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Full Version: Fic Updates For de Sicks: I gotcher healin' right heah!
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Proud Parents (Potter), chapter 28

Unintended Consequences (Potter), chapter 11

Hogwarts: An Escalation (Potter/Worm) has some new apocrypha

Doing It Right This Time (Evangelion, everyone!Peggy Sue) has a new interlude

(And may I just say "Argh!" here? My browser just locked up and needed a Task Manager kill + restart... and for like the first time ever lost half my open windows. The ones I wanted most weren't even in the history. Argh!)
Haven't You Heard What Becomes of Curious Minds (Naruto).
Haycartes' Pluperfect Method (My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle gets stuck in a series of books).
My Battletech trilogy, State of the Union, continues with the first chapter of the third story: Stalkcas-Nomen.
Harry Potter and the Egger Route (Potter/Witches of Karres), chapter 13

The Worm Turns (Worm/Bet-verse, Toltiir and Greylle), chapter 12

Unintended Consequences (Potter), chaper 12
The Dresden Fillies: With Great Power (Dresden Files/My Little Pony).
Dogbertcarroll's "Harry Potter and the Egger Route"
Latest couple chapters of State of the Union by Drakensis is out



And another update!


And it's a fuckin harsh one!
Adventures of a Super Family (DC AU).
another chapter for State of the Union (BT AU) by Drakensis

My Hero School Adventure is all Wrong, as Expected.
Monsters of my Own (Pokemon/YJ)
the Author has noted that YJ timeline will start in the next Chapter as Killer Frost makes her Episode 1 attack on Hawaii
Erased Potential (My Hero Academia).
Hermione Granger and the Swiss Tournament (Potter spy fic).
More 'State of the Union' (BT) by Drakensis
Oh boy, oh boy, there's a new chapter of Sith Lord Swell! Thatt's the one wherein Luke Skywalker and his Practicum students find themselves transported back in time to shortly before the Clone Wars, and take on the identities of Darth Vader and his Apprentices (Decidedly plural, he thinks the Baneites are as stupid as I do) in order to mess with Palpatine and the old Jedi alike while intervening in hopes of minimizing the destruction of the impending war and heading off rise of the Empire, while also cutting the rot out of the Republic and giving the Order a kick in the pants to get it out of its stagnation.

Even just acting, Luke is a terrifying Sith Lord, as the opening of the newest part shows.

Sanitize (Naruto SI introduces modern medicine to Warring Clans era).
Another chapter of 'State of the Union' by Drakensis
Drakensis' State of the Union BT fic concludes with a 30 year update/epilogue
Hogwarts: An Escalation (Potter/Worm) has new material starting here

Proud Parents (Potter), chapters 29 and 30

Unintended Consequences (Potter), three new chapters starting here
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