
legends create their tales
when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

[Image: strikersetcfinal9_th.jpg]
In the epic rage of furious thunder
legends create their tales
when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

[Image: strikersetcfinal9_th.jpg]
For those not following updates on the official forums, another post from Hero 1:-;bodyprev=#Post11849943

Greetings: Players

Thanks for all the feedback regarding the announcement of the Mission Architect system at PAX. It's... enlightening to say the least. I just wanted to
comment on some of the feedback given regarding my talk at PAX. For the most part this is to alleviate some confusion regarding this feature.

An Arc being placed in Dev Choice is not how additional content is unlocked for Architects. That's handled through straight peer review. The better your
Arcs, the more stuff you get to put in missions. The amount of stuff we lock on unlock is something we're going to tweak as time goes on.

Dev Choice missions unlock full XP and Influence for an Arc.

Zombie Man pointed this out, but I feel it needs to be mentioned again. Voting is per account, not character. So, even if everyone in your SG group gives you
five stars on an Arc, you still have the other hundred thousand plus players to balance it out.

Players are rewarded for playing, creating and rating Arcs.

Players will be able to publish somewhere around half a dozen or so Arcs up to our Arc server. An Arc is anywhere from one to five missions.

There are a number of different categories that created content will fall into. Quickplay, displays the highest rated content you haven't played. Dev
Choice, displays content that the devs feel best reflects what the Mission Architect can be. Hall of Fame, the best of the best voted entirely by the players.

Content that reaches the Hall of Fame level, and potentially even the Dev Choice section, will unlock additional Arc slots for those creators. This is an
incentive to create content that the players and the devs enjoy.

At any point you can 'unpublish' your Arc to free up an additional slot. Arcs that have reached the Hall of Fame or Dev Choice level will be locked,
but you'll have a new slot to create another super cool Arc.

Cut scenes will not be open at launch. As Positron says, "I wouldn't wish that system on anyone."

Stories picked as Dev Choice, will not become canon in our game. If and I mean IF that ever were to happen, it would have to be a pretty big deal.

Players will be able to place multiple objectives within a single mission (boss, defeat, rescue, pet, ambush, etc.). They'll also be able to weave
characters and story through out multiple missions in a single arc. They can even create multiple arcs that build upon each other. Hopefully, for most this is
seen as something more than just the simple police/radio missions.

And now for the big one. Allowing players to add in their own characters is an obvious direction to take this feature. We'd be stupid not to give it to you
guys. It is however non trivial to do so, especially when we start allowing those characters to use player picked powers. So, know that you will be able to do
this. It just might not be at the launch of the feature.

In the end, please know that the Mission Architect is designed to allow creative people to tell their stories, while also rewarding those who play these
stories. This is the goal we push towards. In the end, it will never be everything to everyone, but it will hopefully be more than enough to more than a few.

Stay True

Hero 1

-- Acyl
I'd be happy if I could have a Dark/dark corr version of Nogi surrounded by a nontrivial number of ninja and knives of artemis. [Image: happy.gif]
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
We must reach the Hall of Fame! I will accept NO EXCUSES for failure!

Ahem. Sorry about that.

It'd be really cool if we could cook up something that reached the Hall of Fame. It's going to take some serious brainstorming, to be sure.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Okay. My FIRST thought was that we NEED to set up a complex plot involving Nogitsune. ^_^

Assuming you can use an existing character AV to represent her? Oh my. I know just the one. Indigo from the Redside arc concerning her and Crimson. Effectively
a Knives of Artemis ARCH-VILLAIN. If THAT doesn't represent Nogitsune to a "T", I'm not sure what will!

But - maybe we should start small. Use existing villains and villain groups to start off with. Make a story that involves them straight up, no modifications. I
think that's more than possible.

