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[IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative
[IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative
OOC: Rob's sidestory #3, set between "House Call" and "Thermal, er, Culture Shock"

Prescott, Ontario, Canada
October 15, 2016

Rob had brought his tenants on an afternoon trip to a small town an hour's drive south of Ottawa, to show them Fort Wellington - a fortification that was intended to defend British North America from invasion by the United States. He thought that they might like to see something that Canadians thought had a long history, just so they would better understand the difference between Canadian and Japanese ideas of "old and storied."

The girls were exploring the fort. Rob was relaxing in the parking lot, re-reading one of Terry Pratchett's novels. He justified it as research; with so many people from alternate universes having shown up in the last month, they had to be ready for anything.

Then he noticed a familiar-looking school-uniform-clad girl walking along the road between the fort and the St. Lawrence River. He put a bookmark in the novel, crossed the road, and walked toward her. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't you wearing a different outfit earlier?"

She turned to him, and he saw the odd ... heads-up display, maybe? ... she was wearing, pushed up to her forehead. "Misaka has no reason to explain her choice of clothing to a stranger, replies Misaka with mild annoyance."

Rob noticed that she'd described what should have been her internal monologue, she referred to herself by her family name, she referred to him as a stranger, and the monotonous delivery of her statement. He mentally added that to her school uniform and HUD.

Down at the river bank, a small flock of birds walked, swam, and quacked like ducks.

Rob sighed. It was happening again. "Which Sister are you?"

"I do not understand, replies Misaka with the hope that you will go away."

Rob grasped at the only straw he had, and hoped he remembered it correctly. "ZXC74 1ASD 852QW E963."

"That code expired with Sister 9982, states Misaka firmly," she replied in that same monotone. "How did you get that code, asks Misaka with concern."

Rob shook his head. "Answer my question first."

After a moment, she replied, "I am Sister 10339, answers Misaka against her better judgment."

"Thank you. I was given your sister's code by Misaka Mikoto."

"When did you receive this information from the Original, asks Misaka with a glimmer of hope."

"October 11, while speaking with her in her residence - a building that I manage."

"What is today's date, asks Misaka for clarification."

Rob carefully did not show any emotion to learning that either she had lost track of the date or she hadn't been in this world long enough to learn it. "October 15."

"Please come with me to meet my Sisters here, asks Misaka with both apprehension and hope," she replied in that same monotone.

Rob almost agreed, then thought that discretion was called for. "If any one saw us leaving here together, our age differences would make them wonder what my intentions were toward you. I'll remain in this park for a half hour, down where we can't be seen from the fort across the street."

"That is acceptable, agrees Misaka, showing a willingness to compromise."


"Mr. Donaldson."

Rob didn't look up. "How did you know I was here?"

"Let's just say that I'm one hell of a butler."

"That isn't much of an answer."

"All right. That little debugger you like so much told me."

Rob narrowed his eyes. "I think I liked not having an answer better than hearing a veiled insult."

"Then we're both annoyed with each other." Sebastian coughed politely, then passed a box to Rob. "You'll know what to do with these."

Rob opened the box to find cellphones just like the ones he had been given the day the Academy City girls had arrived. "Mikoto's clones can't stay in my building. Kuroko shouldn't know about their existence." There was no reply. Rob looked up to see that he was alone. "I hate when you do that," he whispered.


Rob was wondering how he was going to open the conversation without any of the resources he had at home - especially his copies of the "Railgun" stories - when he noticed a group of people approaching. Four of them looked like they were Mikoto's identical sisters, and were dressed identically. The one in front appeared to be their younger sister, running along with her arms outstretched. (Rob thought he could hear her making airplane noises.)

The sixth person ... was male, so pale he looked to be an albino, and was being supported by two of the Sisters.

"Aw, crap," muttered Rob.

The younger girl raced up to him and smiled. "Hello, mister, says Misaka Misaka with a grin. How did you meet Misaka Original, asks Misaka Misaka with wide eyes?"

