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Arc ID: 87974 - A Witchy Welcome
Arc ID: 87974 - A Witchy Welcome
A new group of villains have come to Paragon! Shameless use of the new witches costume here!

High level arc (recommended 45-50) and includes allies for solo play.

**Fair warning: Includes two EBs.

Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

I had fun.

the dialog from Mistress of appetites was amusing.

The helpers were actually helpful, rather than suicidal aggro machines.

The final boss was a good challenge.

And the scenery didn't hurt at all Smile
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy
Thank you for the feedback! I'm pleased the dialogue was good and the "scenery" was nice. (grins) Glad you had fun with it!


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