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[Meta] [RFC] Fenspace 2022, take 2
robkelk Wrote:Most of the SEBureau can just dissolve at the end of the Boskone War, with the drydock reverting to StellviaCorp control; the only loose end that's been mentioned in-universe is the Kobayashi Maru and its crew. After a night to sleep on this, I've come up with this possibility - does anyone have any objections?
Failing to hear any complaints, I will Make It So.
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
M Fnord Wrote:Hm. Are we looking at appending this to the timeline currently on the wiki? 'Cos if so then there's a lot of stuff that can get cut out. ...
Er... was anybody actually going to do this pruning, or is this data going to simply sit here on the forum?
Rob Kelk
"Governments have no right to question the loyalty of those who oppose
them. Adversaries remain citizens of the same state, common subjects of
the same sovereign, servants of the same law."

- Michael Ignatieff, addressing Stanford University in 2012
Tsk, such impatience.

Working on it now, actually.

ETA: Okay, first swipe @ it. Trying to add relevant detail in as few words as possible. Right now it's still a little Soviet/Stellvian heavy, lots of "Unknown date $foo" and plenty of gaps. Criticism is pretty necessary. - The Mgt.

Unknown date, 2006: Handwavium is invented, discovered or otherwise acquired from unknown sources. Samples are sent to various high-security labs for analysis.

2007: Handwavium samples escape the high-security labs through unknown means and begin to filter into various subcultures, including the mix of groups that would become the Fen.

14.2.2007: Deidre Greist does Science with a sample of handwavium and her damaged right arm; believed to be the first intentional use of handwavium for modifying a human being.

10.5.2007: Katz Schroedinger launches the SS Uncertainty, becomes the first person to fly a handwavium-powered vehicle into orbit. This is commonly accepted as the beginning of Fenspace.

4.6.2007: Sam Wildman makes his pitch to a select group of friends and acquaintances based off of the reports of the Uncertainty’s flight; the Order of Saint Grimace is founded.

Unknown date, 7.2007: (to be named later) becomes the first human to land on Luna since 1972, the first civilian and the first Fen to do so period; Port Luna unofficially founded.

31.8.2007: Nippon 2007 (Worldcon Yokohama), the first public demonstration of handwavium’s power when an enterprising fan refits his car and flies to Japan for the con.

10.9.2007: US government establishes Transrationality Scientific Assessment Bureau (TSAB) to study handwavium devices; remaining samples of handwavium in secret labs transferred to TSAB control.

Unknown date, mid/late 2007: At “That Con,” the first public record of involuntary biomods happens when some prankster spikes the convention’s hospitality suite food with handwavium; American government officials quarantine the affected guests for a period.

Unknown date, 10.2007: (to be named later) becomes the first person on Mars.

Unknown date, 11.2007: The first “space tourist” groups begin operation, using refitted buses, RVs etc. to ferry the ultra-rich around in orbit and to cislunar space.

18.11.2007: The government of Kazakhstan sells the abandoned Buran space shuttle hull 1.02 to the Order of Saint Grimace.

Unknown date, around the new year 2008: The Professor makes his first public appearance in and around Paris, France; Hermes Universal Deliveries is founded; Rockhounds arrives in the asteroid belt; Christopher Marsden becomes the first person to step foot on an asteroid.

14.2.2008: Future Boskonian kingpin Gervasio de Leon is arrested after an epic gun battle with the Miami-Dade police.

17.2.2008: Wave Convoy breaks through a police barricade and escapes to orbit; calls begin in the American government for stricter controls on handwavium.

21.3.2008: SS Epsilon Blade launches from the United States.

4.3.2008: Construction begins on L5 station Stellvia.

13.4.2008: Buran 1.02 arrives at Wittman Field, Wisconsin for refitting.

4.5.2008: New Yavin Station established at Earth-Luna L5; first official celebration of May The Fourth Be With You Day.

Unknown date, mid 2008: The nucleus of what will be the major factions of Fenspace begin moving off Earth; the Professor steals (or borrows) the Sol Bianca from the Danish royal family and makes his way offworld; the Space Ninja clans begin work converting asteroid 498 Tokio into Seijutaigakure no Sato.

4.7.2008: The Island launches from Nigeria; the departure of several hundred acres of real estate without so much as a by-your-leave angers the Nigerian government and sets off another round of anti-handwavium sentiment.