She did have wide eyes, too. Rob wasn't surprised; he knew that the final clone in the "Sisters" group was the only one that had received the upgraded personality information that made it easy for her to express emotion.

"As near as we can tell, she teleported in from your home universe to this universe."

"Misaka was right! This isn't our home world, cried out Misaka Misaka triumphantly!"

"Keep it down, brat," the lone male in her group said as they all reached the bench where Rob had waited for them. "You're annoying me with all that energy."

Rob sighed. "And we don't want to annoy the man who killed so many of your sisters, do we?"

"I was told they were things, not people! And how do you know so much about us, anyway?"

"Last Order," (Rob nodded toward Misaka Misaka), "was right when she said this isn't your home universe. Here, you're fictional characters."


"I knew a code string from the Level 6 Shift project. I recognized 10339-san as one of the Sisters after she said one sentence. And I know your code name is Accelerator, but I don't know what your birth name is; it was never mentioned in the books."

"I don't use it anyway. I don't even remember it any more."

"I know that I'm risking my life by annoying you. And I know that, if it wasn't for these young ladies who are helping you move, you'd be paraplegic and mute. I know somebody who might possibly be able to help you recover."

"Again, bull."

"She rebuilt my nervous system less than a week ago. Oh, but I'm ignoring the young ladies."

"You have already talked with Misaka Misaka, says Misaka 13577 in an effort to set your mind at ease," said one of the sisters who was supporting Accelerator.

"Since you know who and what we are, you know that we all know what she knows, says Misaka 19090 in an attempt to explain more fully," added the Sister on Accelerator's other side.

Rob shook his head. "You may share memories, but that doesn't mean you're the same person." He looked at the other sisters, and noticed that one of them was wearing a necklace. "I believe you're the only sister here who has not spoken with me yet, miss. Based on what I recall from the story, would you be Misaka 10032?"

"I would be, confirms Misaka."

Rob nodded. "And were the four of you already living as a household before you came to this universe?"

"Them, the brat, and me," Accelerator confirmed Rob's statement.

"Right. No surprise there. The last I saw of Misaka Mikoto - the Original - she was going in there," Rob gestured over his shoulder toward Fort Wellington, "along with some of her friends who are NOT cleared for the Radio Noise or Level 6 Shift projects. When that building closes up in a couple of hours, I'm going to have to take them back home to Ottawa, about an hour's drive away at 100 kilometers an hour. Where are you six living, and how can I get in touch with you?"

"We can't tell you that, because we just got here, answers Misaka Misaka sadly."

Rob slapped his own forehead. "Right - I just got these to give to you." He pulled a cellphone out of the box he'd received less than a half-hour previously, flipped it open, and saw that it had its new owner's name on the screen and was pre-programmed with both his and Mikoto's numbers. He passed the phone to Misaka 10032, pulled the next phone out of the box, checked it, passed it along, and continued until there was only one phone left. Flipping it open, he noticed that it was not pre-programmed with Misaka's number. "And this one's for you," Rob said as he passed it to Accelerator.

"About time."

"Did you need to call somebody?"

"I don't like your tone."

"Please don't fight, pleads Misaka Misaka!"


"I apologize, to both of you."

The other Sisters let our the breath that they had been holding.


"Thanks for coming on such short notice, Washuu-chan."

"I told you I don't mind being your on-call doctor. Who're the patients?"

"All of them. The females are forced-growth clones with artificially short lifespans and shared memories. The male is being assisted by the females just so he can walk."

"They're five of the Misaka Sisters, including Last Order, and Accelerator. Say it that way next time - save us both some time. Hello, kids. Your conditions aren't something I can treat in the field."

"They need a place to live anyway."

Washuu ignored Rob. "I'll put you up until you're cured. After that, I'm kicking you out."

Rob nodded. "By then, I might have found a place for them to stay. Keep me posted, please." He turned to the newcomers. "Before you go -"

"We haven't agreed to go anywhere."

"Accelerator, she's forgotten more about medicine than the best doctors in Academy City have ever learned. If you want to walk on your own again, you're going with her. Not a threat, not a promise, just a statement of fact."

