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Accidental In-Joke
Accidental In-Joke
In going over material relevant to a little bit of new text I was writing last night, I realized with a shock that I had, without intending to do so, inserted an in-joke when I initially wrote the book.
One of the sample races is a carnivorous morph lightly inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing. Only after rereading their description last night did I realize that I had made their unshifted form look just like the Vermicious Knids from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (that's the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, aka "Willy Wonka", for those who don't know)...
I suppose I should have included a racial quirk which compels them to spell out "SCRAM" any time five or more of them see members of other races...

-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

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