12.10.2008: After a two-hour standoff with local, state and federal law enforcement, Buran 1.02 (now renamed Ptichka) departs Wisconsin in a hail of gunfire; the Order of Saint Grimace renames itself the Soviet Air Force-In-Exile and promises an eventual return.

18.10.2008: Galaxy Express 999 launches from Australia.

20.10.2008: In the wake of the Ptichka incident, Congress passes extremely draconian restrictions on the public use of handwavium to take effect on 1 December.

4.11.2008: Election day in the United States; former mayor Rudolph Giuliani (R-NY) wins the presidential election over Hillary Clinton (D-NY); Giuliani’s campaign was based largely on curbing the growing use/abuse of handwavium within America.

1.12.2008: Anti-handwavium laws go into effect in the United States; any person with nominal US citizenship using handwavium for any purpose anywhere is now engaging in criminal behavior; Noah Scott gives up his citizenship in favor of naturalizing as an Australian citizen; the Soviet Air Force hijacks the Fox News feed from orbit and plays leekspin for 12 hours as a protest.

Unknown date, late 2008: Plans for the Mars Terraforming Project are agreed to and started by the Mars-based fan groups; Col. Stephen Caldwell, USAF assumes command of Benjamin Franklin Station; the Crystal Millennium, led by Serenty I (nee Tanith Curtis) places the city of Crystal Tokyo in the Venusian atmosphere; Venus Terraforming Project begins drawing up plans.

Unknown date, early 2009: Prospector Wally Hendricks discovers the dwarf star Nemesis and its planet Azkaban; Trekkies and Hermes Universal stage the Great Beijing Fake-Out, smuggling 1,000 Chinese Trekkies out from under PRC immigration restrictions.

1.7.2009: Stellvia Corporation founded.

Unknown date, mid 2009: IslandCon (aka Anticipation) held, the first off-Earth Worldcon; the original Articles of Convention are drawn up and voted on by the attendees; the Stellvian invention of kaboomite is unveiled in a testing accident at the convention; Stellvia undergoes its first ostracism in the fallout.

23.9.2009: Hephaestus Foundry takes off from rural Alaska and establishes itself in the Main Belt.

Unknown date, late 2009: USS Miranda leaves on its five-year mission to take astronomical readings from locations far from Sol.

1.1.2010: The Banzai Institute is established as a non-profit organization in the United States and United Kingdom; the first Blue Blaze Irregulars are recruited and given their go-phones.

15.3.2010: KandorCon is held in the lunar boomtown of Kandor city; the Kandor Treaty between the nations of Earth and the newly-established Fenspace Convention is signed and ratified; blanket amnesties are given for all Fen who left Earth during the hardest parts of the handwavium crackdown.

30.5.2010: The first class graduates from the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry.

15.8.2010: The Banzai Institute Jet Car makes its maiden flight; airspace is violated, windows are shattered and the speed of sound is broken.

17.12.2010: Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi sets himself on fire in protest of the confiscation of his wares by corrupt local officials. This act is generally considered the beginning of the Arab Spring.

12.2010 – 10.2013: The Arab Spring revolts sweep across the Middle East and North Africa, causing multiple governments to fall. Fen aid groups supply crucial communications support to protestors and rebel forces in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria. Fen adventurers sign up for frontline combat in several of the more violent revolutions.

31.3.2012: The USS Stingray, a US Navy black project operating outside the TSAB orbit, launches from the Atlantic Ocean.

20.4.2012: SP Grover’s Corners launches unexpectedly from West Virginia; the size of the unreal estate and the suddenness of its launch throws the United States into a new round of handwavium panic.

7.5.2012: SOS-Con is convened at Port Phobos under the emergency clause of the Articles of Convention to discuss the growing problem of pirate attacks in the Main Belt and elsewhere in the system; Operation Great Justice is launched as a result of the convention; beginning of the Boskone War.

6.11.2012: Election Day in the United States; incumbent president Rudolph Giuliani (R-NY) is defeated by rival Joseph Biden (D-MD); the act is seen as a movement towards a slight thawing of US-Fen relations.

12.12.2012: USS Miranda discovers an automated beacon from a non-human civilization in a system 1000 light years from Sol.

