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Incredible Roleplayer...
Incredible Roleplayer...
Oh, and before I forget, last night I was paged by a guy who invited Looney Toons to a team in a way that was so perfectly roleplayed that I felt guilty about turning him down. (So guilty, in fact, that the next time I play Looney, I'm planning on looking for him to offer help.) I mentioned him on the group channel, and it turned out that Wide Receiver had teamed with him before, and .Silhouette was in a team with him at that very moment. When we explained the level of RP he was doing, the suggestion was made to invite him to the group, and a request to see the query was made.
Well, the last I heard he was in discussions with at least .Sil over group membership, and I forgot to relay his messages to me. I'm correcting the latter now, thanks to a chat log:
[Tell]Renn Highsight: ::An awkward teen's voice comes over your Comm:: Um, Mr Looney Toons? There's some bad men that my sister says need to be arrested. Can you give us a hand?
...(after I turned him down)...
[Tell]Renn Highsight: Oh... um... ok... See I told you he wouldn't want to. Kharos told me! ::Renn seems to be talking to someone apparantly in the background::
Now do you see why I felt guilty? Even knowing it was RP?

-- Bob
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Actually, I think he teamed with MirrorKnight Hiroshi. Still, a great RP'er... too bad our team wound up a min/max group.
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