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Arc 64823 DOOM: Hell in Rhode Island
Arc 64823 DOOM: Hell in Rhode Island
DOOM is now live for the pickings. 5 missions total, level tagged at 41-54 (auto SK to 41 if under).

There are multiple EB's and AV's (if you play high enough difficulty) so crank that diff and bring some friends!

"There are no problems that cannot be solved with cannons."
-Chief Engineer Boris Kraus of Nuln
This is just my viewpoint, and your mileage my vary. I'm fairly tired atm so take this with a pinch of salt.
Ok... I admit that I played it solo and on Heroic.
Contact Hologram.... ok, so you have no name.... Needs a name.
Mission 1: Good... Check Nightshade's bio... it just seems a tad off somehow, particularly the last sentence.
Mission 2: I admit I flinched, literally flinched when I realized that the map was just about empty. 'Oh [censor]. What's going to happen.' ... even though nothing eventuated it was a good feeling. Two of the captives spawned at the end of the map. When there was one captive left the Nav bar only said 'Captive', so that might need to be fixed.
Mission 3: Urban is misspelt. Also needs a little bit more linkage into the previous mission. ... Personally if the rescue soldiers say they are going to go and reform their unit, they shouldn't then just stand there, they should then run off, or join in the fight, but that's just me.
Mission 4: The objectives seem to be in the wrong order, it may just be a spawning thing for me, but I came across them in reverse order. Boss, Focus elements, etc. Also the single elements said 'Portal Focus Element'... something to correct there. The hostage and the Cyberdaemon spawned in the final room. The Cyber guy was tough... over 2500 points of alpha damage which is hard to absorb if you only have 1200 health points. So Jelidan go annoyed, popped a purple and *wacked* him.
Mission 5: Some warning that it was a timed mission would have been nice. I was logging of for the night. ... This is where I realize this is a Quake/Doom clone in CoH... 'Player one', clever. As I said above, I was tired. lvl 52 Arnchnotron was the first boss I came across. Psi damage - against /SR Ouch!... lvl 52 AV ... on Heroic. There is no way Jelidan can do this solo. Stealth past and go to the final boss and be ready to fail the mission. Reverant - misspelt sense, lvl 52 EB... completed him with help of some mobs that attacked him for some reason, even after he rezzed twiced.
Overall, if you have room in your filespace, a splash of color in your briefing would be nice. You might be close to getting flagged for being too close to a known copyright (Doom/Quake).
You really need someone else's eyes on this.
3 and half stars, rounded to 4.... is tired.
File space is super tight (less than .5kb free). I've been trying to figure out why that last ambush goes ally after you kill the rev ..... there is no
selection to even do this on the editor. Spelling errors and other little glitches though is why I wanted others becides me to run through tthis since I'm
one of them people that does not see mnay of my own errors in such things =). I'll have another go over it and see what I can do withthe puny amount of
space left.

The Rev's ambush going ally after his rez has to be an MA bug since they are set to enemy right off the get go with no way to change it ..... any ideas on
this anyone?

I had to lol at Nightshades bio ... mind you that is the default game's bio for that particular character .... looks like NC soft has bad grammer as well
"There are no problems that cannot be solved with cannons."
-Chief Engineer Boris Kraus of Nuln
Thanks all who put up with the mind boggling 8 person CL: 4 run of this bitch of an arc.

Changes made:

Bosses no longer rez (yaaay!)

Changed Cyberdemon to AV .. he died like a punk!

Changed Pain Elemental primary from necro to broadsword

Anything else anyone thinks should be changed?
"There are no problems that cannot be solved with cannons."
-Chief Engineer Boris Kraus of Nuln

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