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Full Version: Fic Updates For de Sicks: I gotcher healin' right heah!
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Quote:Together they entered the door to find themselves in a large, pitch-black antechamber. What little light crawled over the ash-pile before the doors wasn’t nearly enough for them to see anything in that gloom. If there were windows, they likely would’ve been covered with ash as well. The captain whistled, and her familiars illuminated the room with bright beams of almost-daylight.

After a second, Asha wished they hadn’t.

What could possibly unnerve a hardened ironborn reaver like Asha Greyjoy? Find out in the newest installment of Subprime Directives!


And Beware of Chicken continues on its update schedule.

Bond is back…and about to step (carefully and with much planning) into the shit

And the epilogue to Harry is a Dragon, and that's Okay is now up on ff.net
Gotcher Harry is a Dragon on SB and AO3 as well, being as how FFn has been blocking Calibre/FFF since May


(07-05-2021, 10:11 PM)classicdrogn Wrote: [ -> ]Gotcher Harry is a Dragon on SB and AO3 as well, being as how FFn has been blocking Calibre/FFF since May

It's not blocking FanfictionDownloader, which is the software I use.
Cross Purposes 3 (Dresden Files/Teraverse).
New story from Dogbertcarroll, a Buffy Halloween fic (with Dawn) I don't recognize what he's crossing things with
Note: QQ NSFW Fiction link, as that's the only place I've found this posted

ShaperV's Moon Shot (Worm AU, ongoing meteoric extinction event) continues, with competent authority figures doing things competently! Not the PRT, of course. Let's see if it amounts to anything before the system falls apart too much for them to matter...
New chapter of Royal Ward.
Hermione Granger and the Swiss Tournament (Potter spy fic).
(06-16-2021, 09:00 PM)Almost a month ago, yr. Corresp. Wrote: [ -> ]I think Bare Squadron: Ravager's Harvest has actually pulled ahead of the prime universe! (Come on, Trav, get it in gear!)

Well, it took him a while, but yer man has updated.

Travolore Wrote:Imperial Agent Nikal visits the love of her life to discuss the Bare Squadron. Meanwhile on the desert planet of Vant the nudist freedom fighters turn the tide...

Replacing Atlas (My Hero Academia) has updated after nearly a year.
Adventures of a Super Family (DC AU).

The Weaver Option has updated. More escalation.
(07-14-2021, 10:05 PM)ECSNorway Wrote: [ -> ]https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/...t-77328153

Implacable (Worm) Chapter 6

Also several hundred omakes of every shape and size.
Cross Purposes 3 (Dresden Files/Teraverse).
Proud Parents (Potter), chapter 25

Implacable Chapter 7 (Worm). And more omakes. So many omakes.
My Hero Playthrough (My Hero Academia/The Gamer).
Proud Parents (Potter), chapter 26
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