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Warriors People comment thread
Very Good
I just got around to reading this and want to say I enjoyed it.
Drakensis I must say I've never seen a SGC story where a Gou'ald gets a little to "into" starwars. I've seen stories where the Jaffa are just a little to "into" Starwars, but it never crossed my mind that a Gou'ald might see something he liked in Starwars.
Thinking about a Gou'ald getting "into" Starwars I would have assume they would have tried to use technology to imitate Vader or the evil emperor.
Wonder if somewhere there isn't a Gou'ald building himself a Death Star.
howard melton
God bless
Re: Very Good
One little nickpick with the story:
Throughout the battle, SG1 gets ringed up and down the area their searching, but if I remember my Stargate tech right, you need a ring platform at both ends of your trip.--
SuPer Administrative Restricted Desktop Access? This is madness!
No Maya, this is SPARDA.
If you become a monster to put down a monster you've still got a monster running around at the end of the day and have as such not really solved the whole monster problem at all. 
> Re: Very Good
You are correct that rings are needed at both ends but it is entirely possible for a ship to deploy rings remotely to the ground and use them as one terminal. The Leonidas was deploying the rings remotely from orbit (which is probably grossly expensive in terms of power consumption, but the Leonidas can one-shot a Hatak, it's not short of power).
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