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seeking another of my fragments
seeking another of my fragments
My laptop is still unresponsive, and I'm hoping I might have posted or emailed or something one of the fragmentary projects I had underway - it was a Naruto-fic, called "These Crazy Dreams" set during the gap in the manga, with the members of Team Seven sharing strange dreams about a mission to get mochi from the rabbit in the moon. I KNOW i sent a copy SOMEWHERE, but I already checked here and my mailing list... If anyone knows or can send a copy back to me, that would be great. It would need to go to merrynh at adelphia org instead of my usual email, because the laptop is the computer that connects to that account, too.
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Hmm Can't find it.
Hmm I'm positive I've read it, so I'm pretty sure you posted it here. But I can't find it either so maybe it was lost in the hack? Hopefully someone saved a local copy.

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