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The Two Cows Guide to CoH
RE: The Two Cows Guide to CoH
(09-15-2017, 08:29 PM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: Just stumbled over this, almost ten years after it was originally written.  Bump for nostalgic humor!

I'd forgotten about this. Huh. What horrors have I wrought? 

At the time I had a weird fixation on the Two Cows Guide to Politics joke. I'm a politics geek. It's the kind of thing I found incredibly amusing. I think in retrospect what I found really amazing was that anyone else besides me found it funny. 

But, I guess, you know, cows. As Gary Larson could tell you, cows are inherently amusing, and I'll fight anyone who claims otherwise.
RE: The Two Cows Guide to CoH
Dude, as the grandson of a beef rancher, I can say, without corroboration from Mr. Larson, that cows are silly, sheep are stupid, and goats are bastards.

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