Unknown date, early 2013: Azkaban Prison is completed on the surface of Azkaban; the Ministry of Magic reveals the discovery of the planet and the construction of the prison to Convention authorities; control of Azkaban Prison is handed over to the Convention, while control of the system remains in Wizard hands.

9.1.2013: The Venusian city of Crystal Osaka is destroyed after a running firefight between Great Justice and Boskonian forces causes fatal damage to the city’s stabilization mechanisms.

16.5.2013 – 18.5.2013: Internal disagreements between the Great Justice general staff result in Stellvia owner Noah Scott removed from the staff, and the SOS-dan exiled from Stellvia to Grover’s Corners for the duration of the war.

29.5.2013 – 5.6.2013: Extradimensional visitors arrive on Stellvia and tour much of Fenspace before leaving the universe; as a parting gift they leave behind a technological and cultural database that would later be named the Whole Fenspace Catalog.

Unknown date, 6.2013: Dissident elements of the Great Justice coalition found the Space Patrol as a system-wide interfactional police force, in hopes of preventing another major buildup of criminal activity and another Boskone war.

18.8.2013 – 24.8.2013: SerenityCon is held at Serenity Valley, Ganymede; a redacted version of the Whole Fenspace Catalog is unveiled at the convention; Boskonian forces attempt a raid of Serenity Valley for obscure reasons and are driven off.

5.9.2013: The Soviet Air Force expedition to the Delta Pavonis system departs Sol.

21.12.2013: The Delta Pavonis expedition returns to Sol; the expedition discovered one habitable world orbiting Pavonis as well as an alien device (codenamed Tannhauser Gate) that connected to another device (codenamed Night’s Door) in orbit around Zeta 1 Reticuli.

24.1.2014: Boskone Prime falls to assault by Great Justice forces; Convention declares the Boskone War concluded.

2.2.2014: The Project Artemis scandal breaks in the United States; Congress demands answers from NASA and TSAB officials.

15.3.2014: Noah Scott and Leda Swansen marry in what Fen social commentators call the wedding of the decade.

18.3.2014: Mal Fnord appears before Congress regarding the Artemis scandal; misunderstandings regarding the legal position of the Soviets causes a minor panic in the Fen leadership.

21.3.2014: After a private meeting between Fnord and President Biden, the Soviets are officially barred from American territory; Fnord returns to a heroes welcome on Luna.

1.4.2014: Stellvia Corporation buys the Human Spaceflight Program materiel from NASA for fractions of pennies on the dollar as a last-ditch effort to prevent confiscation by TSAB; Artemis Foundation established.

31.5.2014: The first annual Cosmic Party convention is held on Stellvia.

14.7.2014 – 20.7.2014: Alphacon is held at asteroid 74 Galatea; the Space Arms Limitation Treaty (PEPPER) is drafted and ratified by the attendees; Great Justice is recognized as the Convention’s standing armed forces, private ownership of WMDs is outlawed and caps placed on the number of strategic assets any given faction can operate.

Unknown date, summer 2014: USS Miranda returns from her long-distance probe mission with news of discovering a functional alien beacon 1000 light-years away.

10.10.2014: Stellvia Corporation declares independence from terrestrial governments, rebrands as independent corporate state; Helen Scott born.

31.5.2015 – 6.6.2015: Bubblecon is held at Genaros Station, Earth-Luna L5; the Metaverse virtual reality system is unveiled to the public; modifications to the PEPPER treaty regarding the development of new warship designs is presented and passed.

15.2.2016: The ESA spaceship Thor Heyerdahl makes its maiden flight to Mars; the Heyerdahl is the first manned hardtech spacecraft to launch since the initial end of the Space Shuttle program in 2009.

14.10.2016: Soviet Air Force-In-Exile rebrands itself as Sozvezdie Soviet; first Central Committee elections held, original VVS leadership elected to all posts.

1.1.2019: Serenty I abdicates; council of Senshi elect Annika Springfield (Sailor Atalantae) as Serenity II.

1.5.2021: Second Soviet elections held; Social Democrats hold Central Committee but VVS leadership loses 5 seats to newcomers.

1.5.2022: The entire Soviet meets in special session and votes to join the United Federation of Planets, the first independent Fen faction to voluntarily join another; Generalissimo Mal Fnord is voted as the Soviet’s first representative to the Federation Council.
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