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"Quote" markers are doubled
"Quote" markers are doubled
One odd thing that seems to have happened in the import -- posts with quotes in them say "Quote:" twice, once in roman, once in italic.

Look at, for instance, .

Compare with .
RE: "Quote" markers are doubled
That's probably a side effect of my starting with unconverted data and doing my own cleanup on it.  I'll make a note of this thread and once everything's from the initial scrape has been ported over, I'll attempt to clean up the post data all at once.  There are other things I need to fix besides this -- for instance, at least some HTML entities, like < and >, are not being displayed as the characters they represent (as this message demonstrates), and I need to change them.  And a few of the big story posts seem to have some familiar garbling that looks like misconverted Word markup that also needs to be fixed.
-- Bob

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