"Fine. whatever."

Rob turned to the youngest Sister. "Before you go, I want to take a photo of the two of us together. Is that all right?"

"You have to let Original Misaka see it, insists Misaka Misaka."

"That's exactly why I wanted the photo in the first place."


"That was soooo boring! Why do you keep dragging us to these places, Rob-san?"

"You never know what you might learn in a place like this, Usagi-san. Would you rather be learning these things from a book?"

"That's homework. No, thanks."

"Then we go to the museums."

"So what did you learn today, Rob-san?" Ruiko asked as she climbed into the minibus.

"I learned that the radio in this minibus doesn't blank out static if you tune it to an unused frequency. You actually get radio noise."

Usagi and Mikoto both looked at Rob, who winked so that only the two of them could see it.

"Can we stop on the way back for groceries?" Makoto asked.

"How about we get dinner out tonight? Rob asked in reply.

"Did something special happen today?" Kuroko asked.

"We've been invited to a Halloween party. I'll tell you more over dinner. Right now, I have to drive."

As the girls chatted with each other, Rob wondered where he was going to find a place for six more people to live where they would be close by, but not so close that anyone other than Mikoto would notice them.

to be continued...

Something that occurred to me on vacation, away from almost all of my resources: How would IC-Rob handle a similar situation?
Rob Kelk

Sticks and stones can break your bones,
But words can break your heart.
- unknown
Re: [IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative
INnnnnnteresting... I know of Accelerator and the clone-sisters tangentially, never having watched the Railgun series myself. But at this point I think that Westwood would be the only place for them to go if we want to keep them in the narrative.


Yasuri Nanami is my number one waifu, if only because she would horribly murder all the others if they didn't shut up and toe the line.
"They did not care about all the other attempts wizards had made on the Lone Power through history; as far as a computer is concerned, there is no program that cannot be debugged, or at worst, rewritten."
-Diane Duane, High Wizardry
"If our friendship depends on things like space and time, we've destroyed our own brotherhood! But overcome space, and all we have left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now. And in the middle of Here and Now, don't you think that we might see each other once or twice?"
-Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Re: [IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative
In canon, Accelerator gets his own side-story - it's a redemption arc. The Sisters usually only show up in other people's stories to be Big Damn Heroes.
Westwood might be the best place for them, come to think of it.
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
RE: [IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative
OOC: I promised a continuation... but I'm still not sure where I'm going with this. So here's a short-short.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 16, 2016

Rob looked at the email that had just arrived:

"Hey there! You spent a half-hour with these people that you foisted off on me and you didn't introduce yourself! Were you *trying* to get them to distrust you?"

All he thought was "Oops."

"They don't want to live anywhere near you. I can't blame them. Let their older sister know that I think I can fix that rapid-aging problem they've got. Washuu"

Rob mentally added "-chan", out of habit. Then he started to forward the email to Mikoto - then stopped, realizing emails weren't secure in a household that included Kazari and Ami. He made a mental note to mention it to her later.

He did send a reply: "I was an idiot. I apologize. If they don't want to live near me, can they stay with you folks?"

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 17, 2016

Since the girls were off at school and university, Rob took the opportunity to catch up on his "landlord" correspondence.

Bills, bills, paperwork that required a Canadian citizen's signature (and Rob was still surprised that Lord Phantomhive couldn't find somebody to take care of that full-time - or maybe he wouldn't; maybe this was Sebastian's way of annoying him), more bills, and another email from Washuu-chan.

The Sisters' treatment was coming along nicely - she expected them to have a decent lifespan by the time she was finished in a week. Decent for a baseline human, that is - none of them had asked for a Juraian lifespan ... yet.

For now, Washuu-chan was referring to the four older Sisters by the last digit in each of their serial numbers, mixing the On and Kun readings: 10032 was "Nii" (or "Niiko"), 10339 was "Kokono", 13577 was "Nana", and 19090 was "Rei". (Rob thought that at least they sounded like names, although "Rei" might cause confusion with Rei Hino... or Rei Ayanami. Of course, it wasn't up to him what they were called.)