Some ideas -

Kheldians - All kinds of interesting possibilities involving Requiem, The 5th Column and the Council. Can we extend this into a story that gives the player a
more detailed background on the Khelds and Nictus? For further information look here for a very detailed look into the backstory of the Kheldian race and some speculation about

Speaking of 5th Column: How about a short plot where you prevent/interfere with a battle breaking out between them and the Council? Use an outdoor map for a
mass battle set up. Or a a Council/5th Column base for internal fighting? Ooh... I wonder if we'd have the maps from the Giant Robot Silo on Striga
available? If so - run a scenario where you investigate a 5th Column attack on the council and discover that they're after Burkholder's Big Robot of
doom! And the 5th Column arrives to take control just before Burkholder tries to launch again. Mass pitched battles in the big silo in a 3-way fight between
the Council, the 5th Column and the heroes!

Variation on the above: Allow the VILLAINS access to this scenario - and they're trying to steal the big bot for THEMSELVES!

Crey Industries: So many possibilities. Many of my own characters are tech in origin. Cyberman 8 in particular is a giant draw to them. (And I could see using
Synapse's template for him in-mission!)

What is Countess Crey's real long term goal? Is she after power just for it's own sake? Or something deeper? What if she's after immortality? That
would explain the research into powers that produced the Paragon Protectors. As well as the (destroyed) tech that made the "Ghost in the Machine" of
"The Doctor". Maybe long term she's researching several different scientific lines trying to find the one that will grant her immortality. Either
as a machine consciousness or in the flesh. Or - both? What if we take a page from Bob's version of Quincy? What if, when you defeated the Countess at the
end of that arc in the 40-45 range, it wasn't _really_ her? But a Paragon Protector that THOUGHT it was her? And what if the real Countess is still running
things from behind the scenes, under a new identity? If they recreated the tech for transferring minds into computer data (like what was done with "The
Doctor" (and with Cyberman 8!) then she could already be an AI running bodies remotely. Either real-flesh bodies with computer chips replacing their
brains (like in Battle Angel Alita's Tiphareans) or cybernetic bodies run remotely like what Quincy did?

Okay, there's a couple of plotbunnies thrown out there. Any more ideas?
I hate feeling like the stick in the mud, but I'm compelled to point out that, were I J. Random Player on Virtue, I'd have -zero- idea who Nogitsune

Or the Legendary. Or the Infamous. Etc.

So, while I'm not -against- the idea of something involving Nogi-chan... I'd suggest that whoever is tapped to write it keep that in mind. With this
crew, I doubt it's a problem, but still. I'd like to see us catapult to the top too [Image: smile.gif]

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs
I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that most of us are gonna have personal projects using this system, when it goes live.

Which is fine. We can do collaborative projects too.

But Atlantea - I think he's hit the nail. Probably the best thing for a collaborative project is to use existing game canon as a base, rather than
any of our own characters. This has the added advantage of making the project something we can work on from day one, rather than needing any additional
technology (it's not a given we'll get the ability to insert our own characters as a launch feature).

So. Existing game canon, an arc given by an existing contact. Thus, logically, a story that's somehow a continuation of a canon arc. This also gives the
story greater appeal to those outside our circle. The basic rule of writing gotta know your audience, and give 'em something they want.
Sofaspud was quite right there.

I like the Crey idea. Doing something with Crey sounds really nifty, and it's something we can all wrap our brains around. Crey is a very popular faction,
in the sense that most players are familiar with the story...and there's a lot of evocative elements we can use. I think Atlantea's got a great
proposal there to build on.

I have no specific proposals, but we can also consider storylines involving the Rikti - OpMegs in particular has thought a lot about what the Rikti
means, and how Rikti society might work...and a whole bunch of us have sat down to discuss ideas with him before. It's probably well known by now that I
LOVE LOVE LOVE the CoH Rikti contact Angus McQueen, so I'm biased here, but I think something delving into the Rikti psyche and giving us a different
perspective on the invaders could be interesting.

Most people are also probably familiar with the Faultline arc content by now, and I'm sure something funky could be written with the PsychoChronoMetron or
the happy fun Crazy AV Cast (Sands, Castillo, Nocturne) from there.

