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[Rift] Dimension Fun
[Rift] Dimension Fun
Saw this off the Trion Forums.  Amazing dimension building work.  Moreso because this was built in a dimension that was originally a palm tree desert oasis.
I still have no idea how to get into personal dimensions... not even sure if I can do it at my level >_> I just wanna build houses lol
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If you're Defiant, you can either get the initial quest from one of the dimension folks in the courtyard by the stairs to the Manufactory in Meridian or skip that step and talk to the NPC in King's Retreat who has a little House symbol over their head. They'd be the one the person in Meridian would send you to.
So how did they sculpt walls and structures? Or did they spend a fortune in real money to buy building components?
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Not sure if the walls can be crafted. I haven't looked into that yet. But they can either be bought with the store's credits or with actual in-game currency. Much of the online store works both ways.

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