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[NPC] Matt "Positron" Miller: I'm glad we gave everyone
travel powers! If you had to come by Gryphon, we'd be goners!




You've rescued Joe Morrisey, he promises to permanently make
your character part of COH Lore.

NPC] Undead: Give us the secrets behind the architect
system! Now, or you will become a slave of Lizzard!
[NPC] Floyd "Castle"
Grubb: Umph! Ow, not the face! Think.... nerf regen, nerf regen, nerf regen.
Don't give up the secret.
[NPC] Undead: You're player characters are no match
for us!
[NPC] Floyd "Castle" Grubb: Hah, I designed those powers, you will be
no match for Knight of the Peace!
[NPC] Floyd "Castle" Grubb: Hmm......I'm going to
look at Blaster once things settle down. They are clearly not balanced. ---
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
While it certainly sounds amusing, someone should point out to the author that they use 'South Storm' in one part of the write up, and 'Snow
Storm' in another.
"I've always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific." - George Carlin
ARC ID 1040
A Job for the Fashion Police

Short, sweet and hard on the eyes.
Arc Name: Grim Riddles

Arc ID: 1396

Morality: Heroic

Length: Long (5 missions)

Creator: @Mantid

Difficulty Level: Easy - Moderate... but you really, really don't want to be wading through tons of mobs.

Designer Notes: WARNING: Contains three timed missions with mission objectives given as riddles. There is a good chance you will fail a
Synopsis: An enigmatic villain has chosen you to play a little game. Can you solve this maniac's riddles in time to save some
of Paragon City's finest?

Personal Comment: Very imaginative use of MA. Personally, I could see a touch of Dark Knight's Joker in the main villain. This one is going to be a
Dev's Choice once the Dev's notice it.

Reviews can be left in game, on the offical boards or here: City of Heroes Mission Review
@TheDeepBlue has three mission arcs up.

- 61866: A Series of Unfortunate Kidnappings (Hero)
- 2260: The Burning of Hearts (Villain)
- 1402: In the Shadow of the Towers (Hero)

Here's the kicker - they're all lowbie arcs. Level 1-10 or 1-15 in range.

So far, I've only played his villain arc...but that was excellent, amazingly well done and very very professional. This guy rocks. If you're looking for new lowbie content, check his stuff out. Five stars from me, and you guys know I'm an incredibly bitchy critic. Wink
-- Acyl
Not so much by other people, but more along the lines of recommendations by me: (too lazy to start a new thread) (some may have been removed...)

The Invasion of the Bikini-Clad Samurai Vampiresses from Outer Space!

61013 - 4 star - Fun, lots of B movies references, a light hearted tail. @Aliana Blue (Heroic 5-25)

Hell Hath No Fury ...

3430 - 4 star - Glimipse into the back story behind her CoH fiction, Fun and well written. @Samuraiko (Neutral 40-54)

MacGuffin Delivery Service

1567 - 4 star - Flashback style Villanous that was simple with an engaging story. @Lazarus (Villain 35-40)

The Portal Bandits

3326 - 4 star - Decent Storyline. Excellent Custom critters. Even has a female troll. @Lazarus (Hero 35-54)

Scrapper or Anything Else Challenge Mission v3.1

9713 - 5 star - No story. Just a challenge @Arcanaville (Neutral All levels - 50 challenge lvl 3+ to get the most out of this)

The Best of the Rest of what's left

2539 - 4 star - Gameshow. Twist at the end. Conspiracy abounds. @Twoflower. (Hero 30-54)

The Household Chores of the Damned

4562 - 4 star - Only on redside do simple tasks become interesting. Humorous @Twoflower (Villain 30-50)
Two in sequence, which are quite incredible simply for the quality of writing. The first part was Dev's Choiced and with good reason. The second is as good
as the first, with some wonderful setup. However, people who are easily annoyed by having dialogue put in their character's mouths may be....easily
annoyed. Personally, I was far from it.

Title: Turg Fiction: Ghost In The Machine, Act I

Arc # 1013

Short Description: You're testing out an old combat simulation scavenged from an abandoned Arachnos base. But the deeper in you get, the more you start to
wonder if someone's....watching you.

Title: Turg Fiction: Ghost In The Machine, Act II

Arc # 174557

Short Description: After your last run in with Dani, you've kept in touch with her through the AE terminals, but now she's working with the Phalanx on
tracking something down. Something that could be pretty big. But....the Illuminati were just part of that old simulation...right?
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay

I played that "Ghost in the Machine" arc with Cyberman 8. That was incredibly well done, and Pete would incredibly empathize and sympathize with
Dani's predicament. I can so see him researching a way to bring her into the real world. Maybe in an android body like his, if nothing else.

And that final cliffhanger? GAH!!! I sent a comment to the author encouraging him to finish this arc! I can't WAIT to see what happens next!
Recommended Arcs By All The Other People
Recommended Arcs By All The Other People
Exactly what it says on the tin. A quick thread for arcs that you've come across by people outside our group that're worth a look, a laugh, or some other L word that I can't think of at 6:30 in the morning.
Stolen recommendation from MD:
Arc #39392
In a nutshell, the following quotes really sum it up:
Quote:'South Storm' Entertainment has sent an army of Dorcs,
Trolls and Undead to NCSoft to steal ME

The contact is Matt Miller.

"They're panicking... Barry's nerfing regen

[NPC] Chris "Back Alley Brawler" Bruce: Here you go,
steaming hot. I need to work on allowing players to choose custom colors for

Architect Contact: Whew.......finally reached someone. I
bet you didn't know we had a holographic transmitter in our studio, It comes in
handy when we want to escape into the fantasy world. Damn, got myself side
tracked again. Hey Knight of the Peace, you are not going to believe this, Snow
Storm Entertainment has sent their goon squad over to our studio in an attempt
to bully us into giving up the secrets behind the Architect Entertainment
System. You've got to save our hides Knight of the Peace! I am not sure how long
we can hold out! Jay is so nervous, he started singing "I'm too sexy!" Floyd is
nerfing regen again! Bruce is trying to tea bag them. Lastly, Joe is just trying
to sell it to them.

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