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Anyone mind a Gundam story?
Anyone mind a Gundam story?
Brian Y.
Seed Chronicles
Mind?  We're generally a fairly low-key group around here- nobody really *minds* much of anything.  That said, I don't know who/how many here like Gundam, so I'm not sure of the amount of interest it'll generate. 
I will note that it's both polite and prudent to give people a heads-up if you're planning to post something mature/NSFW/slash, so if your creative efforts lean that way, keep that in mind.  Nobody wants to be unpleasantly surprised.
Beyond that, feel free to post!  That's what the forum is for, right?

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Brother Atom Bomb of Courteous Debate. Get yours.

I've been writing a bit.
Mind a gundam?
Not at all.
Which continuity are you using?  The original?  Wing?  G?  Something else?

I vaguely recall seeing BYapes post here bits of a Seed fic around the time this thread was last active.


If this horse isn't dead and beaten into the ground already, I would tend to concur.

I tend to find Gundam's wars and peaces contrived, but I otherwise tend to enjoy the property. I have at least a little interest in Gundam fics.

On the other hand, I tend to be a bit of a flaky ditz where C&C is concerned. I tend to either wall of text, wall of text some good number of months later, or never manage to articulate anything at all.
murmur Wrote:Not at all.
Which continuity are you using?  The original?  Wing?  G?  Something else?
 Well, like I mentioned here, it's Seed, with a little bit of Red Faction and Jovian Chronicles mixed in, with some Muv-Luv to spice things up a bit.
 Also, the story itself is on my blog, over here-and yes, I am still doing grammar edits and such there, I can't believe I missed that much when I posted it-and I considering putting it on FF.Net as well, but I'm still unconvinced as of yet.
Brian Y.
Seed Chronicles

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