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Min goofed
Min goofed
Min might have goofed by telling Yukiyo to explore the photocopier. Sorry about that.
[Image: Yukiyo+photocopier.jpg]
Re: Min goofed
Lora'Lai ported into base from Talos Island after a very late night. She had been tracking Council goons all day, and later raided one of their bases. She usually wasn't in at this hour, but she wanted to use the teleporter as a shortcut to Atlas Park where her apartment was so she could get some sleep. She may not have needed it as much, physically. But it was a luxery she still liked to indulge in. She stepped off of the arrival platform, started walking toward the control center and immediatly noticed in the entryway:
1) Many many parts and pieces of metal and plastic, none broken, but all laid out neatly on the floor. Rollers, glass, pins, screws, springs, etc.
2) The box frame of the copier. That was all that was still standing where it once was.
3) Several sheafs of paper. Some loose sheets with images of various body parts on them.
4) Ink. Lots of toner Ink. Not in the bottles. Spilled onto the floor.
5) The sound of many feet, running away, and the sound of the Teleporter going off.
In horror, Lora'lai cried out, "Oh... my... GOD!! That was LEASED!!!!"
"Right... calm... calm... this can be fixed... Sure. Fine. right... Ohh... Didn't think I could get migranes anymore..."
Then she noticed something else, and picked up a sheet of copy paper that had Yukiyo's face photocopied with her face against the glass.
"I need to have a... talk... with a certain magical girl..."
Nothing does an annoyed stomp across a floor like a Kheldian in Dwarf form. The phantom mass of the rock-like heavyworlder form that a Kheldian manifests has a very satisfying (to the said annoyed Kheldian, anyway) BOOM, BOOM, BOOM to it.
Lora'lai STOMPED toward the teleporter, noted the last coordinates punched in, reloaded said coordinates and spun up the activation sequence.
(She's not actually going to hurt Yukiyo. But she's going to have a STERN talk with her. She can really only stay mad at Yukiyo long enough to give her a short scare in dwarf form before reverting back to human. ^_^)-Logan
"This kind of thing tends invariably to devolve into the kind of "No, Nakajima, THIS is true power!!" argument that only really works if you're yelling it from the cockpit of a giant robot . . ."
Re: Min goofed
Okay, when we get a gallery, that's going in it.

-- Bob
...The President is on the line
As ninety-nine crab rangoons go by...
Re: Min goofed
That was really funny to roleplay. Here I was, innocently trying to figure out the water cooler when Min mentions the photocopier.
Space Mage was kind enough to supply the special effects.
Re: Min goofed
Min also said that you'd have to clean it up but Space Mage did it for you. You owe her big. (See, Min was trying to be adult and responsible. So there. :-)

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