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Evil Is Open For Business
Evil Is Open For Business
The King has hit level 10, and The Mirror Kingdom now formally exists.
I'll be on again later this morning, probably (in 5 or 6 hours, say, after some actual sleep), and sometime after 6 PST, and more on Wednesday. I've got the Shadows friended, so if you're on then I'll send you an invite; if you want to bring a mirror demon character in, either friend King of 3 Shadows and send me a tell when I'm about, or post the character's name here for me to friend, or both. Try to come up with weird names, like something out of Exalted's Yozi or Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. [Image: smile.gif]
The rank structure is brutally simple:
King of Three Shadows
Shadow of the King
Mirror Scourge
Mirror Demon
Mirror Goblin
Only three second-rank members, and all those positions have been filled, so unless one of us decides to drop out all subsequent inductees are limited to Scourge level.
For the rank-and-file demons, I suggest an achievement-based promotion system: everybody starts at Goblin, gets promoted to Demon at 21st level, then to Scourge at 41st level.
Logically speaking, everyone in the group should have a Magic origin. If this is how it works out, don't bother dropping non-magic enhancements in base storage (when we get any), just sell 'em. If you're so inclined, buy some extra enhancements with the Infamy that results and throw those on the pile.
20,000 prestige in the bank already. Might not be too long before we actually have a base...
"Paragon City. A more wretched hive of love and justice you will never find in this world." --The King, in a grumpy mood
Re: Evil Is Open For Business
Great, I'll try to be there.
And just in time too, I started roleplaying the First Shadow yesterday, when I discovered that being called lackey drives him absolutely batty with anger.
Re: Evil Is Open For Business
Okay, the Third Shadow's onboard...
I should be around on and off all day tomorrow, so have a look out for me.
The base already exists -- late last night, while trying to find out how much the basic prestige payment was, I sleepily clicked the wrong response. n.n; Nothing but a sparsely decorated entrance so far.
ETA: Also, Shadows can recruit and promote, so it can snowball from here. [Image: smile.gif]
"So, foul mucus, you turn on the nose that spawned you!"
Re: Evil Is Open For Business
Two Shadows and one demon on the roster. Hunterminator, when's a good time to hook the First Shadow up?
The base now has a salvage rack. Still doesn't seem evil enough... must mess with lighting...
ETA: And we've got the beacon badges for Mercy, Port Oakes, and Cap au Diable. [Image: smile.gif]
"I don't know the meaning of the word 'surrender!' Okay, I know what it means, I'm not stupid -- just NOT IN THIS CONTEXT!"
Re: Evil Is Open For Business
Well, add me to your global contacts, I'm @Glalev and I'm on almost all afternoon every day. For example, yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon adventuring with Mirror Knight Hiroshi and Space Mage as Yukiyo.
Re: Evil Is Open For Business
All three Shadows, one minion, and a working forge in the base.
Should we go on a minion recruiting drive, or keep it internal?
"I ain't saying evil is wicked bad, I'm just saying it ain't wicked good."

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