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Possibly useful new supplement
Possibly useful new supplement
As reported by Kromm for the week named Sidi, GURPS Boardroom and Curia -- doing for organizations what GURPS Mass Combat did for armies and GURPS City Stats and GURPS Spaceships did for those topics -- is now a thing: ... -and-curia

It even has a superhero team as one of its worked examples. It sounds like it could be useful for the organizations of Krypton-1. I plan to pick it up soon; proper review to follow then.
Proper review or at least an attempt at one
Reasonably useful. Alongside the Mid-City Defenders, it has a 1960s science-villain conspiracy hidden inside a corporate shell, as TRADE hides inside QES. Worked examples from the IST world to follow as I achieve them. Also, it got me to dig out my copy of GURPS Mass Combat, so I might work up elements of K-1 militaries in those terms.

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