Note we don't need to work on just ONE arc, we can develop a few collaborative stories in parallel.

Who creates the final work? Which one individual player? Well, I suppose we'll want to - once initial brainstorming is done - have some sort of internal
'dueling proposals' competition for each of the ideas, maybe some sample writing, and so on. We can vote. I dunno.

But we can brainstorm now.

I have another suggestion - that we start a thread for us to post ideas that we're keeping for ourselves - that is to say, arcs we intend to post
under our own names, of our own design. But just because you're doing something on your own...doesn't mean you can't benefit from feedback.
Throwing our personal ideas up for review and input could be beneficial to all of us. Isn't that what we're about?
-- Acyl
I'll echo what sofa spud is saying.

If we want to create stories around Legendary or Infamous characters that's fine and all, but don't expect them to get any accolades. there is too much
backstory to explain.

so if we want to get recognized we need to build off of the mythos that everyone knows.
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy
What I want to know is: is it even possible to create missions that are not meant for wide distribution? Are we allowed to make stuff just for our own use and
our group's, and not release it into the pool?


"That cow's tasted human blood!"
Here's some ideas I had, assuming we can choose mobs to the extent of special groups (like SPetznaz and 7th Gen PPs)

1) A series of missions for one of the mad scientists (or even the Crey contacts) where we look into how Psi Theta 3 went wrong and the 7th Gen PPs took over.
1 Mission into a destroyed lab for a series of lab reports, 1 mission into a base for rescues (with pet minions) of a resistance movement cell, 1 mission
against the 'Father-bodies' to help destroy the source of new PPs, final mission against an EB/AV to destroy the 8th Gen PP.

2) A series of missions where you rescue heroes from the Spetznaz.

3) Break up an alliance between the Knives and the Carnies (including a cross-takeover plan).

4) The Little Fish Uprising - The Hellions and Skulls, in a series of massive attacks, try to take out the leaders of groups that *should* be way beyond their
abilities. With some really mysterious help...

5) Cyberspace Defense - something Tronish perhaps?
Who was it that had the idea about tracking down the founders of the Hellions and Skulls in Perez Park? That'd be a great arc to implement -- because I
suspect that at least at first the submissions are going to be topheavy on the high-level side. A well-made arc for the level 5-10 crowd might just stand out
among all the 35+ stories people are likely to do.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
That's an outstanding point, Bob. Let's face it, most players are more interested in the higher level content. But that's mainly because the lower
end content is sped through so quickly that you hardly get to know those groups. At least not the ones that don't appear at higher levels like the Skulls,
Hellions and Outcasts.

(Hey. I know it would be using an "original" character, which is what we were shying away from. But didn't Superball have some ties to the
Outcasts? If we were going to put an NPC hero of our own into one of these "lower level" stories. He'd be one of the first ones and most
appropriate to use, I would think! Easy, too. You don't HAVE to know anything about Superball or the Legendary in order to get a kick out of seeing him in
mission. Can you imagine the entertainment value of his various quotes as "emoted" by the NPC version? ^_^)

What about the Warriors? Does their leader, Alexander, even appear in-game? They seem like an interesting mid-level group to flesh out. Likewise the Sky

Trolls aren't very interesting to me. But what if you spiced them up? Why are all the trolls male? Wouldn't there be female abusers of superadine? What
if the plot of an arc dealing with them is finding a cure for their addiction/transformation? (You could even use the Hollows contact Julius the Troll for
stuff like this.) I mean, they let you "cure" the Lost. Why not the Trolls?
Quote: Bob Schroeck wrote:

Who was it that had the idea about tracking down the founders of the Hellions and Skulls in Perez Park? That'd be a great arc to implement -- because I
suspect that at least at first the submissions are going to be topheavy on the high-level side. A well-made arc for the level 5-10 crowd might just stand out
among all the 35+ stories people are likely to do.

That was OpMegs, I posted a link to that thread on page 1 of this thread (2nd post from the bottom)
"I've always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific." - George Carlin

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