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Shapeshifters Update
Shapeshifters Update
The manuscript for Shapeshifters is back in my hands for playtest and final draft. Playtest will be starting any day now -- it was actually supposed to start on the 14th -- and will last a month. If you have a subscription to Pyramid Online ( you'll be able to read the thing and join in on the playtest process. If you don't have a Pyramid subscription and you're a gamer, get one -- they're inexpensive, and the magazine doesn't focus only on GURPS and other SJG products.
Anyway, once playtest finishes, I'll have another month to finish the final draft. At the moment this is pegged at November 18th, but that date will change to match the proper start of the playtest.
After I submit the final draft the book will go to the printer, but I don't know at this time how long it'll be from that point to the time it gets on your local game store's shelves.
Anyway, I'll post more info as it becomes available.

-- Bob
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