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Testing Link Fix
Testing Link Fix
All right, if this works, then the Yuku Help team figured out a fix to my link problems ... probably.
Edit. Confirmed. I just can't link or post images in IE -- not to mention the system tends to log me out when I try to review my posts in IE -- so I've got to use Chrome.  Well, it's not as if I have much worthwhile to say here, anyway.
Big Brother is watching you.  And damn, you are so bloody BORING.
Links were broken?

(I've been using Mozilla-based browsers, and I hadn't noticed.)
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
I hadn't, either, and I use IE, Mozilla-engine, and occasionally Chrome.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

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