Sasami liked them. She especially liked Misaka Misaka. Sasami wasn't sure whether she liked Accelerator, though.

Once Rob had finished his reading, he got out paper and pen and wrote a letter of apology to the newcomers for being so inconsiderate that he hadn't introduced himself. Once he had finished, he sealed the letter and went out to the closest FedEx office to send it.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 18, 2016

Rob got an email: "You could have asked me to open a portal for that letter, you know."

He replied, "Yes, but I hope sending it without your help shows that I was serious about my apology."

In reply to that, he received, "Maybe. We'll see."
Rob Kelk

Sticks and stones can break your bones,
But words can break your heart.
- unknown
RE: [IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative

OK, so these make a lot more sense once I've watched a couple Railgun series.  The series themselves are fun enough to watch, but they bug me a little for being too far down the superhero scale, but that's personal preference.  Season two needs more Ruiko.  Also I'm kind of concerned about my ability to guess the next plot element one to two episodes before characters do, given that the only spoilers I've had are from Rob's stories here, and I don't feel that there are that much.  

I'm probably the only one from this forum who has visited Academy City Tsukuba, and it's not all in for the "overfunded vast conspiracy" thing, they all seem like normal scientists.  It's definitely more "Western" culturally than the rest of Japan, though, to an extent that's missing a bit in Academy City.

> "ZXC74 1ASD 852QW E963."
Actually super-easy to remember.  At first the code reminded me of a sudoku, until I looked down at my keyboard.

For some reason, the idea of a Star Trek away team staffed entirely by Misaka Sisters has crossed my mind:

"Scanning environmental conditions, Misaka announces her intentions."  She removed a tricorder from her belt, opened it, and then dropped a visor over face.

"Wow, what a beautiful flower, Misaka says in awe of this seriously large blossom."

"Be careful with the native life! Misaka cautions her sister, believing that alien life that showy is suspicious, and likely to drug you or eat you."
"Kitto daijoubu da yo." - Sakura Kinomoto
RE: [IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative

The story needs more Ruiko, yes. I'm trying to avoid making "Rui-chan" a Creator's Pet here... and have probably veered too far to the other extreme.

As for an Away Team made up only of Sisters, there are nearly 10,000 of them. Think a Galaxy-class starship crewed only by Sisters. Or maybe that's how the Borg started. Smile

Although now you've got me thinking of whether I could come up with enough plot for a There's Nothing Better sidestory collection focusing on the Sisters and Accelerator, starting off with this story.
Rob Kelk

Sticks and stones can break your bones,
But words can break your heart.
- unknown
RE: [IC][Story][Arc 1] It's All Relative
(05-21-2018, 09:13 AM)robkelk Wrote: OOC:

The story needs more Ruiko, yes. I'm trying to avoid making "Rui-chan" a Creator's Pet here... and have probably veered too far to the other extreme.

As for an Away Team made up only of Sisters, there are nearly 10,000 of them. Think a Galaxy-class starship crewed only by Sisters. Or maybe that's how the Borg started. Smile

Although now you've got me thinking of whether I could come up with enough plot for a There's Nothing Better sidestory collection focusing on the Sisters and Accelerator, starting off with this story.

Possibly OOC?

"Misaka are not like the Borg at all!   Misaka sisters are all unique.  Misaka 10609 is best at knitting, while Misaka 12883 is 0.7% superior at performing the tea ceremony than average.  Misaka 18720 keeps our Tamogochis fed, and Misaka 13425 unfortunately doesn't have any special skills, Misaka explains while slowly realizing that argument sounds weaker the longer she gives it."

"Misaka will eventually find her special skill! Misaka 13425 desperately clings to the smallest speck of hope."

"Moreover, Misaka do not have anything as gauche as a Queen either, Misaka states while carefully avoiding mentioning her opinion of Misaka Mikoto."
"Kitto daijoubu da yo." - Sakura Kinomoto

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