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<snort> <giggle>
RE: <snort> <giggle>
(01-12-2019, 05:17 AM)hazard Wrote: Really?

Such a low quality president the USA have this run.
The American people have decided they're tired of high quality in their elected officials.  They want presidents who're more like them, and that means low quality.  So they either vote for the likes of Trump, or they refuse to vote for the candidate who had a chance of stopping him.  

Make no mistake, I didn't and don't like Clinton — I feel her sticking with Slick Willy was just one of the things that proved she's too power-hungry to have principles — but I held my nose and voted for her because a Trump presidency would be an even more corrupt presidency, and racist (and it's worse than I expected).

For twenty-three years, I thought my Army service was a good thing, even if my contribution was adequate at best.  I felt I was helping defend a country that deserved to exist, though I didn't buy into the hubris of "shining city on a hill" or "the indispensable country ... we stand taller."  Now ... now I despise at least half of my fellow citizens.


OK — wail of self-pitying despair and hatred concluded.
I'm a very forgiving person ... on Lord Vader's terms.  "Apology accepted, Captain."

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