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Architect Template (for offline/out-of-game writing)
Architect Template (for offline/out-of-game writing)
Thought this might be helpful.
Note, I did NOT create this - someone posted this on the official CoH forums. All I did was upload it to Google documents for ease of access for the folks here, and so I could provide a proper URL in this post. All credit due to the guy who originally transcribed and formatted this, @Nalrok Ath'Zim
This is a text (RTF) file with all the various Mission Architect fields listed. This allows you to do the bulk of your writing and planning outside the game, and just copy-paste in the finished text. Granted, you can do that without the help of this document, but I find this very helpful as a reminder of what's needed in each area.]Architect Planner Sheet (RTF)
-- Acyl
I think you must need to do something else if you want anyone to be able to access that... because it's not letting me access it. '.'

-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Whoops. Try it now. I'm awful at using Google Docs. =D
-- Acyl
(Double-post deleted. Apparently I also fail at board posts today.)
-- Acyl

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