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Few notes and ideas into the melting pot...
Few notes and ideas into the melting pot...
Things to avoid -

* Coralax story... everyone will probably be wanting to have a bash at that, or at least the forum readers. Although I'm sure we could work something out.

* high level content

Points to note...

* the engine doesn't support forking beyond changing the text on misson success and mission failure.

* best to use elements of existing content/cannon as a springboard and use the KISS principle.

* there's probably going to be more blue side stuff then red side.

* Stories can't be more then 5 missions long.

* Leaked Mission planner: Linked picture


* Where's the Kheldians from the Rikti dimension? Why don't we even see the Rikti "go oh great not you bunch again!"

* On the subject of alternative worlds... (but this is touching high level content)... Praetorian Nitcus would be the good guys and Praetorian Peacebringers
would be the bad guys. Where are they and anyone up for some void stomping?

* What's up with Kelly U'qua? ...(Contact details at Red
Tomax) ... plant evidence with everyone's favorite scapegoat reporter Amanda Vines's computer that Kelly is a rikti in disguise.

* Cleanup crew: There are many non-newspaper mission that the text read a 'villain has stolen data from X' or 'unfortunately a hero came a rescued
them while you were gone' ... I just can't find them the quick 3 minute search I did while typing up this post... You need a job done, call the clean
up crew.
I don't think that using your own characters is necessarily such a bad idea. After all, lots of story arcs in the game introduce people I'd never heard
of before. And if they make them interesting, that's no problem.

Personally I'm contemplating an arc based on (a variation of) Amanda Winter, because I think her *idea* is interesting, I've just not felt much like
playing as her. I might need to come up with a way to do it without spoiling Revenant Hero Project though..

-Morgan. Getting to fight both alongside and against the same person in an arc probably doesn't happen often...
See Arbiter Sands, and Manticore (in the Silos TF).

As for the Rev Hero Arc, you could just be lazy and note that it does rather than making it not..

The Master said: "It is all in vain! I have never yet seen a man who can perceive his own faults and bring the charge home against himself."

>Analects: Book V, Chaper XXVI
Seems to me that there should be no problems with a note saying "please play arc X before accepting this mission..." It'd also allow us to
build arcs lasting longer than 5 mishes.


"I kill for the trees!"
What makes that tricky in my case is that this probably ought to take place *before* the RHP arc...

Stream of thought... Council
This all started when I got the thought that factions tended to be for want of a better word 'balanced' or rather have opposing sides. At each tier as
you level through-out your career you will encounter various factions that seem to be fighting each other. And I was looking at that for inspiration for

Let's see what you can get when you toss two of them together...

Hellions vs Skulls

Thugs vs Trolls

So far so good. Nothing to see here moving on...

Council vs Sky Raiders.

So then I went and researched these two factions in ParagonWiki...

The match does't work. I knew the back story of the Council, involving Buckneer and Vandel and all those interesting characters including the lovely Center
dude. Yes, 'The Centre' of Khedlian fame. (And who says there isn't much content and intrigue in CoX if you don't go digging?)


The thing is the Sky Raiders were originally part of a unit that formed to fight threats like the Rikti, but their leader just happens to hate super-powered
types as well. If anything they would probably form an uneasy alliance with the council looking to exploit them and then turn on them later. Another major key
point in the Sky Raiders background is -It's All A Nemesis Plot-! Their leader was nudged off the rails from military man to merc. by getting a letter from
Nemesis which laid the blame for the Rikti war on the Freedom Phalanx.

So the Raiders hate the Vanguard. And the Rikti. ... And Super Powered types.

Surely there is something there that could be used. Some way some of the background could be used to make some lvl 30ish arcs.

Good start for 'Nemesis Plot' arcs would be Agent Six.

And about here is where I ran out of steam and decided to post it here.

For some reason I was thinking about CoH at work today (which is odd since I don't play it), and I suddenly recalled a post from a while ago, I think
shortly after the Oroborous stuff became available.

The poster was talking about a dream mission involving one of their characters (Brightsky?) going back to the first Rikti war for the mission and meeting her
father while there. The only other bit I remember was the set up line; "Remember how we beat the Rikti and won the war? Well, there's a chance it
might not happen that way."

Anyways, it occured to me that the idea could be a good starting point for a mission.
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