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Pick up group cretin.
Pick up group cretin.
About halfway through a mission, this goit starts sending me tells.
[Team]pooler: somtimes i feel i've got to
[Team] Jackie Marie Frost: Pooler, please feel yourself on your own time.
pooler: you would enjoy that
[Team]pooler: you have a panty line jackie
Jackie:: Not particularly, no. Narcissists do not make sensitive lovers.
pooler: yeah but i do
Jackie:: That is not what the graffiti in the ladies washroom says.
pooler: i wrote it not to seem cocky
Jackie:: That smacks of desperation.
pooler: i hate when guys play as women
Jackie:: No, you hate it when people are wittier than you are. It must happen quite a bit.
pooler: what
Jackie:: Should I have used smaller words?
pooler: nothing you need be made privy to
Jackie:: You have the sophistication of a manhole.
Jackie:: If you are going to try and match wits, at least put in an effort.
pooler: i heard thats not the case with you
Jackie:: That is your retort? For shame.
pooler: its a improvisation
Jackie:: No, Improvisation contains wit.
pooler: being a chick requires a v
Jackie:: You shall have to do better than that.
[pooler: i bet your a guy trying to pick up desperate guys here
pooler: weren't you on to catch a predator
Jackie:: Ask my wife, she's on this team.
pooler: she said yep and your package is small
pooler: she said she needs a real hero
pooler: one with a ponytail
Jackie:: Sorry, she is educated and only goes for guys with great big vocabularies and the ability to use the shift key.
pooler middle fingure
pooler: you can think that
pooler: i bet she is so bored
Jackie:: I can think period, which places me well above you.
pooler: this is almost entertaining
Jackie:: No, it is tiresome, a battle of wits with unarmed person bores me.
Re: Pick up group cretin.
Sometimes it seems like such a shame that you can't target other heroes outside of certain PVP zones...
-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...
Re: Pick up group cretin.
Thank god for the /ignore function. -Logan
"This kind of thing tends invariably to devolve into the kind of "No, Nakajima, THIS is true power!!" argument that only really works if you're yelling it from the cockpit of a giant robot . . ."
Re: Pick up group cretin.
I'm very surprised your team leader didn't toss him before that.--
Christopher Angel, aka JPublic
The Works of Christopher Angel
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team leader
It was Minuet Mac Hine. She gave him fair warning, but may not have been certain on HOW to kick him... he was also a /tell guyfromsearchwindow, "You're on a team, can I join?" type of player. The guy that we added from his suggestion was actually a competent player. Perhaps not as able to type as many of our team.. but knew his AT.
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll

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